Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1167

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Chapter 1167

Jacob was flabbergasted, looking at the young man fixedly.

Juvenile said: “The story is touching.”

Jacob’s eyelashes drooped, it turned out that this young man was just moved.

Because of the long lapse of time, the vehicle that crashed three years ago had no bones left.

Jacob unwillingly searched the place designated by Qiulian, hoping for some unexpected gains.

Silvia and Qiulian both helped him find them. The young man sighed weakly and joined the search team.

There are barren mountains and ridges everywhere, except for a mountain road that crosses the barren mountains, there are weeds, thorns and trees everywhere. It was easier said than done that they scooped up a tall grass and searched for the remains of the story three years ago.

But after all, hard work pays off.

The boy actually found a necklace and a skull necklace in the grass.

The young man raised the necklace, and Silvia sneered, “The necklace looks like a market stall. People with the status of Shao Zhan will definitely not wear such naive and cheap things.”

The boy held the necklace tightly in his palm, “I like it.”

Jacob was flabbergasted. He really couldn’t figure out what the skull necklace could have to do with him, so he voluntarily gave up, “If you like it, take it.”

Unexpectedly, the young man got a skull necklace and was possessed by words, “My father told me that when my mom was in a car accident, he went to the warlock and opened a skull necklace. The warlock Said, with this gloomy thing, it will restrain your yang energy, and your deceased wife will come back to you.”

Jacob couldn’t merge this story with the fragmented fragments he had learned, he just treated it as a story. Indifferent.

Silvia was very shocked, staring at the young man.

Because of this story, it seems very related to the story of Jacob Irene.

“You…you…nonsense. How can anyone come back to life after death?” Silvia said.

The young man said: “Yes, no one will come back to life after death. If you can believe in the nonsense of the warlock, it is obvious that my daddy loves my mommy so badly.”

Jacob looked at the young man with envy and said: “It is the luck of your dad and mommy to have this love in life.”

The boy nodded.

Jacob didn’t find anything that could awaken his memory at the place of the accident, and he felt extremely disappointed.

Silvia comforted him, “Young Master Zhan, maybe you can go to Luo’s house to find the answer you want.”

Silvia bought Luo Shiyu, and she led Jacob to the Luo family to facilitate her better control of Jacob.

Jacob also knew that Silvia was close to him and was uneasy and kind, but he was really puzzled. Why would he marry a straw bag girl Grace as his wife instead of Irene, whom he liked?

Jacob also wanted to know the answer to this question, so he nodded.

Silvia asked the driver to drive them to Luo’s house in the Imperial city.

After Qiulian and Huzi arrived in the imperial capital, Jacob asked her to leave because there was nowhere to help.

Silvia looked at the young man who had no intention of leaving, and vaguely issued an order to chase away guests: “Where are you going?”

The young man looked at Jacob: “Homeless, can you take me in?”

Jacob nodded.

Silvia was helpless and could only sit in the car boringly.

On the way from the car to Luo’s house, the boy took out the skull necklace and carefully wiped the dirt on it with a paper towel. It looked like a precious necklace.

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