Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 952

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Chapter 952

Many Bai family members were extremely excited.

At that moment, they took many guests and walked towards the front yard.

They just didn’t notice.

The bodyguard who came to inform them was as pale as paper, especially his gaze towards the Bai family, full of pity and sorrow.

Da da da!

Everyone walked quickly towards the front yard.

Although the journey was short, all the Bai family members looked like they were scorching hot, as if they couldn’t wait to see Shaun’s miserable appearance.

Bai Yan’s face was almost full of happiness.

She already hates that bastard to the extreme.

And now!

The time for revenge has finally arrived.


Just when Bai Yan was extremely excited, she walked fast.

She was stunned to discover that the steps of the grandpa Bai, Haibai, and others at the forefront suddenly stopped.

They were stiff in place, they fixed on the front, and even their bodies began to tremble slowly.


This scene stunned Bai Yan for a moment. She was very short, especially the old man and others in front of her. They covered up the scene in the front yard, making her unable to see clearly.

Right now, Bai Yan asked suspiciously:

“Grandpa! Uncle! Why you people stopped? What’s happening?”

Bai Yan was confused.

What surprised her, even more, was that no one in front of them answered her.

Instead, they were staring straight at the front yard, as if they had seen a ghost.


This scene made Bai Yan’s heart gradually show a bad feeling.

At the moment, she hurriedly drilled forward.

When she got to the front of the crowd and turned to look forward.

The scene before her completely stunned her.

There are only two figures in the spacious courtyard of the front yard.

One stood as straight as loose.

One sat, shaking all over.


Under the dim light, Bai Yan also vaguely saw that there were round objects on the ground that looked like watermelons.

“What is that?”

The bad feeling in Bai Yan’s heart grew stronger.

However, when she fixed her eyes to the ground and looked carefully, the scene she saw made her struck with lightning.

“Human heads?”


This made Bai Yan almost thunderous.

She only felt horror, and that instantly rushed straight to her forehead from the soles of her feet, looking at the heads, densely piled on the ground, and there was a hideous and frightened expression. This even made Bai Yan puff and fell to the ground.



Bai Yan’s scream shocked all the guests behind.

But after looking at everything in front of them clearly, the entire front yard was silent and fell into a deathly silence.

“One, three, five, ten… there are fourteen heads? Oh my God, what had happened?”

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