Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 951

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Chapter 951

Elvira could no longer contain her worries about Shaun as if she was crazy, she rushed out of the backyard and ran towards the front yard.

However, she just ran a few steps before she was stopped by a few bodyguards from the Bai family.

These bodyguards were burly and sturdy, and a few people lined up to seal the entrance to the front yard.

“Get aside! I’m going to find Shaun!”

Elvira was crying while pushing away these bodyguards!

But no matter how she pushed, it was difficult to shake these bodyguards.



Elvira’s heart was almost filled at the moment.

And after seeing this scene!

The smiles on the faces of the seniors of the Bai family became more intense.

“Elvira, you don’t have to worry too much, maybe Young Master Bai Chen is merciful and spares your husband’s life!”

“Yes, as long as he is willing to hand over the New Bai Group to help the Jiangnan Bai family, and make great doctors accept the invitation, maybe there is a chance to survive!”

“Oh! Now Shaun’s most proud subordinates, Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, Lord Tiger, and Lord Dao have been arrested? I don’t know if these big guys will die!”


After hearing the words of the senior leaders of the Bai family, the faces of the surrounding guests changed again.

They only know!

Tianlong Xu and other Jiangshi giants turned out to be Shaun’s most proud subordinates!

And listening to what they said, it seems that the so-called “action” in Bai Chen’s mouth is to capture these four giants?


Suddenly, the backyard was completely fried.

The faces of every one were shocked at the depth of Shaun’s hiding, and they were also full of panic towards the white angel.

“Oh my God, I really didn’t think that Shaun turned out to be the boss behind Tianlong Xu and others!”

“Yes, I just heard that Tianlong Xu and Shaun have friendship, and every time there is a problem, they always come! But I also didn’t expect that Shaun hides things from people!”

“Huh! Shaun is so awesome, so What? It’s not the same thing, it’s Jiangnan Bai’s family, it’s a white angel! Tianlong Xu and the others are no more, Shaun cannot do anything!”


At this moment, the faces of all the guests were full of deep sorrow and complexity.

They just learned that Shaun is awesome!

Unexpectedly, Shaun is That’s it.

“Do not!!!”


Elvira cried completely at this moment.

Her heart was completely messed up, and she couldn’t hear the comments of the people around her clearly.

More than her!

Even Baishan and Paula were anxiously moving around, and they didn’t hear clearly what the people around them were saying about Shaun.


At this time.

At the entrance of the backyard, a bodyguard trembles slightly:

“Everyone! Young Master Bai Chen is calling.”

There is endless fear in the voice of this bodyguard.

And after hearing this.

Old Mr. Bai and the others didn’t think much, instead, a thick smile of ecstasy appeared on their faces.

“Hahaha… It seems that Young Master Bai Chen has done it! I just don’t know, the four giants, which ones are dead?”

“Yeah! From today, the New Bai Group will no longer belong to Elvira, and even her husband’s life is gone!”

“It’s really exciting. In the future, Jiangshi will once again become the world of our Bai family!”

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