Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 901 – 902

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Chapter 901

This evening, Alyssa and Tina said a lot.

When they fell asleep, it was early morning.

But the next morning, Alyssa’s biological clock still made her wake up on time.

The place next to her was empty, there was a slight sound of water in the bathroom.

Tina should be cautious that she was still sleeping, so there was little movement in the bathroom.

Alyssa got up from the bed, stroked her hair, and went out to Grace’s room.

Grace had woke up and was playing on the quilt.

Alyssa took care of Grace’s washing first.

After washing, Tina changed clothes and put on makeup.

Then helped Alyssa to take Grace downstairs.


After dinner, Alyssa and Tina went out together.

Tina will go to the notice, Alyssa to the company.

When she reached the gate, she saw that Dave had already driven the car to the gate.

Alyssa knew early in the morning that Dave’s appearance could not just be entrusted by Karl to help her move things.

It should be to protect her.

And Tina’s agent had already driven over.

“I’m leaving now.” Tina stepped into the car with one foot and looked back at Alyssa.

Alyssa waved to her: “Well, be careful on the way.”

Tina nodded and got in the car and left.

Watching the cold car disappear, Alyssa got into Dave’s car.

“What did Karl threaten you with?” Alyssa sat in the back row, her eyes falling on Dave’s side face.

The tone is half serious, half joking.

Having known Dave for so long, although Dave has a cold temperament, he is not a hard-to-contact person.

It was precisely because of this that Alyssa dared to talk to him like this.

Dave drove forward and replied: “It’s cooperation.”

When Alyssa heard the words, she smiled and said nothing.

Alyssa felt that even if she lived another ten lifetimes, she would not necessarily have the clever mind of Karl.


She met Smith at Adams’ door.

“Mrs. Adams.” Smith nodded slightly.

Alyssa walked straight to the elevator entrance: “Let the person in charge of purchasing Hunt come to my office later, I want to know the progress.”

Dave followed behind them, walking barely making any noise.

When he arrived on the floor, he went to his own office, Smith went to do what Alyssa had ordered.

And Alyssa took Dave to the CEO’s office.

Alyssa went in first, and just after two steps, she heard Dave’s voice behind him: “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?” Alyssa asked back.

Dave’s gaze fixedly looked towards the lounge.

Alyssa understood what was coming, and stood by the door without moving.

In the next second, Dave said in a heavy voice: “Come out by yourself, or I will come in and invite you.”

Is there someone in the lounge?

Alyssa looked at the door of the lounge carefully, only to find that the door was a bit open and not closed.

If she does not bring Grace to the company, she rarely uses the lounge.

She doesn’t use the lounge, and basically closes the door otherwise.

At this time, the door of the lounge was ajar, which was enough to show that someone had entered the lounge just now.

When they sensed that Alyssa and Dave were coming in, they hid in the lounge.

The door of the lounge was too late to close, so it had to be like that.

If you close it hard, it will make a sound to attract Alyssa’s attention.

But the person who sneaked in was counted, and he didn’t count that Dave would come with Alyssa.

If only Alyssa herself, she would definitely not have noticed that the door of the lounge was not closed, let alone know that someone had come in.

Chapter 902

After a few seconds, the door of the lounge was opened from the inside.

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly when she saw that familiar face.

“Clifford? How did you get in?” unknown people and others can’t usually get in Adams’s House.

And he went straight into her office.

Clifford was a little more haggard than when Alyssa saw him last time.

His eyes were gloomy, with a trace of fatigue between his brows and eyes.

No longer the gentleness of the previous disguise.

Alyssa believed that this was Clifford’s original face.

Clifford’s eyes fell on Dave, and he said coldly: “Have you got a bodyguard?”

Dave knew Clifford.

Without waiting for Alyssa to speak, Dave directly stepped forward, made some quick and accurate moves.

Alyssa didn’t expect Dave to make a move suddenly.

At this time, Smith happened to walk in from outside with the file.

When he came in and saw the situation inside, he was shocked.

Alyssa had already reacted and said to Smith: “Call the security guard to come up.”

Although she believed that Dave would be able to beat Clifford, she still asked the security guard to come up more to handle him more securely.

Turn around to call the security guard.

But Dave quickly subdued Clifford.

There are not so many perfect people in the world. Although Clifford has a clever mind and a certain degree of knowledge, he is still far behind Dave, a professional assassin who washes hands in a golden basin.

Dave threw Clifford to the ground, put his hands behind him, and asked in a deep voice, “What are you here for?”

Alyssa walked over and squatted in front of Clifford: “Clifford, what’s the matter of coming to the door in such a hurry? Come and listen.”

Clifford is actually a very calm person.

It’s normal for him to come to Alyssa, but if he sneaks into her office, things are not just as simple as finding her.

Alyssa suspected that Clifford’s purpose for coming this time was not simply to threaten her or to speak harshly.

Clifford gritted his teeth, his eyes fixedly looking at Alyssa, still with thick bloodshot eyes, looking hideous.

Alyssa saw Clifford like this for the first time.

Lost his calmness, like a wild wolf that was offended.

But it is not worthy of sympathy.

“Did you let Karl catch Muffi! Didn’t you!” Clifford roared.

The sound was loud, and Alyssa’s eardrum was a little painful.

“Muffi is missing?” Alyssa was a little surprised.

The night before, Karl also said that he would not use Clifford’s methods to deal with him.

But today Muffi is gone.

But Alyssa believed in Karl.

Karl would not use that method, so he would definitely not use that method.

“What kind of pretense? Karl has taken her away, right? Let him come out to confront me and bring my sister back? What does it mean to take my sister? She is only a patient!”

Clifford really lost his reason, he had completely lost his calmness and intelligence in his daily life.

The sound of closing the door Smith came from behind.

Later, Smith asked Alyssa softly: “The security has come up, do you want them to come in?”

Alyssa did not immediately reply to Smith, but looked at Clifford with a cold expression, “Patient? What a great patient?”

“Grace is just a child, why can you do it?” Alyssa couldn’t help but raised the volume.

“That’s what Karl owes me! He owes me!” Clifford shouted loudly: “My father wanted to call the police out of good intentions, so they rushed out and killed them! Are they good people? But good people are still dead!”

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