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Chapter 893

After listening to Peter’s words, Alyssa’s expression changed and she said nothing.

Peter touched his nose and walked to Karl with a smile and sat down: “You haven’t seen her for a long time, so don’t make any friends.”

Karl glanced at Peter.

Peter closed his mouth angrily.

Then he looked at Alyssa with a smile on his face: “Alyssa, have you had dinner, do you want me to order you something to eat?”

“I’ve eaten it.” Alyssa knew that Peter’s words were not malicious, just teased, and didn’t care.

“You came here after eating? I thought you were going to come over for dinner.” Peter didn’t know that Alyssa saw that Rachel and Travis had lost time.

While talking, Tina returned with Grace.

Grace sat next to Tina opposite Karl and Alyssa.

After Grace sat down, she kept staring at Karl.

The big and the small looked at each other for a while, and Karl said, “Come here.”

Grace pursed the corner of her lips and walked towards Karl.

As soon as she walked to him, he stretched out his hands to hug her, and she also stretched out her hands very consciously.

Grace clingingly nestled in Karl’s arms without speaking.

The atmosphere in the box is unprecedented harmonious.

It’s been a long time since they got together like this.

No one talked about the annoying things, Peter has always been active, talking about some celebrity gossip, and the relationship history of some sons.

After ten o’clock, Grace started yawning.

When she was sleepy, she started looking for Alyssa.

“Mom hug.”

Alyssa took her from Karl’s arms and asked softly, “Are you sleepy?”

Grace nodded obediently.

Karl on the side said, “Go home.”

Karl said that he would go home, and naturally it was time to leave.

When Grace heard Karl say going home, she opened her eyes and looked at Karl, her eyes cleared a lot.

Karl touched her little head: “You and mother go back first.”

Grace didn’t look very happy, but nodded obediently, “OK.”

Alyssa and Tina took Grace out of the golden tripod together.

Back home, Grace was already too sleepy.

Alyssa bathed her and let her sleep first.

When Grace was put to sleep, Alyssa checked the time, it was almost early morning.

Alyssa took a bath herself.

When she came out of the bathroom, she could vaguely hear movement in the living room.

Alyssa hesitated, opened the bedroom door and went out, and saw Karl squatting in front of the TV cabinet, studying the small ornaments on it.

Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief.

Hearing the movement, Karl turned his head to look at her, his eyes dimmed: “Hair dry.”

Although Alyssa’s [email protected] are very conservative two-pieces, they are light and thin in the end, and it is easy to see the slim figure and silhouette inside.

In addition, her hair is still wet, and the whole person is as fresh and tender as if it had just been fished out of the water.

In Karl’s eyes, it was delicious.

But he also knew that Alyssa could not mess with him at this time.

Those things can only be thought of.

“Are you a thief? You always sneak in, in the middle of the night.” Alyssa didn’t take his words to heart, walked to the sofa and sat down.

Karl got up and walked over.

He stretched out his hand to lift her long wet hair, tilted his head to her ear, and said in a soft tone: “Shall I blow your hair for you?”

Alyssa froze and slapped his hands away: “I’m not without hands, I don’t need you to help me.”

Chapter 894

Karl chuckled lightly: “Now your temper is much bigger than before.”

Alyssa gave him a cold look.

The smile in Karl’s eyes remained unabated.

The next second, he suddenly leaned over and h.ugged her whole b0dy.

He held her and walked straight to the b3droom.

“Karl!” Alyssa was startled by him, struggling to get down.

Karl’s long arms trapped her firmly, allowing her to struggle without letting go.

He calmly said: “Be quiet, it will awake Grace.”

Alyssa was quiet for a moment.

Karl took advantage of this opportunity to take her into the b3droom.

When he entered, he closed the door with his backhand and put her on the s0fa.

Alyssa, who was put on the sofa, breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately it’s not a bed…

Alyssa, who realized what she was thinking, turned a little red.

What is she thinking!

Fortunately, Karl had already gone to the bathroom to get a hairdryer.

When she was struggling, Karl had already come out with a hairdryer to blow her hair.

This man is always so domineering.

Alyssa was a little bit aggrieved, so she didn’t cooperate and kept moving.

Karl still tolerated her at first.

When he got to the back, Karl turned off the hairdryer in his hand and said coldly, “Don’t move.”

The two short words contain majesty and irresistibility.

Although Alyssa didn’t want to let herself obediently listen to him like this, she was already used to obeying Karl in her bones.

In other words, Karl’s deterrent is too strong, and listening to his words is also an instinct.

Realizing that the woman in front of him looked something wrong, Karl realized that his tone was too cold, and softened his tone: “Blow dry your hair early and go to bed.”

Alyssa looked up at Karl in surprise.

Karl’s palm was placed on her head, and he pressed it gently: “Head down.”

Alyssa lowered her head, feeling the man’s broad palms gently grasping her hair, and patiently drying every strand of hair.

She sighed in her heart.

After a while, Karl dried her hair.

“You can sleep.”

Karl said as he put the hairdryer in.

Alyssa walked to the bed in three steps and two steps.

Karl took the hairdryer into the bathroom.

Alyssa just waited for him to replace the hairdryer and come out.

However, he went in and did not come out, and turned on the shower in the bathroom.

Listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Alyssa looked at the bathroom in disbelief.

Karl was actually taking a shower.


She felt that it would be impossible in her life to meet someone with a stronger mentality and a thicker skin than Karl.

She clearly hadn’t forgiven him, but he entered the room as if nothing had happened.

He completely regarded her home as his own.

As if nothing happened before.

Alyssa had already begun to feel soft, but after thinking of this, the more she wanted to get angry.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she couldn’t forgive Karl easily.

She was so absorbed that she didn’t even notice Karl came out.

It wasn’t until he walked by the b3d that Alyssa felt a familiar breath.

She raised her eyes and saw Karl standing by the bed.

He was wrapped in a [email protected] t0wel.

Wrapped in a [email protected] t0wel is nothing.

But this one belongs to her.

Can’t hide anything at all.

Karl saw Alyssa’s gaze falling on the t0wel wrapped around him, and he gave a serious explanation: “You don’t have a men’s [email protected] t0wel here.”

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