Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 895 – 896

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Chapter 895

Alyssa twitched the corner of her mouth and stared at him blankly.

Karl asked her after a pause, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

The tone was natural as if the two had been living together.

Alyssa knew that it was useless to say more.

Karl’s character is such that he would basically follow Alyssa if he could give in.

But it is impossible for him to enter the room so casually.

What he has to do is not something others can change her mind with a few words.

Seeing Alyssa’s expression that was too lazy to take care of him, Karl was not discouraged.

He sat on the b3d naturally, her eyes fixedly staring at him.

Alyssa was defeated in the confrontation and said angrily, “Can you not run to my house like you follow your own house every time?”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “Is there a difference between yours and mine?”

Alyssa sneered: “Back then, you drove me out of your villa.”

Karl didn’t like to hear Alyssa mention these things.

He frowned slightly, and then stretched out again: “If you don’t want to sle3p, I don’t mind do!ng more meaningful things with you.”

She threw a pillow at him: “Make a face!”

Karl curled his lips and showed a smile, and reached out to catch the pillow.

Alyssa got into the bed and turned her back to ignore him.

Karl turned off the light and lay on the bed.

Alyssa moved her body and adjusted a comfortable posture.

Although she was not forgiving, Alyssa had to admit that Karl was ly!ng next to her in b3d, and she felt particularly at ease in her heart.

“You will move to home tomorrow, with bodyguards and servants at home, it’s safer.”

Karl’s voice suddenly sounded.

Alyssa opened her eyes in the dark, but made no sound.

She pretended that she was asleep.

Karl naturally knew that she was still awake.

He said two more words: “got it?”

The tone sounded a little helpless.

Alyssa hesitated for a moment, and asked Karl, “How are you going to deal with Clifford?”

Without waiting for Karl to speak, Alyssa said again: “Clifford has a younger sister named Muffi. He cares about this sister very much.”

Alyssa didn’t want to be like this.

She also wants to be a kind person.

No matter what you encounter, you must keep your original intention.

However, what Clifford instigated Rachel to do this time made her feel uneasy.

If being a thoroughly good person is putting her daughter in danger, then she is willing to give up the principal.

Based on Alyssa’s understanding of Clifford, his most obvious weakness is Muffi.

Muffi hadn’t woken up for so many years, and Clifford didn’t give up on her.

He even tried to save Muffi and set up a round to win Alyssa’s trust, and wanted to use Alyssa’s organs to rescue Muffi.

Finally, he found her half-sister, Isabel.

When Isabel was found, she had been tortured into a human form by Clifford.

She didn’t know if Muffi was awake.

“Do you have any misunderstandings about your man? Do I need to use the same methods as Clifford to solve the immediate trouble?”

Karl’s voice was getting closer.

Close to the ear.

Alyssa tilted her head and rubb3d Karl’s l!ps with her ear.

“What are you doing so close?” Alyssa said coldly.

Karl seemed to chuck lightly, then stepped back: “You are still very worried about me.”

Chapter 896

Karl was referring to Alyssa’s reminding him that Clifford has a younger sister.

Alyssa was indeed afraid that it would be more troublesome for Karl to deal with Clifford, so she told him about Muffi.

But listening to Karl’s tone, she was still very confident.

On the other hand, how could Karl not know that Clifford has a younger sister.

Alyssa felt a little bored as she thought about it, and said angrily, “Shut up, go out without sleeping.”

Karl really didn’t speak anymore.

The next day.

When Alyssa woke up, her first reaction was to look at her position.

The side was empty, and there was no Karl.

He does this every time.

He sneaked in at night like a thief, and when she woke up, he had already left.

Alyssa came out after washing and went to the next door to take a look at Grace.

She opened the door and looked inside.

Grace was sleeping in a very comfortable position with her arms resting beside her head.

It looks like she should sleep for a while.

Alyssa closed the door lightly, ready to go to the kitchen for breakfast.

However, as soon as she was halfway there, the doorbell rang.

Who will it be so early?

Is it Tina?

Alyssa looked out from the cat’s eyes.

Standing outside the door is a familiar face.

Alyssa opened the door and looked at the visitor with some surprise: “Dave?”

Although Dave had already washed his hands in a golden basin, he was still very valuable.

At that time, Dave said that he could be her bodyguard, and the price Alyssa could afford was actually very low for Dave.

It was later confirmed that Dave was her bodyguard because he was entrusted by Karl.

After learning about this, Dave didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t show up for a long time.

Alyssa did not contact him specifically.

“Miss Alyssa.” Dave still looked indifferent, with firm eyebrows and a black dress.

“You…” Alyssa had some guesses in her heart, but she was not sure.

“Karl said you want to move back, I will help you move things.” When Dave talked about Karl, he seemed to grit his teeth.

Maybe Karl threatened him with something again, so Dave would listen to Karl’s words like this.

Otherwise, when he talked about Karl, he wouldn’t show the appearance of gritting his teeth and wishing to bite Karl.

“Actually, there is nothing to move.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she paused and stepped aside: “You can come in first.”

Alyssa turned around and walked into the house: “Sit down.”

Dave sat down on the sofa.

Alyssa poured him a glass of water.


Grace’s small voice sounded.

Dave looked over at the sound, and he happened to see Grace standing by the door.

Grace was still wearing a small floral pajamas, her hair was a bit messy, and she looked dumbfounded when she just woke up.

She looks soft and cute.

Dave smiled unconsciously.

Grace hadn’t seen Dave for a while. She stared at him, and then smiled and said, “Uncle Dave?”

The reaction was a little slow when she woke up, she called and looked at Dave with her head, as if she was not sure.

Dave nodded at her, his tone softened unconsciously, “Good morning.”

Alyssa originally thought that Grace would be unfamiliar after not seeing Dave for a long time, but she didn’t expect that she would remember him.

She felt that sometimes she might underestimate Grace too much.

Four years old is already an older child.

At least she was more sensible than she thought.

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