Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1172

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Chapter 1172

After a pause, he added: “Grace’s body. Irene’s soul.”

Confusion appeared on Jacob’s handsome face, “You mean…waking Grace was possessed by Irene?”

The teenager nodded. “That’s why Caobao Grace became a hacker elite.”

Silvia clapped her hands and sneered: “My child, your inference is wonderful. I think you must have read so many fantasy novels before you have so many absurd ideas. But your inference has loopholes because of the car accident, neither Irene was taken away, but Grace was not taken away, because they both appeared in front of us later.”

Juvenile said: “Have you ever seen them appear in front of you at the same time?”

Silvia could not answer.

Juvenile said: “In the first 7 years after the accident, it was Grace. In the last 5 years, it was Irene.”

Jacob asked excitedly: “What else do you know?”

“After Grace crashed and disfigured her face, she directly commissioned a cosmetic surgeon to restore her to Irene’s appearance!”

The boy connected a story clearly and clearly.

It’s just that this complete story is full of fantasy, which makes people feel a little unbelievable.

Silvia and Luo Shiyu looked at Jacob, and they firmly believed that the atheist Jacob would never believe this absurd story.

Jacob is like an old monk entering Ding, he needs time to digest this story.

The young man suddenly walked to the piano next to him, lifted the piano cover, and gently played a piece of flowers for Jacob.

The Bianhua he played is so sad, like a lover who has gone through life and death, with broken heart and heart.

Jacob’s mood slowly became soothed.

Luo Shiyu sensed something was wrong, walked to the piano, slapped and held down the keys, and exclaimed, “How can you play my piano without my permission?”

The boy stood up, walked gracefully in front of Lord Jacob, and gently supported the unwell Jacob up.

“Are you feeling better?”

Jacob looked at him in shock, “How do you know this flower from the other shore?”

“Who are you?” he asked tremblingly.

The teenager reached out and took off his peaked cap. A flowing thick black hair stretched out. He took off his sunglasses again, revealing those charming and cold pupils.

“Huh?” Silvia stretched out her hand to cover her mouth in shock after seeing the young man’s face exactly like Jacob.

Tears flickered in Jacob’s eyes, and he tremblingly reached out and stroked the boy’s face…

The juvenile said: “I am War Sui.”

Jacob pulled him into his arms and hugged him tightly.



When Luo Shiyu and Silvia saw Jason, they hurriedly stepped forward to flatter themselves. “Jas, it turned out to be you, you kid fooled my aunt so hard!”

Jason raised his eyes and looked at the two women coldly.

When he put on his peaked cap and sunglasses, Silvia and the others only regarded him as a kid, and they could be aggressive. However, after seeing Jason’s pair of thousands of mountain birds flying extinct, and the icy black eyes that disappeared, they were inexplicably awed in their hearts.

Silvia and Luo Shiyu suddenly shook their bodies like a sieve.

Jason was lazy to deal with the group of ants, just holding the hand of Jacob tightly, and said: “Daddy, let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Jacob said.

Jason’s father recognized each other

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