Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169

“Grace is neither beautiful nor smart, I fell in love with her at first sight?” Jacob frowned, and scrutinized Luo Mu’s face.

Mother Luo didn’t expect Jacob to have such a subtle insight into Qiuhao, and quickly changed her words: “I don’t know if you were enamored with her, but I know that you marry her is true. I still keep the video of your wedding day?”

It seemed that she had prepared in advance. When she said this, Luo Mu picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, and the picture of Jacob and Grace getting married immediately appeared on the screen.

On the screen, the bridegroom Jacob’s handsome face didn’t have a trace of smile, and he seemed to be enveloped in an iceberg. The bride, Grace, had a smile on her face, full of happiness.

Jacob questioned: “Is this really my favorite bride?”

Grace had a popular face that barely could be called beautiful, and she couldn’t feel stunned by this face.

Jacob could be sure that he was not willing when he married her.

This marriage must be due to reasons other than love.

Luo Mu and others did not know how to respond to Jacob’s questions.

Instead, the boy said, “It’s a good match.”

“Where is it worth?” he asked the young man in confusion.

The corners of the boy’s lips flew slightly, “The temperament matches.”

Jacob then turned his gaze to Grace on the screen again, carefully examining Grace’s temperament, and felt that she was indeed gentle and majestic, with calm eyes.

Grace in the video doesn’t look like a straw bag at all.

Jacob raised his eyebrows and asked Father Luo, “Why do you think Grace is a straw bag?”

Father Luo didn’t understand why his daughter was always stupid before, but after the car accident, she became calm and dignified.

Luo’s father was not good at lying, and turned his eyes on Luo’s mother for help.

Mother Luo lied: “Grace was born to my master and original partner. She grew up in the countryside and was not easy to learn. So the outside world misrepresented her as an inexperienced idiot. But this daughter looks charming on the surface. Han. She is very sophisticated in secret, secretly learned some skills, drawing, and hackers are even more adept at it. It is precisely because of this that you will like her who is versatile and versatile.”

Jacob nodded.

If Grace’s plain appearance is filled with interesting souls, perhaps he will be in love with such a treasure girl for a long time, and it is reasonable to marry her.

At this time, Luo Shiyu pretended to be sad and said: “Brother-in-law, my sister married you for a year and gave birth to three children for you. There was no credit and hard work. But why did my brother-in-law finally transfer all your property to Irene, This is not in line with your style at all, because even if you don’t love my sister, you should share part of your property with your children.”

Jacob also found it incredible, he was definitely not the kind of man who gave up his own flesh and blood for the sake of a woman.

But at this moment, the young man who has been silent for a long time sighed: “The wife is true love, and the child is an accident!”

He cherishes words like gold, giving people the illusion of unclear expression. So much so that Silvia sneered: “You are just a child, and you don’t understand the world of adults.”

The teenager sneered: “You don’t understand.”

Luo Shiyu interrupted and said: “Brother-in-law, are you fascinated by Irene and bewildered by her allure beauty? So you gave her all your wealth and life. And after she got everything, she turned her face and refused to recognize her. Stabbing you in the back, making you lose everything and turning you into a lonely family?”

Jacob’s back trembled.

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