Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 899 – 900

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Chapter 899

He has not come into contact with many children, and the one he has come into contact with most is Grace.

His reason is simple, Grace is a very cute and a charming daughter.

Therefore, he also wants a daughter.

Peter heard Dave’s words and nodded: “I want too. The more the better.”

Tina said, “Is your w!fe a sow?”

“You can scold me, but you can’t scold my wife!” Peter put his chopsticks aside and looked very serious.

Tina snorted: “Do you have a wife?”

“I’m so young and handsome, isn’t it sooner or later to have a wife?” Peter argued with her seriously.

“Young? What misunderstanding do you have about yourself?”

“Why aren’t you young in your 30s?”

“Have you met the new trainees in the company? That’s young.”

Recently, AdamPic Media has recruited a new batch of trainees. The youngest is only 16 years old and the oldest is less than 20.

He has tall legs and long legs, young and lively.

Energetic and youthful.

Peter’s face turned dark: “Tina, do you think you are still an 18-year-old girl? Have you seen the new artists of our company? All are tender enough to pinch water!”

Tina looked at him blankly: “Oh, I have seen them, especially the new girl named Cathy Lee! Who doesn’t know that she has received special care from Mr. Grant.”

Hearing her mention Cathy Lee, Peter’s expression became a little uncomfortable.

Peter paused and explained aloud: “I just watched Cathy that little girl worked hard and had a good attitude. I thought she was a talent…”

“Talented, it’s my a$s.” Tina interrupted him, her face distorted.

Peter’s complexion suddenly became difficult to look at.

Tina looked at Dave with a calm expression: “I’m sorry, let Mr. Dave watch all this. Peter and I have known each other since childhood. It is common to be noisy, we are just joking.”

Dave nodded slightly as a response.

Tina actually didn’t need to explain specifically, she just wanted to change the subject to make herself seem less concerned.

In fact, she also thinks she doesn’t care about Peter.

Peter used to gossip with those little stars before, and this is nothing new.

Tina was used to it.


The party ended at ten o’clock.

Dave is not a lively person, Peter answered the phone and wanted to go to Best Day to deal with something.

The dining room has a maid to clean up.

Alyssa nestled on the sofa to help Grace study the new toy she received today, and Tina sat next to her.

Alyssa asked like a chatter: “What’s the matter with that Cathy Lee?”

“A new artist from the company, young, beautiful, tender enough to pinch water,” Tina said loosely.

When she spoke, her eyes were still fixed on Grace who was assembling the toy. After she finished speaking, she pointed to a place and said to Grace: “Grace, this is the reverse.”

Grace disassembled and reinstalled.

“Really? A girl who is so beautiful that you can remember, she should be particularly beautiful.” Alyssa did not reveal Tina, but just followed her words.

Tina paused, and said: “It’s spreading in the company, and Peter really looks at Cathy differently. To put it bluntly, he is in love with Cathy. In fact, Cathy’s resources are indeed much better than other newcomers.”

Alyssa asked her: “What do you think about this?”

“What can I think?” Tina laughed mockingly: “The company is Peter’s, he can do whatever he likes, who can control it.”

Chapter 900

Alyssa laughed and said, “You’re talking angrily again.”

“I didn’t say anything angry, I didn’t.” Tina pretended to be calm.

Alyssa patted her shoulder: “I will put Grace to sleep first, and we will talk about it when she sleeps.”

Tina nodded: “Yeah.”


After Grace was put to sleep, Alyssa returned to the room.

Tina just came out of the shower and leaned on the bedside to play with her phone.

Hearing Alyssa coming in, she looked up at her.

“Grace fell asleep?”

“She seems to have not slept well recently.” Alyssa was talking to Tina while taking her clothes to take a bath.

Tina asked: “Why? Is she uncomfortable in some way?”

“I have eaten a lot of dinner, and then look at it.” Alyssa had already found clothes: “I’ll take a shower first.”

After Alyssa came out of the shower, Tina was still playing with her mobile phone by the bedside.

Seeing Alyssa coming out, she put her phone aside.

It’s been a long time since the two of them slept in a bed like this.

As soon as Alyssa lay down, she heard Tina asking her: “Remember when we were in high school?”

“Yeah, remember.” Alyssa couldn’t help but smile when she thought of the high school.

If it weren’t for Tina, her youth might have been spent in depression.

No one in the Hunt family cared about her, Rachel’s mind was all on Isabel.

Some people have blood ties, but they don’t have relatives.

Some people are not related by blood, but are closer than their relatives.

“At that time I thought you were just a timid but particularly brave ugly girl, but I didn’t expect you to fight more fiercely than me.” There was a feeling of nostalgia in the calm tone.

Alyssa pouted, “Which fight wasn’t because you got into trouble, and I helped you carry it?”

Tina laughed happily.

As a student, Tina was not a fuel-efficient lamp.

The family background is good, her parents are open-minded, and she grew up arbitrarily and freely.

Courageous enough to go to heaven, fear nothing.

At that time, Tina’s temper was not very good, she was rampant, and when she was provoked, she threw her fist and threw the bench.

Alyssa kept her strength and stood silently, waiting until Tina couldn’t stand it, and then shot.

Alyssa lived depressed in Hunt’s house and developed a cautious character.

It was all because of encountering Tina that her repressed and gloomy youth had a gleam.

“Oh, where are they? Obviously those people causing trouble.” Tina didn’t bear the trouble.

Alyssa changed a comfortable posture and hummed silently.

“Actually I was thinking back then, you were so ugly, what if you couldn’t get married in the future…”

Alyssa turned her head and gave a cold look.

Tina laughed, and then pretended to be angry and said: “It turned out that you look better than me, and now you are better married than me! Jealousy has made me totally unrecognizable.”

“What’s wrong with you tonight? Why are you talking about this all of a sudden?” Alyssa felt Tina a little strange.

Inexplicably, she began to recall the past of her youth.

And also very sad.

“I just remembered these things suddenly.” Tina lay flat, staring at the ceiling in a dream, not knowing what she was thinking.

Alyssa remembered that when she officially met Tina, there was no Peter with Tina at that time.

Later she learned that Peter happened to be abroad at that time.

She vaguely remembered that during the time she first met Tina, Tina was indeed in a bad mood.

She burned at one point, and she would fight directly if anyone was not pleasing to her eyes.

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