Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180

At this time, the ghost members controlled all the shareholders of the Bai family and the Tian family at lightning speed.

Bai Shuwu suddenly laughed, “After the war, arrested us, can we solve the problem of the shortage of funds for Asia Asia?”

Fearing that Jason would not understand it, he deliberately emphasized: “Jason, do you want to see how much money is left in Media Asia’s account? If we let us, I can provide funds to Media Asia so that Media Asia can spend this time. Crisis.”

Bai Shuwu is also a person who knows the current affairs and just wants to spend money to eliminate disasters for himself.

A contemptuous sneer filled the Jason Ice Soul, “Doing business with me, you are not qualified.”

Then strolled to the podium.

Sitting in front of the computer, he opened the webpage of Media Asia Baishi with his slender and beautiful fingers.

When Bai Shuwu saw him input Bai’s web page, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Because he knew that their Bai’s website was infected with a super virus, and whoever opened it died.

However, Bai Shuwu was disappointed.

Jason not only successfully opened the Bai’s intranet webpage, but also planted a super virus on all the web pages of the surname department in front of everyone. In an instant, the funds in the accounts of those departments automatically flowed to the Central Asia general account.

Bai Shuwu was shocked in a cold sweat. It was only at this moment that he realized that the great god-level hacker who was behind all the enterprises was such a rude child.

He miscalculated.

Jason’s move meant the complete end of the era of independence and autonomy for companies named after their surnames in Media Asia.

After Jason finished all this, he stood up and announced: “From today, Media Asia will no longer have a department named after the last name. The department does not set up a separate account, and all funds flow, you need to apply to the financial office.”

Bai Shutang protested strongly, “Jason, what do you mean? Want all companies to disappear completely in Media Asia?”

Jason glanced at him and said coldly: “From the day that Media Asia acquired you three years ago, it should completely disappear.”

Bai Shutang said angrily: “Why do you do this?”

Although Jason is small, but its aura is very strong, “The strong is respected.”

After Jason finished speaking, he used his exquisite hacking skills to clear all department web pages on the spot.

The shareholders present saw the super hacker skills revealed by Jason in just a few minutes, and they immediately understood: Media Asia is ushering in a vibrant spring.

At this time Zhan Hanxuan suddenly stood up and clapped his hands, “Jas, you are too powerful. Our Zhan Family will always support you.”

The audience applauded for a long time.

This is an affirmation of Jason.

Guan Xiao was shocked by Jason’s repeated operations, and it took him a long time to recover.

“Jas, you are the hacker who secretly helped us?”

Jason glanced at him, and said with a venomous tongue: “Why do you only grow in age but not insight after so many years?”

Guan Xiao: “…”

Bai Shuwu has a thorough understanding of reality: the Bai family has gone.

Suddenly, he spit out blood. Then fell to the ground.

The ghost members were softhearted and asked Guan Xiao, “Brother, this…”

Guan Xiao’s face was embarrassed.

However, he heard an unkind voice from Jason, “Send in and let Party J handle it.”

Just when everyone secretly marveled that Jason was so ruthless at a young age. However, he saw Jason walking straight to Irene’s side, squatting down and leaning his head on Irene’s knees, like a child acting coquettishly, and muttered: “Mommy, I’m back.”

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  1. Irene a sufrido mucho, al final,todo tiene su recompensa, la aparición de Jason deja a todos con un mal sabor,,derrotando a toodos aquellos que le hacen daño a su familia. Gracias al autor por tan extraordinaria novela y a ustedes por darnos el placer de leer.


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