Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1553 – 1554

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Chapter 1553

Peter subconsciously lay sideways on the sofa.

Tina took the opportunity to squeeze in again, and stretched out her hand to pull the pink blanket on Peter’s body toward him.

The blanket was half-pressed by Peter, and she pulled it a little hard.

Seeing this, he got up and covered her with the blanket.

Tina closed her eyes contentedly: “Okay, turn off the lights and sleep.”

Peter reacted: “What are you doing?”

“The living room is spacious, the bedroom is too small, the air is not circulating, and it is uncomfortable.” Tina did not draft the reason.

Peter couldn’t drive her back to the bedroom anyway.

He took a deep breath: “I look like a gentleman?”

Tina closed her eyes: “I don’t put gold on your face.”

“Then you still…”

“I don’t make noise, sleep.”

Tina interrupted him.

Peter hesitated for a moment, then lay down on his side, and reached out to turn off the bedside lamp.

When Tina turns on the light, she can’t sleep.

The sofa is too narrow.

As soon as they lay down, the breath of the two people became entangled, and they were close enough to feel the temperature of each other.

Peter was afraid of encountering Tina, bound hands and feet, tightly against the back of the sofa.

After a while, his body stiffened.

Simply, he stretched out his hand and hugged Tina into his arms.

Tina did not resist, lying in his arms obediently.

Peter’s throat slipped.

She asked for it.

He is not a gentleman.

He is the best at a feet.

It doesn’t count to hug the fragrant soft b0dy into his arms, but he lowered his head to find his cold lips and k!ssed him.

In the quiet night, the air becomes sweet and greasy.

But in the end, Peter braked in time.

Tina is still a patient, still recuperating.

Although he is not a gentleman, but doing those things at this time is too animalistic and beasty.

Peter trapped her in his arms, his voice dull: “Go to sleep.”

Tina was uncomfortably hugg3d too tightly by him, so she wriggled in his arms.

Peter’s hand wrapped around her waist slowly applied pressure, pressing her into his arms, his voice was full of danger.

“Tina, do you want to move?” He warned her.

Tina paused and became quiet.

Peter thought she was finally gone.

At this moment, she said leisurely: “Brother Peter is very mighty.”

Peter breathed heavily: “Tina Weber, do you want to challenge my bottom line?”

Tina shrank her shoulders and said nothing.

Peter has called her by her full name, and she dare not say anything.

If she says something again, she is afraid that she will play with fire and set herself on fire.

She still wants to live, not to die.

Peter breathed a sigh of relief.

This woman still knows to be afraid.

The woman who was thinking about it was in his arms, and Peter couldn’t sleep at all.

He thought Tina was asleep, so he put his arms around her and didn’t dare to move.

“Aren’t your hands sour?” A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Peter lied calmly: “Not sour.”

“Let’s chat, I can’t sleep a bit.” Tina moved and changed her lying position.

She lay on her back and occupies most of the position.

Peter occupied such a wide position because of his domineering, and said, “Yeah.”

Tina asked him, “Are you scared?”

After a pause, she said to him: “You have become very nervous these days.”


Peter did not speak immediately.

She was a little curious about what Peter was thinking.

However, in the darkness, she couldn’t see his expression.

After a while, she heard Peter’s voice: “Yes.”

Chapter 1554

Peter’s voice was deep.

The tone of his usual speech is not at all like him.

she found Peter’s hand in the quilt. She held Peter’s hand and comforted him: “I’m fine, don’t be so nervous. It’s not as serious as my broken leg before. It’s all skin trauma.”

Peter moved his lips, wanted to speak, and swallowed back.

He wants to say that this time the situation is different.

That’s also good.

All the complicated emotions were mixed and crushed in the bottom of his heart, and finally turned into a sound: “Yeah.”

“I’ll just keep it for a few days. My studio is still busy. After a few days of rest at home, I have to continue to work. You too have taken too long this time…”

Tina comforted Peter, and talked about work afterward.

In front of people you like, this is probably the case, and you won’t get bored by talking nonsense.

Peter listened patiently before expressing his opinion: “You don’t worry about the work in the studio, I will help you arrange it, and the work is not in a hurry. Just tell me what you want.”

No matter it was work or something else, as long as Tina wanted it, he would help her get it.

He can do things that can’t be done by serious methods, and crooked methods.

He was not a good person.

If it was normal, Tina would carry him again, and he would feel sour.

But when he listened at this time, she felt particularly warm and moved.

Probably because it is easy for people to let go of their guards late at night and accept others more easily.

“I think you want to raise me up.” Tina didn’t know it, so she put on a coquettish tone.

Peter was amused by her statement.

“It’s fine to raise you into a small waste, and you can only lie at home every day and wait for me to feed you, isn’t it?”

“You’re not willing.” Tina felt sweet in her heart.

Peter just laughed and did not speak.

He was anxious to turn Tina into a little trash, relying on him every day, he would take her wherever he went, not let her disappear under his nose for a second, so that he would not lose her again.

He often has such thoughts.

But such desolation is not a desolation.

He is not Karl, not so paranoid.

He cares more about whether Tina feels happy.

Everything else is secondary.


Tina and Peter chatted with each other in the middle of the night, and it was three or four o’clock when they fell asleep.

When they woke up again, they were awakened by the doorbell outside.

Peter woke up first, Tina looked sleepy: “What sound?”

“Someone rang the doorbell, let me see who it is.” Peter got up from the bed lightly and walked towards the door.

He looked out of the cat’s eye and found that Karl and Alyssa were standing outside the door.

“It’s Karl and Alyssa.” Peter turned around and said to Tina.

Tina got up from the sofa: “Then you open the door, what are you doing?”

Peter took a deep look at her: “You go back to the room first.”

Tina frowned: “Okay.”

Seeing Tina returning to the room, Peter opened the door.

“Why are you here so early?” Peter opened the door and looked at Karl and Alyssa with a big smile.

Alyssa was stunned, then picked up the phone to check the time, and then said, “It’s ten o’clock, it’s not early.”

Peter was a little embarrassed, and scratched his head: “Indeed, it’s not early.”

Karl did not speak, and handed the things he was holding to Peter’s hands: “Take it.”

Then, he led Alyssa in.

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