Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1166

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Chapter 1166

At this time Huzi suddenly started to cry, “Mom, I want to get off the car. I want to get off the car.”

Qiulian has always been impatient with the child. In this situation, she will only slap the child on the back of the forehead, “Why cry? Don’t cry?”

Huzi rolled down from her and came to Jacob’s side. “Father!”

Qiulian turned pale with fright. Jacob is not the gentle and considerate A Yue before. He already knows that Huzi is not his child, how could he have a face to Huzi.

Sure enough, Jacob sternly said: “Go to your mommy.”

Huzi was scared by his cold voice and cried even harder.

The inside of the car was rushed by the cries of the tiger, making everyone feel irritable.

The young man suddenly pulled the tiger in front of him, “Come here, brother play with you.”

The boy took out a pocket watch from his arms and shook it in front of the tiger. Before long, Huzi fell asleep by the boy’s hypnotism.

Qiulian took the tiger back, and the car returned to calm.

The young man showed this hand, but Silvia was shocked.

Silvia asked vigilantly: “Who are you anyway?”

The young man leaned his head on the back of the chair and closed his eyes to calm himself.

Don’t give Silvia any face at all.

The more cruel he was, the more disturbed Silvia was. Because of the cruelty of the teenager, she reminded her of someone alone-Jason.

If Jason came back at this time, it would be very detrimental to the shareholders meeting the day after tomorrow.

However-Silvia quickly overturned her own speculation.

Jason went to the Junior Legend University. She heard that the graduation system of that school was very abnormal, requiring every graduate to be the first in subject and surpassing teachers.

Fortunately, Silvia felt that he was only eight years old when the war died, and he suffered from autism and could not communicate well with teachers and students. How could he graduate in three years.

They all believe that Jason will be locked up by the legendary university in the year that it will be a natural graduate.

Silvia’s heart fell.

The BMW car drove into a dense forest, and the mountain road became steep. Qiulian pointed to the front and said, “That’s it.”

Jacob said: “Stop.”

The BMW stopped on the road.

Jacob pushed the car door and jumped out of the car impatiently.

Qiulian and Silvia got out of the car one after another, and the young man who closed his eyes and got out of the car followed.

Qiulian explained to Jacob about the adventure three years ago, “That day, I drove a truck home from the city. At this place, I saw a car flipping sideways. A voice of help came from inside. I hurry. When I jumped out of the car, I saw you and Jincao lying in the car. Jincao’s body bowed like this, holding your head tightly in his arms.”

Qiulian gestured. Every time she thinks of this scene of that day, Qiulian feels extremely shocked and moved.

“Jing Cao obviously lost consciousness, but he kept calling for help. When he saw me, the first thing he said was to save my young master. After saying this, Jin Cao passed out completely. “

Qiulian said with emotion: “Young Master Zhan, that strong grass is really good for you!”

Jacob nodded, tears flickering in his eyes.

Turning around, he saw crystal clear tears hanging on the boy’s cheeks.

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