Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 881 – 882

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Chapter 881

Rachel looked at Travis and said with an ugly expression: “Travis, you…”

Although Travis’s attitude towards Rachel is not good, he basically doesn’t pay much attention to her.

To Travis, she was also an elder after all, and he was still a little bit unconscious when he faced her with cynicism in front of her.

Rachel turned her head to look at Colin, hoping that Colin could help her say a few words.

At this moment, how could Colin speak for her?

“Solve the things you provoke yourself. If you can’t solve them, get out of Hunt’s house!” After Colin said this, he turned upstairs.

Colin went upstairs, and Travis also stood up.

He stretched out his hand to adjust his shirt, with a mocking smile on his mouth: “I really admire your courage. I still can’t tell the seriousness of the matter. You dare to provoke Alyssa. You didn’t see Grandpa and my dad. You dared to mess with her?”

Although Colin seemed to have a clear conscience, he didn’t think he had done something wrong.

But he still has a guilty conscience.

Otherwise, on the day Alyssa became Adams’ CEO, he would go directly to her.

Only Rachel was really as stupid as a pig, and even dared to provoke her.

Travis’s cell phone rang again. He was about to answer the call when he heard Rachel say: “I just want to get justice for Isabel, she killed Isabel!”

Rachel’s voice was a little hoarse because of her emotions, and her eyes were full of resentment.

Travis paused, looking at Rachel in disbelief.

Rachel’s malice towards Alyssa made Travis feel incredible.

He felt that Rachel was completely hopeless.

He sneered: “I think I should let dad take you to a mental hospital.”

He cut off the phone and looked at Rachel with a cold face: “I know how Isabel died, I know better than anyone. If you don’t want to live anymore, let you go, but don’t drag our family into the water, please don’t drag the family into the water!”

Travis turned around, thinking of something, and suddenly walked toward Rachel aggressively.

Rachel looked at him with some fear: “What are you going to do!”

Travis’s expression was very ugly, and Rachel couldn’t help taking a small step back.

“Follow me to find Alyssa, and apologize to her face to face!” Travis grabbed Rachel’s arm, took her and walked out.

Rachel shook her head repeatedly: “I won’t go! She killed Isabel, I did nothing wrong!”

Travis ignored her at all.

He originally wanted Rachel to be more conscious and go to Alyssa to admit her mistake.

But looking at Rachel’s appearance, he knew that it was absolutely impossible for her to take the initiative to ask Alyssa to come to apologize.

When Rachel saw that Travis ignored her at all, he started to struggle.

She pays great attention to body management, and she is too old to be able to struggle with Travis.

Travis forced her into the car, then got into the car himself and dropped the safety lock, and drove to Adams’.

Rachel held the handle of the car door and tried to open it. After finding that the car door could not be opened, she shouted hysterically at Travis: “Let me get off the car! I won’t go!”

In Hunt’s family, Rachel’s deep-rooted thought is to please every in the family except Alyssa.

Subconsciously, even if she was angry with Travis, she only dared to yell at him, and didn’t dare to do anything.

Roaring towards Travis is already the limit she can achieve.

Chapter 882

Travis was annoyed by it, turned his head and looked at Rachel coldly: “Shut up!”

Rachel looked stiff, lowered her head in fear, and finally closed her mouth.

This incident was originally caused by Rachel. She did not realize her mistakes, and she looked unrepentant.

Looking at her like this, Travis became more and more disgusted.

He stared straight ahead and drove the car steadily, but the words he spoke were addressed to Rachel.

“What is your identity, and what you should do, weigh it carefully by yourself! Don’t think that my dad really protects you wholeheartedly. You spend more time with him than me. What kind of person he is? You know better.”

Travis’s words contained strong warnings.

Rachel pressed her lips tightly, staring at her knees with embarrassment, and clenched the seat belt with both hands unconsciously.

Travis was right, Rachel and Colin had been together for nearly thirty years, and she knew Colin’s personality better than anyone else.

When she first married Colin, Colin was immersed in the pain of losing his wife. Rachel was young and beautiful and loved him wholeheartedly, which gave him a lot of comforts.

Colin also really liked Rachel.

Just like it.

Not everyone knows what love is.

Not everyone can feel the happiness and joy of love.

Rachel didn’t doubt that Colin would abandon her when necessary.

Thinking of this, she only felt that a deep chill came from the bottom of her heart, and she couldn’t help reaching out and hugging her arms.

Immediately, she said in a low voice: “I understand.”

When Travis heard Rachel’s answer, he showed a satisfied look.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop in front of the building of the Adams Group.

Travis said without looking back, “Call Alyssa yourself.”

This sentence was naturally addressed to Rachel.

Rachel took out her mobile phone and called Alyssa.

Travis stared at Rachel from the rearview mirror and called.

After the call got through, Rachel kept waiting for Alyssa to answer the call.

However, Alyssa did not answer the phone until the phone was automatically hung up.

“She didn’t answer my call.” Rachel looked up at Travis, his voice a little quiet.

Travis frowned for a moment and took out his cell phone to call Alyssa.

At this time, Alyssa was listening to reports from his subordinates.

Hearing Alyssa’s mobile phone rang, the subordinate who reported to the work consciously silenced, and did not continue.

She knows Travis’s itinerary well, and according to time calculation, Travis should have returned to Rostenvel long ago.

But he didn’t call her until now.

This shows that Travis has figured out the cause and effect of the matter.

The phone call to her at this time means he probably brought Rachel to apologize to her.

Rachel has been in Hunt’s house for so many years, thinking that everything she did was for Hunt’s consideration.

As everyone knows, no one treats her sincerely.

Travis has no feelings for her either.

When something goes wrong, he will naturally not consider Rachel’s thoughts, and will definitely take her to Alyssa to apologize.

Alyssa picked up the phone and handed it to Smith: “My eldest brother’s phone, please answer it for me.”

There was no need for Alyssa to say anything, Smith understood her meaning.

He answered the phone for Alyssa: “Hello, may I ask if you are looking for Mrs. Adams? Mrs. Adams is in a meeting now. I am her assistant. I can tell her something for you.”

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