Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1175

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Chapter 1175

It turns out that his wife is Irene, she is a soul-changing person.

After coming to this conclusion, he made a puff and suddenly fell to the ground.

“Young Master Zhan?”

Silvia looked at Jacob who had suddenly fallen into a coma, and a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“It’s really God’s help. When you wake up after the shareholders’ meeting tomorrow, everything is a foregone conclusion.”

Silvia sent Jacob to a private hospital under the name of the Bai family and asked the doctor to inject him with tranquilizers. To ensure that he cannot wake up in twenty-four hours.

Night is coming slowly!

The rising sun gradually rises!

Media Asia’s annual shareholders meeting will be held soon.

Yancheng, Wutong compound.

Irene curled up on the bed, looking at the brighter sky outside the window with a pair of beautiful ethereal but somewhat distracted glaze black pupils.

Suddenly, Irene shouted weakly, “Irene!”

The voice was obviously very weak, but it still spread into Irene’s ears clearly, and Irene almost crawled into her sister’s room.

“Irene, you call me?” Irene was very happy.

Irene could hear, speak, and barely see the light. This is much better than he thought.

Irene explained with a weak breath: “Send me to Media Asia.”

Irene was dazed.

After a long time, she heard Irene said helplessly with a hatred of iron and steel: “Even if he hurts you thousands of times, you will always treat him like first love.”

The pet sister mad demon is Irene, knowing that Irene will be sent to Huanya, which is surrounded by wolves, which is absolutely a devastating blow to Irene’s body.

But seeing Irene’s expectant eyes, Irene couldn’t help but obey her.

“Okay.” Irene said weakly.

Yan’s mother was sad to hear that Irene insisted on attending Media Asia’s shareholders meeting.

However, mother loves and is compassionate. In order to fulfill her daughter’s meager wish, she also chooses to respect Irene.

Because Irene was nearly blind, the task of dressing up for Irene fell to Yan mother.

In Yan’s mother’s heart, Irene will always be the beautiful and charming little princess.

So she put on a white lace skirt for Irene, and used diamond hair accessories to tie her ball head on top of her head, and the remaining long hair naturally fell down her waist.

Put on makeup again to Irene. This is the spirit of the skin wins the snow, and then the white clothes are added to set off, it becomes more and more beautiful and moving.

When Irene got into the car with his sister on his back, Yan’s mother told Irene Qiang, “Zhengzheng, remember, no matter what happens, protecting my sister’s safety is the first priority.”

Irene solemnly promised: “Mom, don’t worry, I will definitely bring my sister back safe and sound.”

Irene’s car started from Yancheng and drove slowly towards the capital.

The brilliance of the rising sun slowly enveloped the earth.

When the eight o’clock in the imperial capital rang, the huge gates of the Media Asia Empire Building slowly extended to both sides.

The shareholders of Media Asia, including all the large and small shareholders who acquired the company three years ago, swaggered into the vast conference hall in the Media Asia Building, facing the rising sun.

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  1. People with evil intentions just to gain the wealth that ain’t even for them in the very first place are really scary and pitiful at the same time. Author please give irene strength to over come this. Stop torturing your female lead character it’s mentally tiring. Hoping that Jason will appear there. Don’t let the hungry wolves makes their way and let them pay for what they have done instead. It’s frustrating that even after all the shit and unforgivable things that they’ve been doing just to get rid of irene and jacob they can still run free. Put them in jail fgs!


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