Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 897 – 898

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Chapter 897

Alyssa walked to Grace, squatted down to meet her sight, smoothed her hair, and said softly, “Go change clothes first.”

“Yeah.” Grace scratched her head.

Alyssa pushed Grace back into the room, and turned back to look at Dave.

Without waiting for her to speak, Dave said: “You are busy first.”


Alyssa packed Grace out, and Dave still sat on the sofa.

However, Dave is looking at his mobile phone.

Hearing the movement behind him, he looked back at Alyssa’s mother and daughter.

“Uncle Dave.” Grace had already thrown out her hand and ran towards Dave.

As soon as she ran over, she climbed onto the sofa next to Dave.

Dave moved aside, gave way to Grace, and slightly stretched out his arm to let her hold it.

Alyssa originally wanted to make breakfast first, but now Grace has gotten up, so she decided to go out for breakfast when she didn’t have time to make one.


After eating breakfast outside, Alyssa took Grace back to Karl’s villa.

Alyssa and Grace had both lived there before, so there was no need to buy anything else.

Moreover, the layout of the room was the same as Alyssa had lived in before.

Even the servants and bodyguards are still the same people.

Alyssa stood in the hall, feeling like a world away.

Grace has lived here for a long time and is familiar with it. As soon as he comes in, he will look around here and there, and play by himself.

Dave helped them move something and drove them over.

As soon as the car stopped, there were bodyguards to move things, and Dave didn’t know where to go right now.

Alyssa sat down on the sofa and sent a message to Tina, “I moved back to Karl’s.”

“Really! Did you forgive him?”

Alyssa thought for a while, and replied: “No, I just think that the current situation will be better if I move back.”

Although the community where she and Tina live is highly confidential, it is just a community, and there are many people living in it.

If Clifford wanted to do something and wanted to get in, it would be very easy.

Karl’s consideration was correct, Alyssa could not expose Grace to possible danger.

She wants to make Grace safer.

After the chat with Tina, Alyssa called Smith again and said about not going to the company today.

“Thanks.” Unlike Karl, she can arrange everything properly even if she doesn’t go to the company temporarily. Once she doesn’t go to the company, all the affairs in the company will be arranged by him.

Smith still replied as always: “It should be.”


Peter was very happy to know that Alyssa moved back to Karl’s villa.

After calling Alyssa to ask about the situation, he said, “This is a good thing! Shall we get together tonight?”

“Do you want to get together with me, or do you want to get together with Tina?” Alyssa exposed him mercilessly.

Peter coughed slightly to hide his embarrassment: “I just want to get together with you all.”

Yesterday in Best Day, although Tina and Peter were both there.

But they didn’t speak much.

In the past, Tina had also ignored Peter, but Peter is still cheeky and approached Tina.

During this period of time, Tina’s attitude remained unchanged, but Peter uncharacteristically did not join Tina’s side.

Maybe it’s just a lot of trouble.

“Okay, just tonight. I ask Tina if she is free tonight.”

When she fell silent, she heard Peter say: “She will be able to finish work this afternoon in today’s announcement.”

Chapter 898

Alyssa teased him: “I didn’t want to get together with Tina, because you knew her schedule clearly.”

Peter defended himself: “As the boss of AdamPic Media, is it a problem to pay more attention to the artists that the company focuses on training?”

“No problem.” Alyssa was very cooperative.


Peter choked and said, “See you tonight.”

Then he hung up the phone in a hurry.


Peter said that he was going to get together, and Alyssa also fell in line.

In the afternoon, the servants were asked to buy a lot of dishes and things for the party.

In the evening, she began to prepare dinner.

Snacks and various stir-fries, stews, wine…

Everything is complete, and she is very prepared.

Because there are not many people, she only needs to prepare a little less.

Peter and Tina arrived one after another.

Tina looked at the dishes on a large table, and exclaimed: “Alyssa, you are too good, or else, don’t you and Karl get back together. The two of us have made do with each other. I now save a little bit. Money, I will buy a mansion to support you!”

Alyssa also knew that Tina had begun to save money.

Alyssa was also a little surprised when she first learned that Tina, who was spending his money, started saving money.

“Aren’t you going to keep the money for retirement?” Alyssa teased her.

At that time, Tina said that she might not get married in her life, so she should save her pension earlier.

When she was too old to move, she will lay at home and eat and wait to die.

“If you raise an old man, it might be possible to die early.” Tina looked indifferent.

Alyssa turned her head inadvertently and saw Peter who she did not know when he appeared in the hall.

Alyssa glanced at Tina, looked at Peter and said: “Here.”

Holding a toy box in his hand, Peter strode over.

He didn’t look at Tina, and walked straight to Alyssa and asked, “Where is Grace?”

“Upstairs.” Alyssa pointed upstairs.

Peter put the toy box aside: “I’ll find her.”

“Call her down for me.” Alyssa said to his back there.

Peter just nodded.

When his figure disappeared at the top of the stairs, Alyssa tilted her head to look at Tina and smiled and asked, “What do you think?”

“Nothing.” Tina took a deep breath, looking thoughtful.

Alyssa patted her on the shoulder without saying much.


Smith came last.

When Alyssa called Smith, she asked him to come home to have a meal after he was free.

When Smith came, he also brought toys for Grace.

Toys were brought when Tina came.

Even Dave bought toys for Grace.

However, Dave’s life experience is not very rich, and he still stays on dolls when he buys gifts for girls.

He bought a set of dolls for Grace.

Grace received four gifts and was very happy. She ate one more bowl for dinner.

That night, there was a wife and child at home, and all went back after dinner.

Grace helped Alyssa to send away Smith, and ran to play with her new toy.

Watching her run away, Alyssa went back to the table and jokingly said to other people: “I don’t always buy toys for Grace. If you give birth to children in the future, I will lose out and I will have to pay back one by one.”

Peter tutted twice: “Buying a toy can still make you poor? Karl has money, you can let him open a toy city.”

Dave, who has always talked little, said very seriously, “I want a daughter too.”

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