Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1168

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Chapter 1168

Jacob and Silvia both looked at the teenager, and Silvia sneered and said, “Isn’t it just a zircon necklace? If you like it, I’ll give you a bunch later.”

The boy ignored her, and he polished the necklace brightly, as if it were new.

Silvia saw the gleaming chain, and then he was shocked to look at it. The necklace buried in the soil three years ago can still have such a color, which shows that it is of great value.

The boy held the necklace in his palm, and suddenly pulled Jacob’s hand over, put the necklace on his palm, and said, “Keep it for me.”

Jacob was slightly startled.

Silvia looked at the weird boy suspiciously, “Hey, where are you from? What’s your name?”

The boy ignored her, and leaned back in the chair again and closed his eyes to rest.

Jacob looked at the skull necklace in his hand, and the gaze in Yingtong turned from doubt to surprise, because a strange voice was inexplicably loaded in his mind: “Zhen Ling, you can’t die, I don’t allow you to die. You said To be with me for the rest of my life…”

Jacob’s pupils began to spread…

This is clearly his voice.

With stern despair, roar on the verge of collapse.

The scene seemed vivid, as if it happened yesterday.

He closed his eyes and all the auditory hallucinations disappeared.

He was very surprised, Irene was alive and well, why did he have those strange pictures in his mind?

Has Irene died?

The car stopped in front of a dilapidated single-family villa.

Silvia said: “Here.”

Jacob got out of the car in a daze, the young master seemed to look at him with some worry, “Put the necklace away first.” The boy said.

Jacob thought that the necklace was a juvenile thing, and since he entrusted him to keep it, he would keep it for him.

He put the necklace into his pocket, and the boy breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his expression was slightly calm.

Silvia swayed to the door of the villa on high heels and rang the doorbell.

Not long after, Luo Shiyu came out. Seeing Jacob, Luo Shiyu was shocked, “Brother-in-law?”

Inviting Jacob and the others into the room, in the living room, Luo father and mother sat on chairs. Seeing Jacob coming in from a distance, the two looked at each other with ulterior motives.

Mother Luo whispered: “Master, Shi Yu can say, as long as we obediently cooperate with the Bai family, the Bai family can help us make a comeback from the Luo family.”

“I know.” Father Luo said.

As soon as Jacob entered the living room, Father Luo stood up excitedly, pointed at Jacob and reprimanded: “You…you still have a face. I ask you, where did you get my daughter? “

Luo Shiyu said with some helplessness: “Dad, brother-in-law has also amnesia, you ask him to ask for his sister, where will he find his sister. He can’t even find him.”

Jacob said: “Tell me, why I should marry your daughter?”

Father Luo said angrily: “Who knows. You are the high-ranking prince. If you want to marry my daughter, my daughter is naturally happy. How does she know that marrying you will be so short-lived.”

Jacob said suspiciously: “I didn’t know her before I married her?”

Father Luo was speechless, Mother Luo glared at him and pulled him back to sit in the chair. He stood up and said: “Young Master Zhan, when my daughter married you, she happily told me that you fell in love with her at first sight, and decided to marry her after seeing her. I didn’t believe my daughter had this. Charm, after all, Grace in my family is stupid, and she is not pretty. I don’t know where the prince is your fancy.”

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