Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 883 – 884

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Chapter 883

Travis called, and when he heard the call was connected, there was a joy in his heart.

But when he heard the voice, he realized that it was not Alyssa’s call.

His face was a little ugly, but his tone was still very polite: “When will the meeting end?”

Travis brought Rachel to come and apologize to Alyssa. Naturally, it is impossible to tell Smith and let him convey it to her.

After all, this is considered a family affair.

The ugliness of the family should not be exposed.

Travis’s idea was to bring Rachel and Alyssa to meet, and the three of them would deal with the matter face to face.

“Not sure when it will end, Mrs. Adams has been very busy recently.” Smith said that Alyssa was very busy, and indirectly told Travis that Alyssa didn’t want to see them.

“Really? No matter how busy you are, you still have to eat. You tell Alyssa, I’ll be here waiting for her to go to dinner together in the evening.” Travis finished speaking without giving Smith a chance to speak. One sentence: “Goodbye.”

He immediately hung up.

He threw the phone aside, and his expression was sullen, reaching out and grabbing his hair.

Rachel heard what he had just said clearly, and she asked, “Alyssa didn’t want to see us?”

“Do you think she is what you want to see now?” Travis is annoyed when he sees Rachel now, and his tone of voice can’t be any better.

Rachel lowered her head, looked aside, and stopped speaking.

Travis was brought up by Douglas, and he barely made a living for others.

Although Douglas is no longer there, Travis will be a man. Although the company is in a recession, relying on Douglas’s contacts, there are still a few fixed partners to maintain operations.

Although occasionally he needs to beg someone in a low voice, it is for the company and he can bear it.

Alyssa is quite ignorant of the rest of the family, and her attitude towards Travis is not bad compared to that.

Regarding this, Travis still had a little calculation in his heart.

He also knows Alyssa’s personality.

She is not a cruel person, if he can maintain a relationship with her, in time, he might be able to let Alyssa lend a hand.

But this time Rachel caused trouble, and Alyssa didn’t even give him face.

Travis felt more irritable the more he thought about it.

He squinted at Rachel in the rearview mirror, and began to wonder what to do with her after the incident was over.


When she got off work, Alyssa drove out of the parking lot and paid special attention to the roadside.

Sure enough, she saw Travis’s car.

She knew that Travis would not give up easily.

Smith helped her drive the car, followed Alyssa’s sight, and slowed down.

Alyssa looked back at Smith and said, “Stop it.”

Smith stopped the car and got off with Alyssa.

Travis has been paying attention to the surrounding situation, and beware of not missing Alyssa.

Therefore, he quickly found Alyssa standing on the side of the road.

He quickly drove the car to Alyssa’s side.

“Alyssa!” Travis stepped out of the car and walked towards her with joy.

Alyssa’s expression was cold, her eyes flashed from Rachel who was following him, and she called out lukewarmly, “Big Brother.”

Travis tried to greet her: “You just got off work.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa just nodded faintly, without mentioning the acquisition of Hunt’s.

Travis didn’t mention it cleverly either.

“Why don’t we find a place to have dinner together? We haven’t eaten together for a long time.”


Travis was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Alyssa to agree so simply.

Chapter 884

Travis chose a restaurant nearby to dine with Alyssa.

Alyssa sat with Smith, Travis and Rachel sat together.

Rachel knew that this was not the time for her to talk, so she sat quietly and said nothing.

Even if she speaks out loud, it may make Travis unhappy.

“Alyssa, what do you want to eat, pick something.” Travis smiled and handed the menu to Alyssa.

Alyssa took the menu and turned two pages, then handed it to Smith.

Travis’s expression suddenly became very ugly.

Smith took a look at Alyssa and saw her expression indifferently, so he took the menu and started ordering.

He is now Alyssa’s assistant, often ordering work meals for her, and he naturally knows some of Alyssa’s tastes.

Smith ordered a few dishes according to Alyssa’s taste.

Alyssa’s behavior is just to be particularly energetic.

Travis invited her to dinner. She didn’t order the food by herself, but asked the accompanying assistant to order. This did not put Travis in her eyes, nor did she give him any face.

Not to mention Travis, even Rachel could see her intentions clearly.

Rachel took a peek at Travis, and saw that Travis was only green and did not say anything, so she had to keep quiet.

“Mrs. Adams choice is ready.” Smith turned her side slightly and handed the menu to Travis.

Although Travis felt a little dissatisfied with Alyssa’s behavior, he couldn’t show it.

He is here today to beg, and he has no right to lose his temper.

Although Smith is only a special assistant, it is different from ordinary assistants.

He has followed Karl for many years, but his reputation is not worse than those of the industry elite.

With the blessing of Karl’s special assistant, everyone in the industry looked at Smith very highly.

Travis was unhappy. He could neither rush to Alyssa, nor use Smith to cast fire, he could only hold back.

Therefore, his dissatisfaction with Rachel is even deeper.

If it weren’t for Rachel, he wouldn’t have come here to be angry.

Travis smiled and took the menu: “Okay.”

After ordering a few dishes, he passed the menu directly to the waiter without giving Rachel any face.

Alyssa saw all this in her eyes, she was very unclear, and Travis did it to her on purpose.

She drank the water silently, and did not intend to speak out.

She wanted to see how Travis brought Rachel to look for her.

Alyssa’s attitude was neither cold nor hot, and Travis was also a little uncertain.

He turned his head and glanced at Rachel, motioned her to speak out with his eyes.

Alyssa was too cold, and if he spoke first, it wouldn’t look good if Alyssa put him down directly.

It is better to let Rachel speak first.

Rachel understood, she swallowed, looked at Alyssa, and yelled softly, “Alyssa.”

Alyssa raised her head to look at Rachel, with a calm expression, and motioned to Rachel to speak.

Her expression was too indifferent, as if nothing had happened.

“I have something to tell you, can you let your assistant…” Go out.

Rachel looked at Smith with an embarrassment.

Smith didn’t seem to see Rachel’s expression, sitting there motionless as a mountain, with no intention of leaving.

“You have something to say, what does it have to do with my assistant?” Alyssa looked at Rachel indifferently, without a trace of temperature in her eyes.

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