Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1396

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Chapter 1396

Long Qianxi and Lin Fan continued to chat, then left.

But when he left, he was seen by Zhao Yanzhi who happened to be out for a walk.


Her pretty eyes shrank severely, looking at Lin Fan with an incredible expression.

Lin Fan, actually met Long Qianxi in the middle of the night?

They really know each other!

When thinking of what happened today, Zhao Yanzhi suddenly understood everything.

But what she can’t figure out is, what qualifications does Lin Fan have to know Long Qianxi?

“Come out!”


Lin Fan’s cold voice sounded, shocking Zhao Yanzhi’s body.

Then, he walked out of the shadows, looking at Lin Fan with a complicated expression:

“How did you know Long Millennium?”

Hear the words!

Lin Fan laughed:

“Why can’t I know him?”

“Any questions? You are a door-to-door son-in-law, The waste of eating soft rice, to be honest, I don’t even have the qualifications to lift shoes!”

Zhao Yanzhi sneered:

“It’s because of your wife again.”

In her opinion, Lin Fan alone is not qualified to befriend Long Qianxi.

This may be because of Bai Yi again!

After all, Lin Fan himself said that his wife is Lin Zuo’s lover ha!

But Lin Fan smiled contemptuously and looked at Zhao Yanzhi disdainfully:

“Do I need to explain it to you?”

“I don’t have a good impression of the woman in front of me.”

Although she has an intellectual and cold display, only Lin Fan knows that this woman is a scorpion-hearted slut!

After speaking, Lin Fan planned to leave.


Zhao Wanzhi was completely dumbfounded!

How dare this trash ignore her?


A deep resentment appeared in her eyes, and she shouted angrily:

“Lin Fan, stop for me!”

She strode to stop Lin Fan sneered in front of him, snarled:

“If you don’t tell me why you come today, don’t want to leave!”

She followed closely, and she sneered and said shamelessly. :

“Lin Fan, you said that these three watchmen are alone in the middle of the night, if I shout indecent, will you not see Lin Zuo tomorrow?”


Upon hearing this, Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly showed a terrifying murderous intent, staring at Zhao Wanzhi firmly.

He didn’t expect this woman to be so shameless!

Seeing Lin Fan’s anger, Zhao Wanzhi still looked contemptuous, and said coldly: “Dog stuff, no one has ever dared to reject me Zhao Wanzhi, tell me what I want to know, otherwise I’m going to ruin you now.”

“Okay, then I’ll tell you!”

Lin Fanyin smiled hard and said:

“I am so I know Long Millennium because I am the Lin Zuo!”

“I am not only the Lin Zuo, but also the dark emperor who controls the blood hell!”

“I am the master of one. The chaebol of the chaebol!”

Lin Fan looked at Zhao Yanzhi coldly:

“Are you satisfied with this answer?”

As soon as it fell, Zhao Wanzhi was completely stunned.

After a long time, a deep shame suddenly appeared on her face, and she angrily rebuked

“Lin Fan, are you kidding me?”

Lin Zuo?

The Dark Emperor?

The lord of the chaebol?

It’s a fart!

“You are a trash like you, dare to claim to be Lin Zuo? You don’t take any pictures of your own virtues!”

Zhao Wanzhi’s face is thick. Of contempt.

“Do you dare to call yourself Lin Zuo if you think the same surname is Lin?”

Are you also worthy of Lin Fan?

“Lin Fan, I can understand it, you are making such a funny lie because you are scared? You want to use this to fool us?”
Zhao Wanzhi sneered.

Because of what Lin Fan said, it was so ridiculous. For a while, Lin Zuo, and the King of Blood Prison, seemed to be omnipotent.

It is simply ridiculous!


Lin Fan has an arrogant and arrogant posture:

“Can you guess my depth? When tomorrow arrives, you are afraid that you will even kneel down.” Not at all!”

By that time, Zhao Yanzhi and the others will naturally know that Lin Fan is already unattainable today!

“Kneel? Just rely on you? Don’t laugh at me!”

Zhao Wanzhi coldly snorted, looking at Lin Fan with a disgusting look:
“Okay! Then I’ll see, how do you die tomorrow!”

He wants to see what kind of surprises Lin Fan can bring to his tomorrow.

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