Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1177

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Chapter 1177

In the audience, there was a cold sneer: “Huh, Media Asia’s intranet was attacked by a hacker, and President Yan was embarrassed again. Media Asia is now embarrassed on all sides. President Yan just returned our shares, shouldn’t we take Did the companies acquired three years ago spit out together?”

Although Irene couldn’t see it, she knew that she was Bai Shutang by identifying people.

Bai’s collusion with Tian’s, leading several rebellious companies, tried to force the palace at this shareholder meeting.

But Irene finally acquired the same industry and realized her
monopoly status. Now even if Media Asia is facing difficulties, she only wants to spend money to clear these dissident shareholders, and does not want Media Asia to disintegrate.

Irene said angrily: “When it acquired various companies three years ago, Media Asia paid handsomely. Each company has long been affiliated with Media Asia. Bai Shutang, you are now only Media Asia’s shareholders. Don’t worry about those who no longer belong to you. s things.”

Bai Shutang’s hearty laughter came, “Haha, President Yan, the companies acquired by Media Asia were the hard work of all our ancestors and ancestors. If President Yan is well managed and Media Asia is prosperous, we will not give birth to the company. Thoughts. But now Media Asia, with the withered talents, has long lost its former glory.”

Irene was furious, “Talents are withering? Bai Shutang, please pay attention to your wording. You despise the employees of Media Asia in this way, it is a contempt for talents.”

Bai Shutang smiled and said, “Am I wrong? It’s been so many days since Media Asia’s intranet was attacked by hackers. Why can’t Media Asia solve this problem? No one in Media Asia deciphers the hacking ip. You just raise a bunch of talents. It’s waste.”

Irene was so angry that she clenched her pink fist.

She attaches great importance to talents, she is eager for talents, and she does not hesitate to spend a lot of money to find elite scientific and technological talents around the world. She respected Media Asia’s talents, but Bai Shutang insulted her efforts so much, how could she not be angry?

Irene was angry, and her hands trembled uncontrollably.

Seeing that Irene’s body was so vulnerable, Bai Shutang cast his evil eyes on Bai Shuwu. When his eyes met, he realized the evil intentions and executed their plan to force the palace more firmly.

“President Yan, if you think I’m wrong. Let us meet the elite hackers of Media Asia. As long as they can unlock Media Asia’s intranet today, Bai Shutang will take back what I just said.”

Irene closed her eyes and adjusted her breath and luck.

The more she wanted to get her disordered body back to normal as soon as possible, but her body became more and more out of control.

“Guan Xiao, open the intranet.” Irene made the wrong instructions when she was heartbroken.

Guan Xiao was stunned. If someone in Media Asia could unlock the intranet, they wouldn’t be so passive.

But since President Yan issued such an order, Guan Xiao could only bite the bullet and play.

Aside from Irene, Media Asia’s hackers are Guan Xiao the most powerful. But Irene was in a hug, her eyes were only bright and dark, and she couldn’t distinguish the outline of things at all, just like being blind. Guan Xiao naturally didn’t dare to put hope on Irene.

But Guan Xiao played by himself, but after opening the Media Asia intranet, he seemed a little powerless. He pretended to decipher the intranet, but there was no substantial progress for a long time.

At this time Tian Maize stood up and said, “Official assistant, our time is precious. You have already spent half an hour, but there is no progress at all. Are you okay? Don’t waste our time if you don’t.”

At this time, many participants reacted with dissatisfaction. The respected Bai Shuwu suddenly stood up and said, “It stands to reason that we should not be in trouble at the most difficult time of Media Asia. But when President Yan bought our various companies, he did not take into account the importance of these companies to our major families. s3x. Now that President Yan is ill, and Media Asia has all kinds of problems, I have to stand up and say something like this: The company used to be the blood and sweat of our ancestors, and I am willing to return the acquisition funds that year and redeem it. Our own business.”

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