Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1179

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Chapter 1179


The voice processed by the microphone becomes thicker, making it difficult to identify the owner of the voice.

But the tumultuous hall suddenly became unusually quiet.


“Who is speaking?”

At this time, strange things happened, and the huge screen projected by the computer on the podium suddenly began to scroll automatically.

The MediaAsia intranet, which was originally locked, was suddenly opened. In the new intranet, both the layout and department layout have undergone great changes, and the entire webpage looks more aggressive.

Irene noticed the abnormality and whispered to Guan Xiao, “Guan Xiao, what happened?”

Guan Xiao walked to Irene and told her in a whisper, “Someone helped us behind the scenes and unlocked our intranet.”

Irene’s face appeared astonished.

Irene exhorted Guan Xiao a few more words, and then Guan Xiao took the microphone and walked to the center of the podium sharply, and counterattacked like a rainbow:

“The attack on the MediaAsia intranet by hackers is like looking in a magic mirror, reflecting the strange mentality of all shareholders. Humph, some have fallen into trouble, some are just watching the changes, and what’s more, they want to force the palace at this time. rebel.”

Bai Shuwu also knew that Guan Xiao was insinuating and condemning him, just as he opened a bow without turning his head back, Bai Shuwu was bound to push the palace to the end.

Bai Shuwu said: “The official assistant, it’s not that I wait to take advantage of the danger to force the palace to rebel. It is that I have negotiated with President Yan before, and President Yan is willing to return our Bai’s enterprise. We even have the contract. The official assistant. It can be inspected personally.”

Guan Xiao walked up to Silvia, took out a document from her arms, flipped through it carelessly, and then sneered: “It’s really ridiculous. This seal is obviously false. You actually lied because of the contract signed by our president himself. !”

Bai Shuwu firmly believes that the seal is true, and smiled: “If it is true or not, don’t worry about making a conclusion.”

Guan Xiao sneered: “Then let’s wait and see!”

Soon, Irene fetched the seal.

Guan Xiao put the seal of Media Asia and the seal of Bai’s contract side by side, and then projected it on the screen, expanding infinitely.

Finally, a flaw was found on the seal of the document.

Guan Xiao pointed to the flaw and said: “Bai Shuwu, have you seen it? The texture on your contract seal is four petals, while the real seal has five petals.”

Facts speak louder than words.

Bai Shuwu was like a cabbage beaten by frost, and immediately stared at Silvia in indignation.

At this moment, Silvia knew that she had been teased by Jacob. Shameless.

The forced palace failed, Bai Shuwu did not want to stay one more minute, Huo Di stood up and took the Bai shareholders to prepare to leave.

Seeing that the situation is not good, Tian is also ready to slip away.

But when they walked to the door of the meeting room, suddenly a long and beautiful body appeared in front of them.

“Want to go? How easy is it?”

Jason’s face was icy, and his body was like a high-strength refrigerant, and suddenly a chill came on him.

Bai Shuwu and others trembled unconsciously. But he soon recovered.

It’s just a child, why is it scary?

Jason glanced at the weak and helpless mommy on the stage. As long as he thought that Mommy was dragging a sick body to hold on to her post, Jason’s heart was cut.

At the same time, there is no forgiveness for these disorderly shareholders, and Jason said: “Forgery seals, what you did has violated the law. Come, send them to Bureau J.”

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