Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 948

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Chapter 948

“Bai San!!!”

“No, it’s impossible…”

When Bai Chen recognized the head of Bai San, he only felt that his whole body was completely drained of strength.

With a puff, he fell to the ground.

He has peed in his pants due to the horror.

More than him!

Bai Wen and Bai Wu who is a quasi-grand master were shocked to see the twelve heads of the masters at the moment.

The two shook their bodies, almost fainting in fright.

“Dead? All dead, how is this possible!”

“Who did it? Who on earth dared to kill the white angels of our Bai family! Who is that?”



At the moment, their faces were turned pale.

But this does not stop.


When they were almost frightened to death, the courtyard gate of the Bai family finally pushed open.

Then, four figures walked in slowly.

After seeing these four people.


Another burst of horror spread all over the bodies of Bai Chen and his bodyguards.

Their eyes turned round while looking at the figures that came in as if they had seen a devil.

“Bloody Buddha!”

“Blood wolf!”

“Leng Aotian!”

“Helen Mountain!”

All grandmasters!

They are four great masters.

Bai Chen and his bodyguards couldn’t even dream that the twelve grandmaster members of their white angles were brutally killed by the four grandmasters.

“What you had done? Why you had done this? Do you want to fight against the white angels of the Bai family?”

Bai Chen screamed in horror at the bloody Buddha.

In his voice, there is boundless fear and panic.

But what makes him unbelievable.

The Bloody Buddhas didn’t seem to hear his words at all.

Da da da!

They all walked towards Shaun and then they all bowed together.

“Bloody Buddha, sees the king!”

“Blood Wolf sees the king!”

“Leng Aotian sees Mr. Lin!”

Their voices resounded in the courtyard.

It felt like explosions of thunder to Bai Chen and his bodyguards.


“How could Shaun be the king of the Bloody Buddha and the Blood Wolf? This is impossible?”

Bai Chen muttered in his mouth as if he had seen the most incredible thing in the world.

However, when he thought of the words of Mr. Bai before, his cold sweat, as if he had opened a faucet, flowed down.

‘The King of the Bloody Buddha is Great Master Lin, maybe he is the King of the Blood Prison! ‘


The words of Mr. Bai resounded once again in Bai Chen’s mind.

He got completely dumbfounded.

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