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Chapter 885

Rachel was blocked by Alyssa’s words, and suddenly choked.

The last time she saw Alyssa, she asked her to meet in a coffee shop and provoked her.

At that time, Rachel was arrogant, immersed in the joy of finally grasping Alyssa’s handle.

But a few days later, she came to apologize to Alyssa in a low voice.

Rachel was silent with an ugly expression.

Alyssa raised her eyebrows slightly and asked, “Isn’t there something to say? Why didn’t you say it?”

Let Rachel apologize to Alyssa. After weighing in her heart, Rachel had already planned to apologize.

However, there was one more person at the scene.

For Rachel, Smith was an outsider, and she didn’t want to lose face in front of outsiders.

“I…” Rachel still couldn’t tell.

At this moment, the waiter knocked.

Immediately, the he came in and served the dishes.

Alyssa has been working intensively in recent days. When she saw the food, she really felt a little hungry.

“Everyone, eat, I’m all hungry.” Alyssa picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

Seeing this, Travis nodded slightly, picked up his chopsticks and started eating, he was not welcome at all.

This time Alyssa agreed to come and have dinner with Travis, not simply to accept their apology.

She wants to take the opportunity to let them understand one thing.

She wants them to understand that she has never been tolerating them because of her surname.

It’s just because she didn’t do it.

She is soft-hearted, but if she does it, she will definitely hit their lifeblood.

She doesn’t take it easy, once she takes it, it’s not so easy to expose it.

Travis and Rachel looked at each other, neither of them moved their chopsticks.

But only Alyssa and Smith two people are eating very comfortably.

“You asked me to eat, but you don’t eat it yourself?” Alyssa looked up at Travis.

Travis laughed and said, “Eating, I want to eat too.”

Alyssa curled the corners of her lips very shallowly, revealing an inconspicuous smile.

While Alyssa lowered her head to drink the soup, Travis tilted his head to Rachel’s ear and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “Do you want to say something? If you still can’t hold back your face to apologize now, just waiting to be finished with Hunt’s family!”

Travis’s voice was low, and it sounded a bit harsh.

Rachel clenched her hands involuntarily.

She stabilized her mind, and said as if she had finally made up her mind: “Alyssa, the previous thing was wrong with me. If you are angry with me because of the previous thing, you will let go of anger. Right!”

She said everything in one breath.

Alyssa listened to her, slowly put down her chopsticks, and looked at Rachel with a cold expression.

She stared at Rachel for a few seconds, then asked, “Do you think I’m angry with you?”

Rachel looked at Alyssa blankly, she didn’t know why Alyssa asked.

“Heh.” Alyssa sneered and turned to look at Travis: “Big Brother, do you think I am angry too?”

“I…” Travis couldn’t figure out what Alyssa was thinking from the beginning, and didn’t dare to speak easily.

Alyssa said indifferently: “I am not angry. For Hunt’s acquisition, this matter has been put on the agenda. The staff of this project has also paid a lot for this. They are working on the project very seriously. Because I was angry that I wanted to buy Hunt’s family, you made a mistake.”

Chapter 886

As soon as Alyssa’s voice fell, the atmosphere in the box became a little weird.

What she said was very official at first glance.

But the meaning in the words is not ambiguous at all.

In short, the acquisition of Hunt’s project was done by someone under her hand and had nothing to do with her. Although she is the boss, the person in charge of this project has paid a lot of effort, and she cannot easily deny the work results of the employees below.

Although the meaning in the words is like this, Travis is very clear that the acquisition of Hunt’s family is definitely meant by Alyssa.

Adams’ financial resources are strong, with a complete management system and precise investment vision.

Many senior executives with decision-making power are the top elites in the industry. They do a project, acquire a company, do a lot of data comparison, risk assessment…

But this time the incident happened suddenly and it did not conform to the formal procedures of Adams’.

Even if Alyssa denied it face to face, Travis still believed that this was Alyssa’s decision.

The reason why she did not admit that it was her own order, on the other hand, was that she didn’t want to give Travis and Rachel a chance to change her decision.

She didn’t even bother to give them a chance, which proved her determination.

And Rachel obviously hadn’t figured out what was going on.

When she heard that Alyssa said that it was not her own intention, she believed it and said, “Since it was not what you meant, can you tell them not to continue? If Hunt’s company is acquired, what shall we do?”

“You have already caught up with Clifford, are you still worried about your way out?” Alyssa’s tone was extremely sincere, without any irony.

At that time, Isabel was missing, Rachel looked around for Isabel’s news.

Although Travis didn’t want to care about Isabel at that time, it was his own sister, Rachel was helping to find her, and he naturally followed it for a while.

At that time, Alyssa asked Rachel to find Clifford.

Travis later went to investigate Clifford with Rachel.

Although no news about Isabel was found, no more identity and background of Clifford was found.

But Travis was already a little clear in his heart that Clifford was not a simple character.

How could a person who dared to challenge Karl can be a simple character?

Must be a character that Hunt’s family can’t afford.

Since then, he hasn’t checked Clifford again.

The rescue of Isabel later proved that his decision was correct.

If he hadn’t given up on saving Isabel at that time but had heads-on with Clifford, what would have been the end?

He does not know.

But he saw Isabel’s end.

She was tortured into a human form, and finally died unclearly.

Travis asked Rachel sharply, “What are you doing with Clifford again?”

“I didn’t…” Rachel first denied it subconsciously.

But in Travis’s increasingly cold eyes, she quickly changed her words: “He took the initiative to find me. He said that he knew who was the real culprit who killed Isabel and could help me retaliate against her…”

Speaking of the back, her voice became lower and lower.

“How stupid are you! Do you believe what Clifford said?” Travis trembled with anger, “No one else killed Isabel, it was Clifford!”

And Rachel was still arguing: “But Clifford said, it’s Alys…”

Her gaze fell on Alyssa, halfway through her thoughts of her purpose for coming today, and she fell silent.

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