Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1511 – 1512

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Chapter 1511

Peter held a pen in his hand and stared at Tina on the screen intently.

Seeing her staring at the phone screen as if she was looking at something, he frowned slightly, and then his fingers began to move again, obviously replying to a message.

You don’t have to guess to know that you are replying to Cody’s message.

In front of him, replying to other men.

Peter narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows and said, “Tina, you are playing a video with me and are still chatting with other men. Are you not afraid of me being angry?”

Tina raised her eyes to look at him with a smile in her eyes: “What should I do, I have to meet Cody? You are not going to die.”

Peter cursed “grass” in his heart, and squeezed out a “kind” smile: “It’s all right to chat. It’s not necessary to meet, right?”

Tina was noncommittal: “Okay, you are busy, hang up first.”

“Not busy.” If he hangs up, Tina will go to chat with Cody again.

She lifted her chin and pointed at Rubin who was standing behind Peter: “Rubin has been standing behind you.”

Rubin not only stood behind him, but also carried a large stack of documents in his hands.

Peter turned his head leisurely, and flew towards Rubin’s body with his eye knives: “Didn’t these files have been processed?”

Rubin: “Yes.”

Tina wanted to laugh a little: “Okay, hang up first, come back to my house in the evening and tell you something.”

“Listen.” Peter turned his head and changed his face in a second, with an unusually brilliant smile.


At night.

When he was off work, he carried his coat to leave.

Rubin came in from the outside and saw him looking like he was about to leave. He spent the evening’s schedule in his head and said, “Mr. Grant, the meeting has ten minutes to start.”

“What’s going on? I am going home to see my wife.” Peter turned his head and left.

Rubin: “…”

The closing of the door brought him back to his mind.

Today is also the day he wants to quit his job.

But as a senior assistant’s professionalism, it is necessary to handle all emergencies perfectly.

Rubin straightened out his tie and suit blankly, turned, and walked towards the meeting room, announcing with a serious face: “CEO Grant has something to do, the meeting is canceled.”

The fewer words, the bigger the matter.

Sure enough, when everyone saw Rubin’s serious face, some people asked worriedly: “Did something happen?”

“Mr. Grant will handle it well, everyone doesn’t have to worry.” Rubin felt that he was becoming more and more bluffing, and it was all Peter who forced it out of him.

Out of the meeting room, he let out a sigh of relief.

Bluffing people succeeded today.

Peter hummed a little song and drove home.

When passing a certain intersection, he turned his head and saw a couple on the road outside. The man gave the woman a bunch of flowers, and the woman looked shy and looked very happy.

Peter squinted his eyes and drove forward. When passing a flower shop, he got out of the car and bought a bunch of flowers.

When he came out of the flower shop with the flowers, he was still thinking, will Tina be happy when she receives the flowers?

He seems to have never given Tina such a gift.

They are no longer in their teenage years and have missed too much time in between.

Looking back, it seemed as if it was a sudden separation and suddenly being together again. Everything was fast, like a dream.

She should be happy.

Peter wanted to concentrate, so he didn’t notice the camera sticking out of the car not far away.

After entering the community and stopping the car, he walked quickly towards the elevator with the flower in hand, and couldn’t wait to see her.

When he was at the door, he knocked twice.

There was a cool voice: “Who.”

Peter said with a smile: “Your husband.”

Chapter 1512

Tina opened the door and saw Peter holding a bunch of flowers in his hand.

Peter’s eyebrows were smiling: “I’m back.”

Tina was not angry, and looked at him with her chin raised: “Can Grant always point his face?”

“Probably not.” Peter responded with kindness.

He gave Tina the flower in his hand.

Tina couldn’t help but curled her lips: “Thank you.”

He entered the door, closed the door with his backhand, and leaned over to approach her: “Some practical thanks.”

Tina raised her head slightly, and the two were so close, he could even see his reflection in her beautiful eyes.

Peter’s Adam’s apple rolled, nervous for no reason.

The next moment, Tina tilted her he@d, and k!ssed him on the cheek.

This one?

Peter stared at her with wide-eyed eyes. Tina was a prankster and smiled slyly. She turned around and ran away holding the flowers.

She muttered to find the vase: “You have to put the flowers quickly.”

Peter stood by the door for a moment, reached out his hand to touch his k!ssed face, gave a low smile, and walked slowly in.

Tina had already found the vase, and was seriously putting the flowers he bought into it.

Tina had accompanied her mother to school before arranging flower arrangements. In addition, she has a good aesthetic, and the flowers and plants she played with are naturally beautiful.

“It’s pretty good-looking.” Peter stood behind her: “If you lose your job in the future, you can open a flower shop.”

“Curse me to be unemployed?” Tina picked up a flower in her hand, as if to beat Peter.

Peter looked at her with a grin, and did not hide: “What about the position of Mrs. AdamPic?”

“Think beautifully.” Tina put the flowers in the vase.

After hearing Peter talk about this, she remembered that her contract with AdamPic was about to expire.

Like her, Peter thought about this too.

Tina’s next plan is to set up her own studio. This matter is already under preparation, and she should talk to Peter.

She turned around, resting her right hand on the table behind him, and said carefully, “My contract is about to expire.”

Peter’s face turned straight, “Yes.”

When it comes to the contract, he thinks of the things that Cathy did at the time, and the folly he did at the time. It is not a good feeling in his heart. Even if he listened honestly, he didn’t dare to speak.

Tina looked at him like a quail and couldn’t help but smile: “I plan to set up my own studio.”

Where did Peter dare to object: “Okay, I’ll help you arrange it.”

He agreed with what she was going to do.

Even if she goes out to set up a studio independently, he can still give her the best resources, so it doesn’t matter whether she renews her contract with AdamPic.

“No, I’m already making preparations myself. It’s not difficult.” Tina looked at Peter, and she was a little surprised to agree with him without disagreement.

This was different from what she thought. She thought Peter had to persuade her.

He didn’t.

Tina was a little relieved, and Peter also had such a sensible time.

Tina refused altogether, Peter choked in his heart, grievingly said: “I am your boyfriend.”

He wants to do something for her.

“Boyfriend, let’s cook, I’m hungry.” Tina stretched out her hand to hold his face and twisted it.

He actually didn’t love others to touch his face, so Tina dared to be so presumptuous.

He went to the kitchen to cook, and Tina watched him from the side. From time to time, she helped him pass something. Seeing that he was cooking really well, she secretly took out a few photos with her mobile phone.

Peter suddenly remembered something, and turned to look at her: “You told me something is going on, which means you are going to set up a studio?”

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