Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 889 – 890

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Chapter 889

Alyssa’s heart was shocked, haven’t Tina and Grace been captured by Clifford?

She didn’t care what else Clifford would say, so she hung up Clifford’s phone and answered Tina’s call.

Without waiting for Tina to speak, Alyssa asked anxiously: “Tina, are you and Grace okay?”

Tina didn’t know what happened to Alyssa just now, and said in a relaxed tone: “We’re all right, in Best Day, come here!”

“Okay, I’ll come over right away.” Alyssa returned her heart to her stomach.

After hanging up the phone, she said: “Go to Best Day.”

After a long sigh of relief, she gently leaned back on the chair with a lingering fear.

Smith drove to Best Day in silence.

When Alyssa got out of the car, considering it was too early, she had to go home at night.

She turned around and said to Smith: “You can drive my car home, I’m all right here.”

As long as Grace is well, nothing matters anymore.

Smith in the car heard what Alyssa said to Clifford on the phone, and he still felt a little worried.

“I am not in a hurry.”

When Alyssa heard this, she didn’t even decline.

Smith is Karl’s subordinate, but he’s not a simply subordinates.

Without Karl, he has an unspeakable sense of responsibility towards Alyssa.

Alyssa knew these things in her heart.

The two entered the elevator one after the other and found the box Tina said.

This box is very large and is designed differently from other boxes. It is not usually used to entertain foreign guests and is usually reserved for personal use.

As soon as Alyssa entered, she heard Grace yell: “Mom!”

She was taking off her shoes and standing on the sofa. When she saw Alyssa coming in, she danced with joy.

It can be seen that Grace had a great time today.

“Alyssa, here comes!” Tina also greeted Alyssa enthusiastically.

Alyssa walked towards them.

The box is large, with lights on one half and dark on the other half.

“Are the two of you here?” Alyssa subconsciously glanced at the dark place on the other half, a little surprised.

It stands to reason that Tina brought Grace out to play, and she would only go to the kind of children’s place. She didn’t expect that she would bring Grace here.

Peter also let her open such a big box.

“Yeah!” After Tina finished speaking, she caught a glimpse of Smith who was following Alyssa, and said hello with a smile: “Mr. Smith is also here.”

Smith nodded slightly: “Miss Weber.”

Grace opened her hands and looked for Alyssa to hug her, and Alyssa walked over and hugged her.

Grace is getting heavier and heavier, and Alyssa will struggle to hold on for a long time.

Therefore, Grace also consciously did not stay in Alyssa’s arms for too long.

Smith saw that Alyssa’s current expression had almost recovered, and he felt relieved and planned to leave.

At this time, Tina also stood up suddenly: “Alyssa, I’m going to the bathroom, look after Grace by yourself.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded.

When Tina left, Alyssa suddenly remembered that there was a toilet in the box, and Tina didn’t need to go outside to use the toilet.

At this time, Alyssa heard slight footsteps in the box.

She raised her head sharply, and saw a slender, tall and familiar figure walking out of the shadow on the other side of the box.

And Grace had already yelled out first: “Dad!”

Grace looked at Alyssa with a smile, and pointed to Karl happily and said, “Mom, it’s Dad!”

Alyssa glanced at the door and suddenly laughed.

No wonder Tina wants to go out to the bathroom.

Chapter 890

Karl was still the same as Alyssa had seen before, in a neatly tailored suit with grim eyes.

He came over, first touched Grace’s head, and then sat down beside Alyssa.

Grace looked at Karl and Alyssa, then jumped off the sofa, put on her shoes and ran out.

Her series of movements are very neat and fast, as if they had been practiced in the morning.

When Grace went out, a cool voice came from outside: “Alyssa, I will take Grace out for a stroll, you guys talk.”

After she finished speaking, she closed the box door with a “bang”.

Alyssa didn’t expect to see Karl here.

Only she and Karl were left in the room.

Karl was the first to break the silence and asked, “Have you met Rachel?”

Alyssa raised her eyes to look at him, with a faint surprise in her eyes.

How did Karl know that she had met Rachel?

“You don’t have to worry about people who I deal with. Just do what you want. If you need it, I can help you deal with it.” Karl’s tone was light, but he had an extremely natural int!macy.

Alyssa was taken aback: “You came to me suddenly just to talk about her?”

Rachel did have some influence on Alyssa.

Until now, Rachel didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong.

She didn’t even feel how much she had done to Alyssa.

What makes Alyssa feel sad is that she had been so sad because of Rachel, but Rachel felt that she had done nothing wrong.

This made Alyssa feel a little unreasonable.

“No.” Karl denied, looking serious: “The main reason is that I really wanted to see you.”

Unpreparedly hearing Karl’s words, Alyssa was startled for a moment.

Immediately, she laughed lowly: “Really?”

The mood in the tone is difficult to understand.

Karl knew what Alyssa thought.

He grabbed Alyssa’s hand, and Alyssa wanted to break free, so he held it tighter.

He held her hand to his heart, and his voice became a little low: “Go home during this time.”

Alyssa thought he would say something sensational in this action, but she didn’t expect him to say this.

“I have always lived at home.” Alyssa deliberately didn’t understand the meaning of his words.

Karl said that he would go home and live in the villa where Alyssa lived with him.

But later, Alyssa was driven away by him.

Karl called out her name in an unpleasant tone: “Alyssa.”

“You don’t need to be so loud, I can hear it.” Alyssa pulled her hand back, as if she didn’t want to talk more: “I’ll leave if there is nothing else.”

She stood up and walked out.

When she didn’t see Karl, she would worry about him.

However, once she saw him, she couldn’t help being angry.

Angry at what he did before, but also at his lack of news.

Staying longer, she is afraid they will quarrel again.

Karl quickly grabbed her hand with his hands, and with a slight effort on his long arm, he pulled her into h!s arms.

The familiar [email protected] lingered in her nose, and her b0dy stiffened for a moment.

As if afraid that she would run away again, Karl tightened his arms and c!rcled her tightly.

He bowed slightly, buried his head in her shoulders, his voice was very soft, with a gentle gentleness: “Stay a little longer.”

Alyssa’s complexion was weak, and she did not move in h!s arms.

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