Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 945

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Chapter 945

Bai Chen glanced at the crowd at this moment, then stood up and said loudly:

“Attention everyone!”


Hearing that Bai Chen’s words, all the Jiangshi celebrities in the courtyard put down their wine glasses one after another, and looked at Bai Chen and the others on the stage.

Especially, when they saw the uncontrollable joy on the faces of Bai Chen, Mr. Bai, and all the Bai family members, all the guests got slightly amazed.

Everyone found out at this moment.

Bai Chen looked at Shaun’s table involuntarily, and the sneer at the corners of his mouth became stronger:

“Next, I have something to discuss with Shaun of the New Bai Group!”

“These things may be a bit bloody and not suitable for everyone to watch. Now, please move around and wait in the backyard!”

“After Shaun and I have dealt with some things, I will announce the most important news to everyone!”


Hearing the words of Bai Chen.

The gazes of all the guests in the courtyard swept towards Shaun in the corner.

They are not stupid.

Bai Chen’s words were murderous and dangerous towards Shaun.

And now, he wants to say something to Shaun alone, so he must have grasped Shaun’s key point.

Suddenly, the whole courtyard was noisy.

All the guests were talking frantically about how Bai Chen would deal with Shaun and The New Bai Group.

The Baishan’s family, their faces were as pale as paper in fright.

“Shaun, don’t agree to discuss with him, he will definitely be against you!”

“Yeah, Shaun, this Bai Chen must be uneasy! We should leave now!”


The Baishan family was anxious at this moment like ants on a hot pot.

They have vaguely felt that something terrible is about to happen.

Just hearing this!

Shaun patted Elvira’s jade hand, and then said to Baishan and Paula:

“Parents, don’t worry! He can’t hurt me!”

“On the contrary, I will surprise you!”


Hearing Shaun’s words, whether it was Elvira, Paula, or Baishan, they were all confused.

They didn’t expect that Shaun would dare to brag at this time.

“Well, everyone, please come with me!”

Mr. Bai took the lead to an exit, greeted the guests in the courtyard, and then walked towards the backyard with many Bai family members.

Seeing this scene!

Even if many guests are extremely curious, there is no way to stay here.


One by one got up, and then followed the Bai family to the backyard.

Only Baishan’s family remained.

They were hesitant to leave for fear that Shaun would be in danger.

“Doctor Zhang, please take my wife and my parents to the backyard!”

Shaun smiled slightly and said to Zhang Tianyi.

Hearing this!

Master Zhang Tianyi immediately stood up and said respectfully to the Baishan’s family:

“Please come with me! Don’t worry, there are few people in this world who can hurt Mr. Lin!”

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