Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1178

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Chapter 1178

Irene said angrily: “I don’t agree.”

Bai Shuwu said: “President Yan, you have signed the contract, so you can’t go back.”

Bai Shuwu told Silvia, “Silvia, take the document and let President Yan open his eyes and take a good look. The seal was personally stamped by her. I think it is not President Yan’s style.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Yes.”

Then he walked to the podium with a stack of documents, “President Yan, please have a look.”

Tian’s family is not to be left behind, Tian Gunong also walked to the podium with a bunch of documents, “There is also our Tian family, President Yan stamped the seal, can not go back.”

When other shareholders saw that Media Asia had returned Bai’s and Tian’s enterprises, they immediately felt itchy. So they stood up and forced the palace, “Since President Yan has returned Tian’s and Bai’s enterprises, then our Yu’s are also willing to redeem our enterprises…”

Seeing that the situation was very chaotic, Irene was so anxious that her breathing began to become unsmooth, and then her voice became much weaker.

“Irene, take my personal seal, Tian’s Bai’s seal is fake…” Before he finished speaking, the whole person leaned limply on the back of the chair.

Irene squatted down, “Irene, I will take you away.”

Irene stubbornly shook her head, “No, you listen to me and get your seal.”

Irene looked back at Irene one step at a time, and then quickly ran out to get the seal.

Silvia was still stuck on the podium and sneered triumphantly when she saw Irene in such a desperate situation.

In order to get Irene out of embarrassment, Silvia deliberately stretched out her hand and shook in front of her, lowering her voice and said, “President Yan, do you feel weak and weak, do you not see things with your eyes, and do your ears not hear us? “

Irene did not respond.

Silvia unscrupulously got up and took the microphone and said to the shareholders participating in the meeting: “Today, I want to tell everyone a very unfortunate thing. Our Yan family has a genetic disorder, from my grandfather to Irene. A serious mental illness. When the condition is serious, the patient is paralyzed, unable to take care of himself, and even has abnormal facial features. You see, I tried President Yan just now, and she did not respond at all. It can be seen that her condition has reached the level of inability to act. To the point.”

If Silvia disturbed the people’s mind, the scene became more chaotic and turbulent.

Many people raised their fists to protest, “Since Media Asia is no longer in town, please return our business to Media Asia!”

Silvia squatted in front of Irene, with an evil sneer at the corner of her lips, “Irene, your good days are finally over.”

However, a miracle appeared at this time.

In the vast conference room, a young but sharp voice suddenly came.

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