Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1392

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Chapter 1392


Upon hearing this, the evil young man present finally understood why Zhao Yanzhi was so shocked.

One by one, covering their mouths, they were all stunned!

Longjiu, the real power faction in the Jiangnan realm, is not an exaggeration to call it the emperor of the earth. The disciples cultivated are also blooming everywhere!

His influence in Jiangnan is terrifying!

Even their family can’t compare with it!

Even their parents, as soon as they stepped into the south of the Yangtze River, they had to visit Long Jiu’s house.

This Fengqi Courtyard is actually related to Long Jiu?

“Wang Yun, cow! As expected of the people from the Dragon and Tiger Legion, let us also experience the treatment that our fathers are qualified to enjoy.”

“This place Fang, I only heard my dad say it, but I have never had the opportunity to see it, Wang Yun, thank you!”

Everyone was overjoyed, and they turned to the king again and again. Yun respectfully pleases.

Even Zhao Yanzhi couldn’t help but nodded:

“This place is really not easy to book, I’m afraid that even I don’t have the face, Wang Yun, how are you? Are you booked?”
Wang Yun suddenly felt airy when he heard everyone’s flattery, and then looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with contempt:

“I have some friendship with the boss of Fengqi Institute. It’s hard to book a few rooms. It’s really impossible to change to someone else. After all, Longjiu is a real snake in the south of the Yangtze River. It’s no better than the kind of people who accompany a man to bed in exchange for a fake name. It’s the same.”

Hear the words!

Everyone also sneered, and looked at Lin Fan with unkind intentions.

“A slut, a tortoise slave, even want to come to Fengqiyuan to book a room, are you crazy?”

In their opinion, Bai Yi is so shameless, people Lin Zuo How could she be worthy of her?

At most, just play with her!

This woman, it is estimated that she can’t even be called a junior, at most she is a fast food, she is not qualified to come to this Fengqi Academy.

Bai Yi’s body trembled with anger, and tears of anger and humiliation were already rolling in his eyes.

And now!

Lin Fan’s expression also gradually became cold!

Wang Yun, from the Dragon and Tiger Legion?

His subordinates?

At the moment, his smile showed a gloomy look. He served under his command, but he dared to humiliate him and his wife in public. It’s really looking for death!

He is looking forward to what kind of expression Wang Yun will look like when he knows his true identity.


At this moment, a man walked out of the Fengqi Courtyard in a stride.

The moment he saw him, Wang Yun immediately greeted him with ecstasy:

“Brother Long, why did you come in person?”

Long Qianxi, Long Jiu’s eldest grandson, is also the owner of Fengqi Academy, who specially entertains China’s super bosses from all walks of life instead of Long Jiu.

Then, Wang Yun introduced Zhao Weizhi and others to Long Qianxi one by one, but Long Qianxi only nodded faintly, and did not even take the initiative to shake hands.

Aloof to the extreme!

Seeing this, all the evil young men were immediately unhappy, but they could only bury this resentment in their hearts, knowing that the man in front of them was not something they could offend.

The strong dragons do not crush the snakes, not to mention that they are not strong dragons.

Even Wang Yun, if it were not for the Dragon Tiger Legion and the Wang Family, Long Qianxi would not bother him.

At this time, Wang Yun excitedly asked:

“Brother Long, I heard that the big brothers from all walks of life in China have gathered here, just to meet the mysterious Lin Zuo, I want to ask that Lin Zuo, is he in the end?”

“Yes, yeah, you can tell us something about Lin Zuo, Shao Long. We must be grateful!”

“Young Master Long, can we arrange a position so that we can see Lin Zuo, even if it’s just a glimpse from a distance!”

These Evil less, immediately stared at Long Qianxi with anticipation, desperately wanting to learn about that Lin Zuo’s information.

Even Zhao Yanzhi couldn’t help but admiration in her beautiful eyes, and eagerly asked:

“Young Master Long, you should have seen Lin Zuo? Is that one? What kind of man?”

They all know that the Lin Zuo’s banquet is all left to the Long Family, so the Long Family absolutely knows the inside story.
Lin Zuo, Megatron China!

But there are only a handful of people who have seen him, so they can hardly conceal their excitement and anticipation at this time.

“Okay, then I’ll tell you!”

Long Qianxi smiled slightly, and then said in awe:

“To be honest, until now I can’t believe that Lin Zuo is so young, only in his early twenties!”


This simple sentence completely burst the atmosphere of the audience!

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