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Chapter 1559

The news of Cathy’s death quickly reached the top of the trending search list on various platforms in just over ten minutes.

The amount of discussion exploded.

Various entertainment sections compete to report.

Some time ago, the heroine of dirty videos came out, but news of her death came out in such a short time.

After the initial shock of public opinion, the direction of the wind changed.

Many people began to focus on the cause of death.

The first report that came out was that the cause of death was unknown. Not long after that, another report came out, saying that homicide had not been ruled out.

People believe this statement, Tina does not know, but she does not believe it.

She ate the eggs Alyssa had given her while scanning Twitter.

“I feel that if anyone is killed now, it is said that homicide is not ruled out. How can Cathy commit suicide?” Cathy is not a person who can commit suicide.

Tina didn’t know why she had such intuition, but she thought so.

Peter was packing the tableware, and Karl was not interested in discussing this matter.

Alyssa was also scrolling Twitter, and said without raising her head: “It might be an accident.”

“Yes, it’s possible.” Tina nodded in agreement.

“The police has issued a notice.” Alyssa straightened up, glanced at the phone for a while, and said: “The police notice also says that homicide is ruled out.”

Alyssa sighed: “Now there are some people who do the news. The news is so well-informed. The police knew that they were excluding homicide before they issued a notice.”

“Where, I didn’t see it.” Tina craned her neck to look at Alyssa’s phone.

Alyssa handed the phone to Tina and let her see it by herself.

Tina looked at the contents of the announcement seriously, but did not find that Alyssa was observing her.

Seeing that there was nothing unusual on Tina’s face, Alyssa couldn’t help but turned her head and glanced at Karl. Karl felt Alyssa’s gaze and squeezed her hand under the table.

“Except for the exclusion of homicide, it didn’t say exactly how she died.” Tina read the notice and said thoughtfully, “But I feel that things are not that simple.”

Alyssa got up and poured Tina a glass of water: “The police will find out about this kind of thing, so don’t think about it too much.”

Tina nodded.

But in her heart, she was still a little concerned about this.

Is she also sick?

What did Cathy do before, she still cares about Cathy’s death?

It’s weird!

Tina touched her head, it might be really broken.

She glanced at the kitchen door and whispered: “Why Peter hasn’t come out yet, two plates and two cups, is it taking so long to clean up?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Peter walked out of the kitchen again.

When he saw Tina looking towards the kitchen, he smiled: “Called Rubin and let him deal with some things.”

Cathy is dead, her death has nothing to do with them.

However, those media that earn traffic for eyeballs can naturally write black as white, and can also write relationships even if it doesn’t matter.

Peter called Rubin and asked him to take precautions in advance.

Tina had just been discharged from the hospital and was recuperating at home. He didn’t want her to be upset because of the messy news.

Peter walked to Tina and sat down.

Tina flipped through Twitter and muttered: “When will the cause of Cathy’s death be found out?”

Peter and Karl looked at each other.

Karl paused slightly and said, “The cause of death should have been found out, but the police will not announce such things.”

Chapter 1560

Tina was taken aback when she heard Karl’s voice.

She raised her head to confirm that it was Karl who had just spoken, then turned her head and glanced at Peter, before replying to Karl: “Oh.”

She felt that Karl had suddenly become approachable.

Cathy’s case was highly discussed and attracted strong attention.

Until Tina and the others had lunch, Cathy’s topic still did not fall off the list, and it was still on the trending search list.

And Cathy’s former fans also began to mourn her online.

Some people laughed at Cathy as the heroine of dirty videos.

There are even malicious speculations that they were “played” to death. This speculation is also based on the dirty videos.

There are also people who specialize in troubles, who have listed all those who have had a feast with Cathy, and openly opened gambling on the Internet to bet on who is the murderer, but it was quickly harmonized.

Cathy was also a contracted artist of AdamPic, and she had a relationship with Peter, and some people pulled him in.

Tina was obsessed with following the gossip, and when she saw Peter being pulled in, she also felt like “I knew this.”

However, what surprised her was that she hadn’t seen her being pulled in after scrolling Twitter for so long, and no one even mentioned her. This is too weird.

When did she become a nonstick pan?

Nothing can stick to her?

Peter found a bunch of fruits in the refrigerator and put them on the coffee table after washing.

Tina’s eyes followed him.

Peter just took an apple and was going to peel it, and when he looked up, he saw Tina looking at him faintly.

Peter laughed: “What’s this expression?”

Tina just shook her head.

“Stop playing with mobile phones, it’s bad for your eyes to always play with the phones…” Peter stepped forward and took away her cell phone.

Taking Tina’s cell phone, he added another sentence: “Already the boss is not too young, don’t learn from young people to be internet addicted girls, they are getting older…”

Tina raised her fist slowly.

Peter swallowed the following words back: “I am getting older…”

Tina raised an eyebrow with satisfaction and put her hand down.


Alyssa and Karl stayed until the evening when Grace was over from school before they left to pick her up.

After sending them away and returning to the room, Peter asked Tina, “What do you want to eat at night?”

“It’s going to be meal again?” Tina felt that she had just had lunch, and she was going to have dinner so soon.

Peter touched her head like a gentle elder: “I can prepare earlier.”

“Then eat the leftovers from noon, and the warm stewed soup, isn’t there a lot left?” Although Peter barely knows how to cook, it is still far behind Alyssa’s craftsmanship. She still prefers Alyssa’s food.

Back in the room, Tina lay down on the sofa before going to get the phone again.

Who knows, when her hand was about to touch the phone, Peter took the phone away promptly.

“Peter!” Tina glared at him angrily.

Peter hid her phone behind her backhand, looking extremely serious: “Tina, do you know the farthest distance in the world?”

“I know, give me the phone.” Tina looked impatient.

Peter naturally refused to give: “I’m right in front of you, but you just want to play with your phone.”

Tina looked disgusted: “Are you a mobile phone for fun.”

Peter is stuck: “…”

“Get it quickly.” Tina’s urge was tantamount to adding fuel to the fire.

Peter took the phone to the room and locked it.

“Peter! I want to break up with you!”

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