Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1393

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Chapter 1393


Zhao Yanzhi waited for less evil, only felt that her brain was roaring!

Those words and sentences are like a thunder sensation, as if to tear their brains apart, making them petrified in an instant!

Lin… Lin Zuo, only in his early twenties?

Isn’t that the same age as them?

Oh my god!

Isn’t this incredible?

They had heard that Lin Zuo was very young before, but according to their guess, no matter how young he is, he should be 30 or 40 years old.

He did not expect that he was only in his twenties!

Only in his early twenties, he sat on the fourth most powerful position in the military. What kind of monster is this?

At this moment, they were completely stunned by the shocking news, one by one, they were silent, unable to make a sound!
There is nothing in my mind!

In their early twenties, the impact of these four words was too terrifying, and they couldn’t believe it.

And then!

Zhao Yanzhi and others all showed a wry smile.

Although they are expensive and powerful and stand at the top of power, they are not as good as the ants compared to the forest seat that overwhelms the Chinese heroes and sits firmly on the throne.

“I really want to meet that Lin Zuo, and I just want to be friends with him.”

A girl admired.

Wang Yun smiled bitterly and shook his head:

“In this life, I am afraid that we will not catch up with the forest seat if we have exhausted everything, right?”

Even proud Zhao Yanzhi also looked moved, and there was a little different light in her eyes.

A man like this is a hundred times better than her current fiancé, the second Shaolin Tianxun of the Lin family, right?

The evil boys who were originally aloof, lowered their proud heads at this moment, and were completely hit.

“I feel that the gap between them and Lin Zuo is heaven and earth!”

Some people are indeed born kings!

“Well, about Lin Zuo, I will tell you slowly, let’s go in first!” Long Qianxi said to everyone.


Hearing this, Zhao Yanzhi moved her mind again, and said with a grin:

“Mr. Long, I’m afraid I can’t leave now. You Fengqi Institute has mixed in some idlers, etc. I strongly ask you to drive him out!”

“So as not to cause trouble, let Lin you are not happy!”


Long Qianxi’s expression changed suddenly. His grandfather had warned him that it was Lin Zuo who served him this time. If he was offended by Lin Zuo on a business trip, he would be kicked out of Lin’s house.

If what Zhao Yanzhi said is true, it is her negligence!

Upon hearing this, Wang Yun also suddenly reacted, and said unkindly:

“Brother Long, there is such a person who not only trespassed at your Fengqi Academy, just now He hurt my brother, look…”


Long Qianxi’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, and he scolded:

“Where is he? Dare to be wild in my Fengqi Courtyard, I think he wants to die!”

When everyone saw this, they all smiled, knowing that Lin Fan was going to be completely finished.

At this time!

Bai Yi also changed her pretty face, and then quickly grabbed Lin Fan’s hand, and her voice changed in urgency:

“Go! Lin Fan, let’s go!”
If you don’t run at this time, it will be completely over!


Lin Fan didn’t seem to hear, still with a disdainful sneer.

“It’s him!”

Zhao Yanzhi pointed at Lin Fan suddenly, her eyes were full of strong sneers, looking forward to seeing Lin Fan this rubbish, kneeling down and insulting!

Wang Yun and others are the same. In their opinion, waste must look like waste, and it is only worthy of kneeling!


Following the direction Zhao Yanzhi was pointing, Long Qianxi cast his eyes on Lin Fan in that direction.

And then…


His expression suddenly stiffened, his brain was like a flash of lightning torn past, and the whole person was completely dumbfounded.

The last time he intercepted Lin Fan, he asked him to engrave the appearance of the man in front of him deeply into his mind.


And now, seeing this great god standing in front of him, he was completely stunned!


Lin Fan smiled slightly and said:

“Who do you think wants to die?”

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