Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1162

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Chapter 1162

“It’s lost.”

“Should we leave, it will be embarrassing for Big Brother to lose later. Give him some face, shall we go?”

But at this moment, Teacher Qiao suddenly kicked Jason under the ring. If it weren’t for the rope, Jason’s body should have fallen to the ground.

Landing is losing.

The classmates looked awkwardly at the Jason who fell in front of them, and comforted: “Big brother, it is not ashamed to lose. If you lose, you are still our big brother.”

“Yes, we call you big brother, you will be our big brother in this life.”

Jason’s handsome face showed a sneer that was determined to win, and said, “Who said I lost?”

Then he pulled the rope hard, and at that moment, a miracle appeared.

All the ropes in the ring suddenly moved quickly, like a butterfly effect, almost at the blink of an eye, Teacher Qiao was tied up by those ropes into zongzi and hung high.

Jason was also brought back to the ring by the moving rope.

The people in the audience were shocked.

After a long time, thunderous applause broke out.

“Big Brother, I won!”

“My eldest brother originally arranged a dead end for Teacher Qiao. Mr. Qiao, a man who has experienced many battles, never dreamed that his eldest brother would use the fishing rope on the spot to invite him into the urn…Big Brother is really amazing.

Teacher Qiao was tied up blushing and speechless, “Let me down.”

Jason put him down.

Teacher Qiao gazed at Jason suddenly, “Medium skills, but very good brains. You won. Go through the graduation procedures!”

Jason said: “Yeah.”

Teacher Qiao watched the back of Jason’s departure, her eyes darkened, “In just a few days, we have studied our Qiao family’s martial arts secrets so thoroughly, and with time, you must be a generation of martial arts master.”

Teacher Qiao lost the ring, causing a sensation in the school.

Even the dean deliberately approached Teacher Qiao to ask about the situation, “You lost to Jason, is it true or false?”

In fact, every time a school student beats Teacher Qiao, the dean will issue such a soul torture.

Teacher Qiao said: “In terms of moves, the battle cost me a thousand miles. But I really lost to him.”

The dean wondered, “Then how could you lose to him?”

Teacher Qiao said: “His brain is the most unfathomable person I have ever seen.”

The dean asked in a cheerful manner. “You have been teaching at Legend University for so long, and I remember that there are only two people who can use their true talents to beat you and get the qualification for graduation. One is an evildoer and the other is a war suicide. I only hope that they will be a legend. The king does not see the king.”

Teacher Qiao doesn’t care about what happens after the students leave the legendary university, but he cares about the life events of his daughter.

When Jason came to the dean’s office to go through the graduation formalities, Teacher Qiao deliberately stayed here to wait for him.

Personally handed Jason a plane ticket and said: “Qiao Wan entrusted me to give it to you.”

Jason was stunned, took the plane ticket and looked at Teacher Qiao. Somewhat embarrassingly asked, “Where is she?”

He was playing in the ring today and never saw Qiao Wan. Jason felt strange. After all, she would never miss any of his group activities.

Teacher Qiao said: “he lost the Qiao family’s ancestral secret book and accepted the family law. He can’t get up.”

Jason was shocked.

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