Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 941

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Chapter 941




When this sound fell in the ears of Bai San and the others, it changed their complexions.

Do not know why.

After hearing the sound of footsteps, they felt that the hairs on their bodies have stood up.

This is more than that.

Although the footsteps were gentle, each step fell on their hearts causing their hearts to pound wildly.

This is a dangerous sign!

“Everyone, be careful, this person is a master!”

Bai San’s complexion was completely changed.

In his eyes, there was deep disbelief. He didn’t even think about it. How could a small place like Jiangshi has an existence of a master who made him feel dangerous?

This is incredible.

Under their nervous gaze, the figure at the end of the corridor was getting closer.

The dangerous breath became stronger and stronger.

Until that figure appeared in front of Bai San and the others when they saw his face clearly!


Bai San and the others got dumbfounded, they could hardly believe their eyes.

This is an ugly face.

He was tall and his face was terrifying.

What is especially terrifying is that they have seen this face before and will never forget it for a lifetime.

Because he is Bloody Buddha!

“How… how is it possible?”

“Bloody Buddha? How could it be you? How could you appear here?”

At this moment, Bai San seemed to have discovered some terrifying secrets, that kind of creepy feeling, almost burst his scalp.

How come here?

Hearing these words, there was a penetrating smile on the ugly face of Bloody Buddha:

“I’m here because of my king’s order!”


My king?

It’s my king again!

Bai San’s heart was beating violently, he couldn’t imagine how terrible it is to be able to be a super ruthless person like Bloody Buddha’s king.

“You…who is the king you are talking about?”

“Behind you, is there a manipulator?”

At this moment, Bai San and others felt cold.

They looked at the Bloody Buddha as their a death god which made them shiver.

After hearing this.

The faces of Bloody Buddha and Blood Rose showed a deep reverence.

“My king is the most powerful existence in this world!” Bloody Buddha.

“My king, if he waved his hand once your boss’s family will turn into ashes!” Blood Rose.


When they heard the words of Bloody Buddha and Blood Rose that were so respectful to their bones, Bai San and the others trembled with fear.

The most powerful existence in the world?

With a single waving of a hand, the Bai family will be completely destroyed?

How can this be?

Bai San and others could not imagine.

Especially, when the last words of the Bloody Buddha fell, it hit them like a thunderstorm.

“He is the King of Blood Prison!”

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