Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1165

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Chapter 1165

After Qiu Lian left Jacob, she moved into the large flat-floor luxury apartment that Irene gave her – Chengnan Memorabilia.

When Jacob suddenly visited, Qiulian was shocked when she saw Jacob.

“Ayue…” As soon as she called out, she remembered that he had restored his identity, and then respectfully changed his words: “Zhan Shao, why are you here?”

Jacob was expressionless, but there was a natural deterrent in his exit: “Qiulian, take me to the place where my accident happened.”

Qiulian was shocked, then nodded: “Okay.”

Qiulian held Huzi and went downstairs with Jacob.

After half an hour, Jacob and Qiulian appeared in Tourmaline Manor.

The once magnificent tourmaline manor turned to ashes in doom. The newly built tourmaline manor is as slow as a turtle. For three full years, only the rudiment of tourmaline can be seen.

Jacob looked at Qiulian suspiciously, “Did you find me injured here?”

Qiulian shook her head, “I passed the tourmaline manor of the warrior family that day. I remember that my truck drove south along the road outside the tourmaline manor. It took about an hour and a half to find you and the strong grass in a wood. “

Jacob said to the driver: “Keep going south.”

The driver stepped on the gas pedal and failed to start several times. The driver embarrassedly confronted Jacob and said: “Sorry, the car is out of gas.”

Jacob and Qiulian had to get out of the car.

Thinking gloomily where to find a car, a luxurious seven-seater BMW stopped in front of him.

The window slid down, and Silvia smiled at Jacob. “Young Master Zhan, where are you going? May I see you off?”

Although Jacob didn’t like Silvia, he couldn’t wait to find out the cause of his accident. Then he got into the car without saying a word.

When the car door was about to close, a slender white hand suddenly blocked the car door, and then, a young man in white sat in.

He was wearing a peaked cap, the brim of the hat was so low that he could not see his face. And he also wears sunglasses.

There was a faint vanilla smell from him.

It looked like he was a prince who came out of the comics, filled with an aura of nobility and pride.

He sat quietly next to Jacob, without saying anything.

Silvia suspiciously asked, “Who is this?”

Jacob felt that this young man felt clean and fresh, and he did not reject him sitting next to him and said, “Let’s go.”

Silvia told the driver, “Let’s go.”

The car drove slowly, and everyone looked at the tourmaline manor outside the window.

Silvia kept in mind that her purpose of approaching Jacob was to divorce his relationship with Irene and prevent him from attending the shareholders meeting the day after tomorrow.

Then she tried her best to say: “This tourmaline manor was originally the most magnificent villa manor in the imperial capital. It is a pity that the tourmaline manor was destroyed by a terrorist group three years ago. I heard that President Yan also knew that gang’s. Boss.”

After a pause, there was a wicked sneer at the corner of her mouth, “President Yan now builds a tourmaline manor, and he doesn’t know if he wants to cover up.”

Jacob’s eyes were slightly deep.

The scandal between Irene and Yu Chengqian spread to a lot of rumors. He didn’t know the love and hatred of the three of them. But for a man like him who is unwavering in love, he hates people with scandals.

The teenager next to him suddenly said something like a golden word, “I miss it.”

His voice was so small that he couldn’t even hear his timbre clearly. He just felt that this young man’s voice was just in the youthful voice change period. The childish voice faded and his voice became three-dimensional and full of masculine charm.

Silvia was very displeased, but she sat in front of the boy and didn’t dare to turn back to warn him.

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