Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1555 – 1556

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Chapter 1555

“What is this?” Peter took the bag and said, “f*ck, it’s heavy, is there gold in it?”

Alyssa smiled and looked back at him: “I bought some stew ingredients for Tina. I want to cook some soup for her to recover fast.”

Peter is a man after all. Although he has learned to cook recently, the stew is probably not good enough.

Uneasy, Alyssa decided to go to Tina’s house to give Tina a stew.

Karl was naturally worried that she would come alone, so he came with her.

“Where is Tina?” Alyssa looked around, but didn’t see her.

“Sit.” Karl pulled Alyssa to the sofa to sit down.

He noticed that the sofa was a bit messy, and the blanket on it was crumpled. When he sat down with Alyssa, he took the blanket to the side and found that the blanket was still hot.

He cast a meaningful glance at Peter.

A man’s eyes are only understood by a man.

Peter immediately understood the meaning of Karl’s eyes. He put the thing on his hand aside and coughed slightly, “No, Karl, I’ll tell you, I can explain this matter…”

“Explain what?” Alyssa was looking around, trying to find Tina, so she didn’t know what the two men did secretly.

Karl turned his head and looked at her calmly: “It’s nothing.”


Tina had changed her clothes and came out of the bedroom.

When Alyssa saw her, she stood up and hurriedly walked towards Tina.

She held her hand and looked up and down: “It looks like you’re in good spirits.”

“Right?” Then Tina caught a glimpse of the blanket on the sofa.

Last night, she and Peter hugged each other and sl3pt on the sofa all night.

And she came out to find Peter.

Sure enough, every decision has to be made during the day.

She didn’t think there was anything last night, and now it’s dawn, she feels particularly ashamed.

She doesn’t open her eyes and try to make her smile look natural: “Maybe it is because I slept better last night.”

“Eating well and sleeping well is the most important thing. We bought the ingredients and will make a soup for you at noon.”

“Okay, I love you so much.” Tina said as he hugged Alyssa.

Everything is normal, except that her back is a little cold.

Why is it cold?

Tina turned her head carefully and found that Karl was looking at her faintly.

Tina let go of Alyssa.

Mr. Adams is Mr. Adams.

The jealousy is strong and a deterrent no matter what.

“Peter and I will take care of the ingredients.” Karl stood up and said softly.

Of course, when he spoke, his eyes were looking at Alyssa.

Alyssa: “Okay.”

Karl was able to allow her to come to Tina’s house to make soup, that is to say, he and Peter will handle the ingredients. Alyssa only needs to put the ingredients into the pot and level the heat.

Both men entered the kitchen, and Tina took Alyssa to the balcony to talk.

“Your family is always being adjusted and taught by you to get better and better, so you are willing to make soup for me with your big belly.” Tina quipped Alyssa.

“It’s flat.” Alyssa touched her belly and smiled softly.

Tina sighed, “I don’t care about this kind of detail. To be honest, I don’t even dare to eat the ingredients that CEO Adams personally handles.”

Alyssa: “Why?”

After groaning for a moment, she said solemnly: “It feels like a blasphemy against CEO Adams.”

“Puff–” Alyssa laughed.

Chapter 1556

Tina didn’t know what was funny about her words, Alyssa seemed to have been tapped into a laughing point and couldn’t stop.

“You stay a little longer, don’t laugh.” Tina curled her lips, giving Alyssa a warm air.

Alyssa finally came over, and asked: “Why do you feel blasphemy against Karl, is he a Bodhisattva?”

“Mr. Adams is a legend. He is the kind of person who stands up high and makes people worship him. He appears like fireworks. Do you know how I feel?”

Tina stared at Alyssa, trying to convey her thoughts to her.

Just as Alyssa was about to speak, Tina waved her hand quickly: “Forget it, you don’t understand, after all, you have a second child with Mr. Adams.”

Tina smiled and looked at her lower abdomen.

Alyssa felt that she was not innocent anymore. She actually understood the meaning of Tina’s words in seconds, and gave her a shameful look: “It’s not going to stop if you care for the wound.”

“This injury doesn’t affect anything. If I really stop completely, you might have to worry about it again…”

The kitchen door was not closed, and Peter vaguely heard laughter outside.

He walked to the kitchen door, looked outside, and saw Tina and Alyssa standing on the balcony talking and laughing.

“Red dates.”

Karl’s impatient voice came from behind.

Peter kept chattering as soon as he entered the kitchen. Karl was annoying him, and now he ran to the door sneakily. Only when Karl can be patient can he have a ghost.

“Karl, come here.” Peter had been used to Karl’s expressions for him, and turned his head and hooked his palm to Karl.

Karl said, “I don’t want to see it, I’m not interested.”

But the next second, he put down the kitchen knife in his hand and walked over, standing on the other side of the kitchen door.

“Look at them, you said that they have come together from the school days and the relationship is particularly different?” Peter said with some emotion.

Karl could hear a bit of pity in his tone.

Peter regretted going abroad that year.

If Peter didn’t run out of the country cowardly and stayed in the country, he would probably be with Tina.

He has always regretted missing the bleak college days.

For Peter, Karl would not let go of any opportunity to cut his sword through his flesh.

So, he coldly spits out a word: “Yes.”


He asked who was not good, but he wanted to ask Karl?


He snorted coldly at Karl, then turned to look at Tina.

“Red date.” Karl’s voice pulled his thoughts back.

Peter had to turn around to help Karl find red dates.

After that, Peter didn’t speak much, Karl said he wanted something, and he just handed it over.

Karl couldn’t help turning his head to follow Peter.

“What’s the matter? Is there anything on my face?” Peter felt Karl’s gaze, reached out his hand to touch his face, and said in wonder, “Nothing.”

Karl asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Peter was stunned for a moment: “I’m fine, why are you asking that suddenly?”

Karl knew that Peter was acting with duplicity. On the surface, he was carefree, but in fact, his mind was delicate.

He remembered the conversation he had with Peter before, and thought that Peter was still thinking about missing things about Tina from college days.

Karl thought for a while, and said, “People who should be together, whether they are separated halfway or halfway apart, will eventually return to each other.”

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