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Chapter 891

Karl’s actions are int!mate and attached.

Alyssa inevitably moved.

She gradually relaxed, leaning against his b0dy, quietly speaking.

After a while, she asked him, “Where have you lived recently?”

Alyssa originally thought that Karl would pass vaguely, but he explained quietly, “At home.”

After speaking, he added: “I’m usually very busy, but as long as I have time, I will go home.”

Alyssa looked down at him, the doubts in her eyes were obvious.

Karl raised the corners of his lips slightly, raised her chin and p3cked her l!ps.

Alyssa hid back subconsciously, but he was holding the back of her head and couldn’t hide.

Avoidance is completely subconscious.

She and Karl had been separated for a long time. Although they met interm!ttently in the middle, the gap between the two was already deep.

There are indeed feelings between them, but the problem that should be solved has not been solved, and Alyssa can’t do int!mate things with him like the one before.

And her avoidance seemed to anger Karl.

Karl’s expression paused slightly, his pitch-black eyes fixedly stared at her for two seconds, and then he leaned forward again.

Alyssa knew what he was going to do, and turned her head as expected, but was pressed against the sand by Karl with her waist and backhand.

The positions of the two changed.

Alyssa was unable to play with his wa!st and both hands.

She looked at Karl angrily: “Let g0!”

Karl had a successful smile in his eyes, looking like a kid who had succeeded in a prank.

“I don’t let it go.” Karl seemed to be very happy, smiling at the corners of his eyes.

He was very satisfied with Alyssa’s inability to move at this time and only allowed himself to do whatever he wanted.

However, he couldn’t mess around.

Alyssa would be unhappy.

“Or…” Karl deliberately prolonged the tone, watching Alyssa’s reaction.

Seeing her finally looking at him, he smiled and said, “You g!ve me a k!ss and I will let go.”

Death does not change the facts!

Alyssa snorted: “Shameless!”

Karl was not angry, and allowed her to scold him, and reminded her very kindly: “It won’t be long before Tina will return with Grace.”

Alyssa was not sure if what Karl said was true.

She didn’t expect Karl to be here when she came, and Karl and Tina said something to make Tina cooperate with him, and Alyssa didn’t even know.

The matter was that he and Tina had discussed in advance, Alyssa had no idea when Tina would be back.

“Do you think I’m scared?” Alyssa bet that Karl didn’t just scare her, so she wouldn’t jump into the pit he dug.

Karl raised his eyes, the emotions in his black eyes difficult to distinguish.

Suddenly, he let go of her hand, and his tone sounded very regretful: “Not as good as before.”

As soon as Alyssa was free, she lifted her foot and kicked his calf.

Karl didn’t feel the pain either.

He sat down beside her, put his long arms on the sofa, and ran across to take her shoulders.

Alyssa took his arm away blankly.

After Karl’s arm was removed, he put it back again.

In this way, the two repeated this action tirelessly.

Finally, Alyssa couldn’t help it: “Karl, you are all bored!”

“Not boring.” Karl’s tone was extremely serious.

He was not perfunctory, but he was really not bored. On the contrary, he felt a little funny.

Chapter 892

What Alyssa didn’t know was that in the eyes of this man, doing anything with her was not boring.

It may be that Alyssa didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He turned his head to look at Alyssa’s face and said seriously: “I have a plan to acquire Hunt’s that is the most cost-effective and time-saving, do you want it?”

Alyssa was slightly shocked, and Karl knew that she was acquiring the Hunt’s.

This shows that even though Karl did not appear in front of her, he was always paying attention to her.

“Aren’t you busy? Where do you know so many things?” Alyssa asked back.

Karl leaned back and said, “I will always find out what I want to know.”

Alyssa just raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

She also tried to check where Karl lived and how to find him.

As a result, she later discovered that it was impossible for her to find Karl.

She didn’t know where he was, but he knew everything about her.

There is always a feeling of being controlled by Karl at all times.

“Aren’t you moved?” Karl’s tone was very serious.

He thought that Alyssa would be moved by what he said.

Alyssa said with a smile without any meaning: “Moved.”

Karl stretched out his hand and squeezed her face: “Telling lies.”

Alyssa patted his hand and looked at him coldly.

But she was thinking, let Karl be proud for a while.

When Clifford’s matter is resolved, when everything is over, she will slowly settle accounts with Karl.

She remembered every bill between her and Karl clearly.

Nothing will be missed.

Karl was already a little accustomed to Alyssa always being cold-faced at him.

He could understand Alyssa’s mood, but he didn’t think he was doing something wrong.

No matter when, Karl knew exactly what he should do.

When you start to do something, you have an assessment of the impact and risks of the event.

Alyssa said indifferently: “Since I know I will tell lies, why ask?”

Karl was choked by Alyssa’s words.

That’s right, he knew that Alyssa was still angry with him.

Karl smiled relieved, and reached out to touch Alyssa’s head: “Observe, go home, I will be back soon.”

Alyssa glanced at him disgustingly, without comment.

Karl raised his eyebrows, his expression looked a little unpleasant.

He stared at her, with emotions in her eyes, and a hint of helplessness in his cool voice: “You!”

Alyssa felt a little embarrassed inexplicably.

His tone was like she did something that made him helpless and unable to get angry.

He is obviously the one who overdo things.

“You said before that Tina and the others are coming back, why haven’t I seen anyone yet?” Alyssa moved aside, changing the subject and asked.

Karl seemed to listen attentively, and said, “Here.”

Sure enough, within two minutes, there was a knock on the door outside.

Alyssa and Karl looked at each other.

Seeing Alyssa staring at himself, Karl asked, “What?”

Alyssa said, “Tina doesn’t need to knock on the door when she comes in.”

She meant that Tina would not knock when she came in, so the person knocking outside at the moment was not Tina.

As a missing person, Karl should hide for a while.

Karl gave a chuckle, with a very clear joy in his tone: “Peter, come in!”

The next moment, the door of the room was pushed open from the outside, and the person who came in was really Peter.

“You… didn’t do anything?” Peter’s gaze swept back and forth over the two of them, his expression was expressive.

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