Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 942

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Chapter 942


Hearing this, Bai San almost fell to the ground in shock.

King of Blood Prison!

This is the name he had heard yesterday, but he remembered it clearly. Last night, Grandpa Bai once said that Grandmaster Lin in Jiang City is very likely to be the King of the Blood Prison!

“No… not possible!”

Bai San suddenly thought of something, and then shouted at the Bloody Buddha in disbelief:

“Bloody Buddha, there must be a misunderstanding. We have not provoked the King of Blood Prison, nor Grandmaster Lin. Why did he deal with us, why should he deal with the Bai family? This is impossible!”

Bai San wanted to break his head, but couldn’t figure out the matter at all.

Since they knew that the King of Blood Prison had appeared in Jiangshi, they had repeatedly planned to not provoke that terrifying dragon.

And now…


The Bloody Buddha smiled.

He looked at Bai San and his friends as if looking at a group of idiots:

“Did not provoke my king?”

“You want to take away my king’s New Bai Group, and you want to kill my king. Do you still think that you have not provoked my king?”


Hearing this, Bai San seemed to be struck by lightning.

A name suddenly appeared in his mind!

That is – Shaun!

“You mean, Shaun is the King of the Blood Prison?”

Bai San’s voice was trembling, but he knew that Shaun was just a hairy boy in his early twenties, so young, how could he be the King of Blood Prison?

This is simply incredible.

Seeing the horrified look of Bai San and others.

The smile on the corner of Bloody Buddha’s mouth grew thicker:

“Also, let me tell you another thing!”

“My King is not only the King of the Blood Prison, but he is also the Chinese Forest Seat, the new master of the world!”

Nest… Nest grass!

Upon hearing this, Bai San and others got completely stunned.

King of Blood Prison!

Master of the World!

China Forest Block!

These three terrifying identities turned out to be the same person. What is especially unbelievable is that this person has been hiding in a small third-tier city.

“Our Bai family is over!!!”

Deep despair appeared on Bai San’s face.

Especially at this moment!


Bloody Buddha’s palm slammed at the three of them.

Scarlet blood splashed out from the necks of Bai San and his friends in an instant, and their heads slowly slid down from their necks and fell to the ground.

Killed in one second!

At the same time!

In Tianlong Group.

At night, the Tianlong Group was dark, and most of the office lights were off.

There is only one room on the top floor lit up.

This is Tianlong Xu’s office.

Tianlong Xu was on his chair doing some office work.


The lights in the office flickered slightly, and the door of the backroom was kicked open by someone from outside!


A piece of sawdust collapsed.

It’s just that Tianlong Xu didn’t seem to be surprised by all this. As if he hadn’t heard it, he still remained focused on his work.

“Tianlong Xu!!!”

The three white angels rushed in.

They looked at Tianlong Xu who was immersed in his work, and the corners of the three people’s mouths showed deep disdain and coldness:

“Okay! You have to come with us!”

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