Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 946

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Chapter 946


Zhang Tianyi’s words also made the Baishan family a little confused. They didn’t know how the genius doctor Zhang was the same as Shaun, with such a big tone and so much confidence in Shaun.

This is simply incredible!

However, even with all the doubts of the family, they can only stand up and follow Zhang Tianyi and his disciple to the backyard.

Just in a short moment!

Everyone the entire courtyard was clean.

Only Bai Chen with his two bodyguards, Bai Wen and Bai Wu remained behind with Shaun.

Looking at Shaun, Bai Chen smiled ferociously:

“Lin, next, it’s your end!”

Looking at the confident Bai Chen, the corners of Shaun’s mouth showed a playful arc:

“What do you want?”

Bai Chen laughed ferociously. He stared at Shaun and said:

“It’s easy!”

“First thing is your New Bai Group, and second is, you have to make Dr. Zhang and Dr. Lin accept my invitation to treat our mistress and work for my Bai family!”

“As for the third, if you did not obey any order, I will not spare you and your family!”

“How is it?”

After saying this, Bai Chen suddenly laughed with Bai Wen and Bai Wu.

Bai Wen and Bai Wu looked at Shaun revealing a deep resentment and madness:

“Hey Lin, did you hear that? How kind our young master is, otherwise, if you not obeyed his orders then you will destroy your family!”

“Yes! If you want to save a dog’s life, you should thank our Master Bai Chen for his compassion! Otherwise, you will die!”

The words of Bai Wen and Bai Wu were cruel and vicious.

Just hearing this!

Shaun’s eyes got narrowed, and a hint of cold light suddenly splashed in his eyes:

“What if I disagree!”



Hearing these words of Shaun, Bai Chen and the other two seemed to have expected it, the grinning smiles on their faces did not conceal:

“Hey… it doesn’t matter if you disagree! After a while, when we kill one or two people, you will definitely agree!”

“As we know it well, Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, Master Dao, Master Tiger are your most loyal people.”

Bai Chen’s eyes fixed on Shaun.

He wanted to know how Shaun would react when he said the names of these four people.

Bai Chen saw that after uttering the names of these four people, Shaun’s expression instantly changed.

Became so gloomy!

“What will you do to them?” Shaun was full of anger.

And seeing this scene!

Bai Chen laughed again.

The more angry Shaun is, the happier he will be:

“Hehe… Don’t worry, our people will greet your subordinates!”

As these words fell.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Immediately, they heard the humming sound of engines.

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