Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1181

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Chapter 1181

Irene sensed the love the child passed on to her, and when she heard the silent whisper, her eyes suddenly turned red.


“Mummy. I will take you home!”

Jason pulled Irene’s hand, then lifted Irene on his back, and walked outside.

The general meeting of shareholders is over.

When the participants left the venue one after another, Silvia suddenly fell to the ground like falling leaves flying in the bleak autumn wind.

As long as she thinks of her patron Bai Shuwu being mercilessly locked inside by Jason, Silvia feels that her sky is falling.

Finally, Silvia thought of her mother, Mrs. Zhanjia, who got up from the ground in embarrassment and rushed home quickly.

The eldest lady and Cui Anru were originally best friends, and now they both join the Bai family. Originally, they hoped that the Bai family would regain the position of glory after the success in this shareholder meeting. They can also follow the light.

However, seeing Silvia running in desperately, their hearts suddenly slipped to the bottom.

“Mom, my dad is locked in. You hurry up and ask for a fight, and let him release dad.” Silvia pleaded impatiently while holding the hand of the lady.

The eldest lady heard the words, her charming body seemed to be ten years old for a moment.

The body trembled, and he said in disbelief, “How could this happen? Shu Wu said, isn’t this time to force the palace to be steady?”

Silvia said: “Originally, it was a ten-year-old. Irene is indeed paralyzed, and Jacob has also been controlled by us, but who would have thought that there would be a deadly battle halfway through.”

Silvia regretted not at the beginning, “I was negligent. I think Jason is nothing more than a child with autism. It is not to be feared. But who would have thought that he was eloquent and clear when it was time to exit. What’s more terrifying is that , Jason’s hacking skills are simply amazing.”

The eldest lady looked barren, and said: “You asked me to ask Jacob, but I have no face to look back for him.”

Silvia said, “You are his adoptive mother. Although Shao Zhan is reluctant to speak, he is the most affectionate. Mom, if you go to him, he will definitely promise you and forgive my dad.”

The big lady hesitated: “I will not be humiliated by him when I go back?”

Silvia said, “Mom, don’t you like my dad very much? For my dad, what’s your grievance? You think, if my dad doesn’t come out, the Bai family will be over, then you and me will have a good life. End.”

When Cui Anru heard the conversation between Silvia and the lady, he probably had guessed it seven or eight.

She was stunned on the spot, and then said bitterly and sarcastically, “Oh. Silvia, you are such a lost star, wherever you go, you will be unlucky. The Zhan family suffered bad luck because of you, and the Yan family caused Irene because of you. I’m sick, and now the Bai family is bankrupt because of you. So you hit Xing Ke?”

The eldest lady’s nursing daughter eagerly scolded Cui Anru, “Anru, how can you say that to our daughter?”

Cui An Ruxuan said with tears: “Am I wrong? It’s all you. You gave me this nemesis to make my life so rough. I have severed relations with the Yan family now. Where should I go in the future?”

Silvia was hit hard by Cui Anru’s words. She sat down on the ground, crying and said: “You are right, I am a lost star. Then what are you doing with me? Are you all leaving?”

The eldest lady felt sorry for Silvia and hugged her daughter and said, “Silvia, you are not a lost star. You have to cheer up, mother promises you, mother go to Jacob and ask him to give your father a way to survive. As long as your father can survive, You are Bai’s daughter. Don’t give up on yourself.”

Silvia seemed to see a beam of light in the dark, and said, “Mom, let’s go now.”

The lady nodded. “Ok.”

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