Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1557 – 1558

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Chapter 1557

“Why are you suddenly sensational? This is not your style, Mr. Adams.” Peter tried his best to hold back his laugh, but in the end he broke his work.

With a dark face, Karl chopped the chicken on the cutting board so that it “banged”.

Both neat and ruthless.

Peter touched his neck, felt a bit cold in his neck, and silently took two steps back.

After Karl finished chopping the chicken, he stuck the kitchen knife on the cutting board with a “bang”, and said coldly, “Take it for a dive.”


Where did Peter dare to say “no”.

Things were almost ready, Peter tidied up the counter.

Unpretentiously, he heard Karl asking behind him: “Is it really all right?”

Confirmed tone.

The time he and Peter met was no shorter than the time Alyssa and Tina met.

Karl could tell if Peter was okay.

“It’s okay, why are you acting like a mother-in-law, you are like this, Grace will have to despise you.” Peter also showed a disgusting expression very appropriately.

When Karl talked about business, he would ignore Peter’s nonsense.

Peter’s obvious change of topic, how could Karl not feel it.

Karl would not follow Peter’s thoughts. He only asked what he wanted to ask: “What happened the day you went to save Tina?”

On the day of Tina’s accident, he and Peter returned to the South Bay Villa together.

However, Peter was the only one who went up to save Tina.

After Peter went up, he hugged Tina down soon, and Karl just glanced at it, knowing that the situation was not very good.

As for what happened, he never asked Peter, and Peter never mentioned it again.

During the days when Tina was hospitalized, Peter stayed with her in the hospital.

After Karl got off work every day, he would accompany Alyssa to see Tina, or Alyssa would go to see her in the afternoon, and he would pick her up when he got off work.

He didn’t spend much time in the hospital, but when he picked up Alyssa and went home, he would hear her mention that Peter was probably scared this time, so he kept guarding and was very nervous.

Karl didn’t think there was anything.

Peter and Tina are enemies, fighting, and killing each other, but in fact, they care about each other more than anyone else.

It is reasonable for Peter to be nervous when Tina has an accident.

However, he and Alyssa came over today, and in just a short while, he noticed Peter’s abnormality.

Peter paused: “It’s nothing, it’s just that Cathy deliberately retaliated and the two women had a fight.”

He made it lightly, like talking about the weather today.

Peter, the more calm he is, the more obvious something is going on.

Karl didn’t say anything.

After all, he could hear that Peter was not telling the truth.

Peter turned his head and glanced at Karl, who turned around and left.

Karl was not angry, but was too lazy to talk to him.

When Peter really can’t handle it, it’s not too late for him to make a move.

Although they were both children of rich families, Peter’s situation was different from Karl’s.

Karl knew from a young age that Adams’ family was a garbage dump where the dirt was hidden.

Grant’s family is not as thick as Adams’ family, but it is simpler than Adams’.

Peter’s childhood is complete, with loving parents and a harmonious family.

Therefore, Peter, who grew up in such an environment, retains his youthful spirit, and at certain times, he is more willful when he gets to work.

Chapter 1558

But now his spirit was suddenly consumed by something, and he became less headstrong.

Such an obvious anomaly, it is difficult for Karl not to notice it.

“Okay?” Alyssa first discovered that Karl had come out.

Karl gently curled his lower lip, “It’s already done.”

“Then I’ll take a look.” Alyssa raised her foot and walked into the kitchen.

When she entered the kitchen, Peter was taking the knife that Karl had just stuck on the cutting board.

Karl probably used the chopping board as an enemy to chop, using a lot of strength, and Peter took a little bit of strength to remove the kitchen knife.

Alyssa asked in shock, “How much hatred do you have against the chopping board?”

Peter looked at Alyssa with a smile but a meaningful smile: “Grace’s dad made it.”


Alyssa was silent for a moment: “He has always had a bad temper.”

Peter nodded in agreement: “Yes, he has a bad temper. He grew up with evil in his last life. Only in this life can he meet you…”

“I suggest that you close the door next time you speak ill of someone behind their back, or leave a personal guard.”

Karl’s voice gloomily sounded from behind them.

Both Alyssa and Peter were taken aback.

Peter quickly washed the kitchen knife and set it aside, and then slipped out: “We haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I’ll ask Tina what she wants to eat…”

“You haven’t eaten breakfast yet?” Alyssa changed the subject: “Then how about I fry eggs for you? Ask Tina if she can eat noodles, I will cook some noodles as well.

Peter’s voice came from the living room: “Don’t be so troublesome, just eat eggs and milk.”

“Okay.” Alyssa responded and opened the fire.

She turned her head and smiled innocently at Karl: “Help me get some eggs.”

Although Karl’s complexion wasn’t pretty, he still obediently brought her some eggs.

Alyssa would accept it as soon as she saw it, and said to her lower abdomen: “Baby, Dad is a very gentle person, you don’t feel very angry.”

Karl glanced at her: “What did you say to an embryo?”

Alyssa: “…”

Karl: “A silly pregnancy for three years, a well-deserved reputation.”

Alyssa became angry and picked up a shovel to rush Karl outside: “You get out of here!”

Her temper is getting bigger and bigger now, and she feels that they are all used to Karl.

Since he is used to it, he can take it himself.

Karl did not go out, but went to the cabinet and took out two dinner plates for her to set.

Alyssa didn’t chase him anymore, just ignored him.

She fried two eggs for Tina and Peter, and told Karl to take them out.

Peter and Tina sat opposite to eat, while Karl and Alyssa sat on the other side and chatted with them.

While chatting, Tina’s cell phone rang.

Tina picked it up and took a look: “Let me see what big news is going on.”

She clicked in and found the title in bold and capitalized: Cathy passed away.

She looked at the title in shock, and then looked down. Instead of reading the text, she went directly to the picture.

The pictures that can be attached are only art photos of Cathy.

She muttered to herself: “It’s fake news.”

How could a good person suddenly disappear and die?

Peter asked her: “What?”

Tina pushed the phone to the middle of the dining table, swept her eyes around, and said, “The news report says that Cathy is dead.”

The expressions of other people are not much calmer than Tina.

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