Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1163

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Chapter 1163

“I will return the book to her intact…”

Before he finished speaking, Teacher Qiao refused and said: “The leaked book is not a secret book for the Qiao family. Take it, Qiao Wan’s hundred whips are not in vain.”

Jason felt quite guilty, so he said: “I am sorry for her.”

Teacher Qiao said: “She asked me to tell you that she will not be by your side in the future, you must take good care of yourself.”

Jason silently nodded.


After Jason received his graduation certificate from Legendary University, he rushed to the legendary airport.

The students had already listed the road beside the airport entrance. With the students’ farewell, Jason was excited to board the legend and the only means of transportation for the outside world.

“Big brother, goodbye.” Chu Yunhe and his classmates waved goodbye to him.

Jason stood at the airplane window, looking back at the legend.

He had always regarded the legend as his short-term safe haven. At this moment, he was inexplicably nostalgic.

Maybe it should be the sentence “Who can be ruthless if a person is not a plant?”

Jason stayed in the legend for more than three years. The calm heart at the beginning, when faced with the enthusiasm of the classmates, suddenly felt that this place was so kind and lovely.

More importantly, there is Qiao Wan here.

The one who screamed in his ears all day, expelling him many lonely girls.

When the plane rushed into the sky. Jason silently said:

“Mommy, I’m back.”

Imperial capital.

Irene’s condition seems to be getting worse.

Every day, she curled up on the corner of the bed and cried secretly.

Thinking of Jacob’s misunderstanding of her, she felt very heartbroken.

Coupled with her body’s decay, she has no hope for the future.

She gave up on herself.

Let the bad mood wrap yourself.

Both Yan Mu and Irene love her very much. When she is helpless, they will only take care of her carefully.

However, Cui Anru is a grassroots. Before seeing Irene as the president of Media Asia, he was very flattering to Irene.

Now that she saw that Irene was so seriously ill, thinking that she had such a serious illness, she concluded that she could not turn over. She said some flattering words every day, “This man, it really is 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi. This Irene has only been the president of Media Asia for only three years, and she has this incurable disease. I will see her later. Don’t even think about standing up. But my family, Silvia, got ahead and became the heir of the Bai family. As long as Media Asia collapses, my family’s Silvia will be the chief president of the Imperial Capital. OMG, it seems that I bet the wrong treasure.”

Mother Yan usually doesn’t care about her, but this time, Mother Yan went mad and threw all Cui Anru’s things out of the door, and said angrily: “Cui Anru, our Wutong compound can’t accommodate you as a great god. You go. “

Cui Anru packed up his things and smiled slyly, “Master, this is the eldest sister who let me go. Since you can’t tolerate me, then I will go to my family Silvia.”

Father Yan waved to her impatiently and said: “Every time our Yan family is down, you will say all kinds of cool things. Over the years, I have seen you thoroughly, you are a snobbery who tends to be inflamed. Ling Bao My mother is right, we will live the ordinary life of a small family in the future. If you can’t live such a hard-working and poor life, let’s go!”

Cui Anru pretended to say: “I have heard that Media Asia was forced by Bai and Tian. Now that Irene is paralyzed, Media Asia is about to disintegrate. At that time, my daughter-in-law Tian Maize will be able to take over Yancheng Tian again. Shi. My daughter Silvia is the person in charge of the Bai family. I can’t follow you to endure hardships.”

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