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Chapter 887

Listening to the conversation between Rachel and Travis was like watching a lively event.

Special meal.

As a result, Alyssa’s appetite was much better.

Travis and Rachel hadn’t eaten much, so they just spoke.

Therefore, when Alyssa was full, neither of them moved their chopsticks much.

“I’m full, so I’ll go home now.” Alyssa took a sip of water and stood up.

Smith also stood up with her.

Seeing that Alyssa and Smith were really leaving, Travis and Rachel were both anxious.

“Alyssa, don’t rush away. Let’s discuss this matter again?” Travis quickly stopped Alyssa for fear that she would leave.

“It’s getting late, I have something else, I have to go home.”

Alyssa said that there are other things, not perfunctory.

In the afternoon, Tina came to the company just when she was fine at that time and took Grace out to play.

She has to meet Tina.

Besides, she did not intend to stop like this time.

Rachel met her bottom line.


Alyssa turned around and was about to go out, when she heard a “boom” behind her.

The voice is heavy.

Alyssa was startled for a moment.

She looked back and saw Rachel kneeling a step away from her, eyes full of pleading.

“Alyssa, I beg you, let the Hunt family go. The previous thing was all my fault. I shouldn’t have announced that you and Karl had children, but I didn’t let this matter develop further. The media reporter knows that it hasn’t affected you, I beg you…”

Rachel spoke with tears, but Alyssa’s expression became colder and colder.

What a familiar scene.

On the day she married into Adams’ house, Rachel knelt in front of her in the same way, begging her to marry Karl for Isabel.

Today, Rachel knelt before her, begging her to let the Hunt family go.

“You beg me, should I agree to you?” Alyssa’s voice was cold to the bone: “Anyone can beg due to weakness, but not everyone is qualified to be forgiven.”

Alyssa looked at Rachel indifferently, with an indifferent expression.

This made Rachel completely panicked.

“Please, give me another chance, Alyssa, I know I was wrong…” Rachel knelt on the ground and tightly hugged Alyssa’s legs, not allowing her to leave.

Alyssa didn’t even change her eyes.

There is no slightest movement.

Seeing this Smith said coldly: “Mrs. Hunt, please respect yourself.”

Where did Rachel still think about Smith’s words, only Alyssa was in her eyes.

All she knows is that if Alyssa is really cruel to buy the Hunt’s, she will be over.

Hunt family will also over.

At that time, let alone Colin, Travis would not let her go.

“Mrs. Hunt, if you don’t mind being laughed at, I will call the manager to deal with the trouble now.” Smith said of trouble, naturally referring to Rachel.

Travis’s face turned blue when he heard the tone of business.

But he could only bite the bullet and reached out and pushed Rachel: “Let go!”

Rachel was still unwilling.

“Alyssa! Look at me, I really know I was wrong.” Rachel’s voice was crying, looking very pitiful.

Alyssa raised her eyes to look away, ignoring her.

“Mrs. Hunt.” There was a hint of warning in Smith’s tone.

Travis frowned tightly and pulled Rachel up very hard.

As soon as Alyssa was free, she moved two steps aside and said to Travis indifferently, “Big brother, thank you for inviting me to dinner.”

After speaking, she went out.

Chapter 888

Rachel watched Alyssa go further and further, feeling anxious.

“Travis, why did you let Alyssa go! I will beg her again, maybe she will change her mind.” Rachel’s tone contained a trace of blame.

But Travis looked over with a look, and she immediately fell silent.

“You still have the face to say this?” Travis didn’t want to talk to Rachel at all now.

But Rachel is still a member of the Hunt family, and he can’t ignore her.

In the end, the stupid things Rachel did were made by the Hunt family to pay for her.

“With this energy, you’d better save it to go home and explain to my dad!” Travis sneered after speaking, and strode out.

Rachel only then realized afterward what was waiting for her next.

Colin treats her much better now than before, but this does not mean that he can tolerate her angering Alyssa, causing Alyssa to acquire Hunt’s.

On the way back, Alyssa kept silent.

She just silently sent a message to Tina and asked where Tina was.

Only Tina never responded.

Alyssa originally thought it was Tina who didn’t see the message, so she waited for a while.

However, after waiting for a while, Tina still didn’t give a reply.

Alyssa felt a little uneasy in her heart.

She took out her mobile phone and called Tina.

But the phone went on for a while and no one answered it.

Alyssa’s heart became more disturbed.

Smith noticed that Alyssa’s expression was wrong, and asked, “What happened Mrs. Adams?”

“Tina didn’t answer my call.” Alyssa took a deep breath, then took out her cell phone and dialed Tina.

No one answered this time.

Alyssa gritted her teeth and was silent for a moment, then dialed Clifford’s phone.

It is impossible for Tina not to answer her calls for nothing.

There must be something wrong.

There was no accident early and no accident late, but at this moment, Alyssa had to think of Clifford.

There was nothing Clifford couldn’t do.

Clifford didn’t know what ecstasy soup had been poured into Rachel, so Rachel listened to him, and spread the news that she and Karl had a daughter.

And this incident was not exposed by the media in the end, there must be Clifford’s handwriting.

This incident looked like a warning instead.


After Clifford’s mobile phone was opened, there was no sound of music, only a dry beep.

After ringing five times in succession, Clifford finally answered the phone.

“What do you want?” Alyssa’s voice was cold.

Clifford did not speak immediately.

However, Alyssa had already lost her mind.

“I’ve never seen someone as despicable as you, even don’t let go children. I don’t think you are wronged at all. You will feel disgusting from the inside out. If your parents and relatives still living in the world, they will also be ashamed of you!”

From Clifford’s attitude towards Muffi, it can be seen that he is actually a person who cares about his family.

And Alyssa’s words, sentence by sentence.

Clifford is despicable, and her words are also very vicious to Clifford.

“Call me on a special trip, just to say this? Is that enough?” Clifford’s tone was inconceivable dark.

He was indeed irritated by Alyssa’s words.

“No! Not enough!” Alyssa couldn’t forgive Clifford for everything he did to Grace.

At this moment, Alyssa received a new call from her cell phone.

She took the phone to her and found that the person calling was Tina.

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