Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1164

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Chapter 1164

Father Yan coldly snorted and turned and left.

Cui Anru pulled up the suitcase and decisively left.

The imperial capital Baishi.

When Cui Anru came to the Bai family courtyard and saw the style of the Bai family courtyard, he thought that Silvia was the blood of the Bai family, and as her adoptive mother seemed to be exposed, he suddenly felt refreshed.

Bai’s servants took her to Silvia, who looked at Cui Anru with contempt and contempt.

“What are you looking for me for?” Silvia asked knowingly.

An awkward smile squeezed out of Cui Anru’s charming face, but it was fleeting. Cui Anru flattered: “Silvia, mom is here today to tell you good news.”

Silvia looked at her suspiciously, “Go ahead.”

“That Irene is very sick.” Cui Anru said. “I can’t even take care of myself anymore. She curls up on the bed every day and doesn’t speak except crying. In my opinion, she is completely paralyzed and her senses are obstructed.”

Silvia was overjoyed upon hearing this, “Really?”

Cui Anru said: “What did I lie to you for? I tried her, and I chatted with her, but I didn’t hear her, nor did I see any reaction from her. She was blind and blind and paralyzed.”

Silvia was overjoyed, “Haha, Irene, I didn’t expect you to have today. It’s a pity, so you won’t see the disintegration of Huaya in three days.”

Silvia hated Irene. That is to hate with all her strength. Now, Irene fell completely, her hatred seemed to disappear.

The hatred for Cui Anru was inexplicably diminished.

“Mom, although you are my foster mother, it is not very good to me. But after all, you have raised me so that I can achieve what I am today. Since you have come to join me, how can I not accept you?”

Silvia didn’t necessarily really want to accept Yan’s mother, but she felt that she had to be the incumbent of the Bai clan, and she had to be generous in her attitude so as not to be laughed at.

Cui Anru was very happy, “Silvia, don’t worry, my mother will help you wholeheartedly in the future. I will never let Irene resurrect.”

Silvia nodded: “Okay.”

There are still two days left before the Media Asia shareholders meeting.

For the Bai family, they couldn’t wait to look forward to this day.

But as far as Guan Xiao is concerned, he hopes that this day will never come.

The general meeting of shareholders seems to have been settled.

But everyone knows that in this undivided chessboard, there is still a piece that can reverse the outcome of this shareholders meeting, that is, Jacob.

If Jacob had a miracle and restored his memory in two days, then Bai’s plan would be a futile after all.

So next…

Guan Xiao pinned his only hope on Jacob, no matter what, he wanted to find Jacob, tell him all the truth, and let him take on the heavy responsibility of Media Asia.

To this end, Guan Xiao sent all the ghost members to look for Jacob throughout the city.

The Bai family is also looking for Jacob. They must do everything possible to prevent Jacob from appearing at the shareholders meeting.

To this end, Bai Shuwu resorted to beautification and said to Silvia: “Silvia, find a way to get close to Jacob and prevent him from attending the shareholders meeting.

Silvia readily took the order, “Okay, Dad.”

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