Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 944

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Chapter 944

In the Bai’s house at night, the lights are on, and the entire courtyard is brightly lit.

The atmosphere of the party was still going on in an extremely embarrassing state.

The dishes have been served on the table.

But the Jiangshi celebrities at every table are not concentrating on food.

They are looking at the most corner position.

Over there!

Shaun’s family were happily eating the food, while the genius doctor Zhang next to them kept toasting with the family.

Even Ye Tian kept pouring wine to everyone, just like a waiter.

In the eyes of Physician Zhang Shen, the most important task is to entertain Shaun’s family well.

This scene made the rest of the Jiangshi celebrities in the courtyard jealous and envious.

After all!

Almost all of them did not even have the qualifications to talk to the genius Doctor Zhang, and in their eyes, the genius doctor who was so high in front of Shaun’s family was so low, how could it not be complicated in their hearts.

Even Bai Chen and others on the stage are looking hard to see the extreme.

“Master Bai Chen, is there any news over there?” Mr. Bai asked at this moment.

The Bai family thinks that the white angels will succeed.

Only in this way the situation can be reversed, completely suppress Shaun’s arrogance, and force this bastard to obey.

Just hearing this.

Bai Chen glanced at his phone, and shook his head ugly:

“Not yet!”

Although he was saying this, for some reason, a bad premonition appeared in Bai Chen’s heart.

As if something has happened!

“No! It is absolutely impossible! Bai San is one of the most elite forces in our Bai family!”

“Furthermore, the twelve masters must have made their moves. As long as the Grandmaster Lin is not offended, there is no way anyone can beat them in Jiang City!”

Bai Chen shook his head and completely threw the trace of ominous feeling out of his mind.

And at this moment!


A mobile phone reminder sounded, and Bai Chen, Mr. Bai, and the others immediately refreshed.

Bai Chen quickly turned on the phone, but it was a text message.

It is from Bai San!

The words are: The mission will be successful in five minutes!


After reading this message, Bai Chen’s heart got extremely ecstatic, and he excitedly said to the others:

“Mr. Bai, it’s going to be successful. Bai San and the others have completely subdued the four of Tianlong Xu, and they will arrive in five minutes!”

As soon as this remark came out, Mr. Bai and the others were instantly ecstatic.

“Great! Tianlong Xu and others have been caught, but Shaun is still arrogant!”

“Huh! This time, not only he will surrender The New Bai Group, but also he will help to make doctor Zhang and Lin accept the invitation!”

“That’s right! Hehe, as long as The New Bai Group is ours, then whether Shaun dies or not it is no longer important!”


At this moment, the surrounding people including Haibai, Erye Shirakawa, and others, one by one, felt that every cell in their body was cheering.

After all, they were slapped in the face by Shaun many times, and now it is their best chance for revenge.

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