Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1513 – 1514

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Chapter 1513

Tina was busy taking pictures. Peter turned his head abruptly to look at her. She was taken aback and hurriedly hid her phone: “Ah…you said this…”

Peter tilted his head, his eyes fell on her pocket, with a smile on his face.

Tina just put the phone in her pocket and he saw it.

She coughed slightly, concealing her embarrassment, pretending that nothing happened: “I have something else to tell you.”

“You say it.” Peter looked at her pretending to be calm, his heart softened and he felt terribly cute.

Even if Tina asked him to pick the stars in the sky now, she was afraid he would pick them off for her without blinking.

But what she wanted to say was not to let him go to the sky to pick stars.

The expression on Tina’s face was a little more restrained, and she slowly said, “This is the end of Cathy’s business.”

Peter was about to take a plate of chopped onions, was stunned when he heard the words, and the corners of his slightly hooked lips were also straightened.

He turned his eyes to look at her with a solemn expression: “She’s looking for you again?”

Tina said “end here”, he understood, and meant to stop him from letting Cathy and Henry be together.

After he helped Cathy and Henry to register their marriage, he left them behind. Although he didn’t pay attention to their affairs, he could still imagine what Cathy had been going through after being with Henry.

He had never thought that she would even dare to come to Tina.

It seemed that he was still being too merciful, so that she had extra energy to find Tina.

Tina smiled faintly: “Forget it, that’s enough.”

She didn’t answer his question head-on, but he knew that he was right.

Peter curled his lips, and said with a gentle expression, “Okay.”

He knew the temperament of the little girl who grew up in his palm.

Although Tina had a bit fierce temperament, she was kind-hearted. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so likable, wouldn’t she?

Because of this, he couldn’t tolerate Cathy even more, stepping on his bottom line again and again.

Tina is kind, but he is not kind.

After Peter finished speaking, he continued on.

Tina approached and looked at him carefully as if she hadn’t seen him for a long time: “Are you so good to talk now?”

“When am I awkward to speak? Tina, speak with a conscience.” Peter tilted his head, with a dangerous question in his eyes.

She quickly recalled it in her mind.

Since childhood, Peter was indeed responsive to her.

Of course, there are some rare occasions when it is not easy to talk.

For example, she is going out to party with the male classmates in the class…

However, it is best not to mention this at this time.

She blinked innocently, and said with a strong desire to survive: “No, you can talk anytime.”

Peter laughed: “Okay, go out quickly, I’m going to cook.”

Tina turned around and walked to the door, then looked back at Peter.

Peter saw her wanting to speak but stopped, and said, “You have something to say? Say it all at once.”

She cleared her throat: “Cody invited me to meet.”

Peter’s eyes suddenly changed.

Tina hurriedly said: “You just said that you are good to talk.”

Peter just snorted coldly and gave her an expression for her to experience it by herself.

“Always make it clear.” Tina pulled out a flattering smile and turned around.

Indeed as she said, this matter must be made clear.

But this does not prevent him from getting angry.

Chapter 1514

So, as soon as Tina arrived and sat on the sofa in the living room, she heard the sound of cutting vegetables exceeding normal decibels from the kitchen.

Peter is sulking all alone.

She leaned on the sofa, glanced in the direction of the kitchen, and sent the secret photo of Peter cooking just now to Alyssa.

Alyssa made a “hahahaha” expression: “Do you think the man who cooks is handsome?”

Tina smiled back: “Of course.”

Happy emotions are like overflowing the screen.

Grace, a kid in Alyssa’s family, is very punctual and early for dinner. It is already dinner now.

As soon as Karl turned his head, he saw Alyssa smiling with her mobile phone, and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Alyssa handed him the phone.

Karl glanced at it, and a smile flashed across his eyes.

Grace was picking up the rice, looking back and forth on Alyssa and Karl, swallowing the food in her mouth, and then said, “I want to see too.”

Karl silently handed the phone to Grace.

“Uncle Grant is cooking?” Grace took a closer look and said, “He’s still cooking at a woman’s house.”

Karl was a little surprised: “You can see this?”

“The apron is pink. Uncle Grant said that fierce men don’t like this color.”


Karl was silent, but he was speechless to Grace’s words.

When returning the phone to Alyssa, he said in a rather calm tone: “I have never eaten Peter’s food.”

Alyssa could hardly hear a trace of emotion in his tone.

“Why do I listen to your tone, it seems to be a little jealous?” Alyssa asked him.

Karl picked Grace’s most hated vegetable with chopsticks, and then answered Alyssa’s question: “I am jealous that he is an older unmarried middle-aged man?”

Alyssa: “…”

Grace snorted while plucking the annoying vegetables in the bowl, “Uncle Grant is not middle-aged, young and handsome.”

Grace is six years old this year, watching cartoons less and less, and loves reading children’s books, showing a talent and ability that surpasses her peers.

Although there are still children who are lively and innocent, Alyssa always feels that the previous events still have a super impact on Grace’s character, and therefore she is more careful and a little nervous.

don’t know what’s going on. Grace looks more like Karl the older she grows. When she was a child, she was more like Alyssa… Alyssa was a little depressed.

“Don’t think that by changing the subject, you can avoid eating vegetables.” After Karl finished speaking, he gave Grace another chopsticks and vegetables.

“Mom, Dad avenged private revenge. I praised Uncle Grant for his handsomeness. He is jealous.” Grace acted like a baby.

Where can Alyssa stand it: “Just eat less.”

Karl’s expression was slightly stagnant: “Grace, you…”

Alyssa interrupted him and changed the subject: “Tina said today to find a time to invite us to dinner with Peter. When will you be free?”

Karl: “I’m not free any day.”

Every time Grace mentioned Peter, the adjective was “young and handsome”, and when she talked about him, he was “the little old man if he frowned”.

Recently, she even called him a little old man in a harsh manner.

He didn’t want to see the older, unmarried middle-aged man Peter.

Alyssa knew that he was angry, and smiled and said, “Then it will be the weekend.”

Karl didn’t speak, which was regarded as acquiescence.

Seeing this, Alyssa smiled and lowered her head to reply to the message to Tina, and by the way, talked about eating.

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