Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1515 – 1516

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Chapter 1515

Tina and Cody met at a western restaurant.

The restaurant they met was arranged by Cody.

When Tina arrived, he was already sitting in his seat, looking like he had been waiting for a long time.

He probably made a fool of himself after being drunk that day. In order to make himself look more serious, he deliberately dresses very formally, wearing a suit and a tie.

Since childhood, she had never seen him tie a tie several times, so when she sat down, he couldn’t help but glance at Cody’s tie.

He adjusted his tie, coughed lightly, and said in a very gentleman’s tone: “Sit down and order what you want to eat.”

Tina couldn’t help it, and she laughed out loud, “Mr. Scott, it’s not necessary.”

Cody’s lips twitched, breaking his work in one second, and he rudely tossed his tie: “It is not because of what happened at Best Day that day, I’m afraid it will leave a bad impression on you. Actually, this stuff I can’t wear it either.”

Tina just smiled gently.

When Cody saw her smile, he was in a good mood, and quickly pushed the menu to her again: “Look, what do you like to eat? I remember you used to like Western food the most.”

Tina ordered two dishes and pushed the menu to Cody.

He whispered, “How can you order two dishes?” Then he rolled up his sleeves and began to order.

Tina took a look at his posture and quickly stopped. Before he ordered much, she quickly took the menu and handed it to the waiter: “Enough.”

“Are you afraid that I can’t afford it?” He raised his eyebrows with an expression of “Are you looking down on me?”

“Too much order is a waste.” Tina paused, and added: “Moreover, I don’t like western food for a long time.”

When she was younger, Tina liked to eat western food.

She thought western food looked more elegant and beautiful.

Later, those who flew around the world preferred to eat Chinese food.

Cody was startled when he heard the words, and then sneered: “I didn’t think about it well, I should have asked you in advance.”

He probably felt a little uncomfortable and involuntarily took out the cigarette case.

Tina reminded in time: “This restaurant is non-smoking.”

He was looking for the lighter’s hand, and a trace of embarrassment flashed on his face: “Oh, look at me, I have been abroad for a long time…”

Halfway through, the voice was muted again, seemingly not sure what to say.

Tina saw his expression and movements in his eyes, lowered her eyes slightly, and took a drink from the water glass.

Time is changing, and people are changing.

People are old-fashioned, and you will involuntarily add a layer of beautiful filters to people and objects in the old days to beautify them and make them beyond the meaning of actual existence in your imagination.

Tina is inevitable.

Cody is her old friend. She has an unspeakable trust and feeling of int!macy towards him.

But at this time, she found out.

All will change.

Complicated emotions flooded my mind, and finally, Tina just smiled faintly: “It’s okay.”

Cody stared at her for a moment, then sighed: “The little girl has grown up.”

Then, his expression became more serious: “Tina, in Best Day that day, I suddenly confessed to you that I was a little abrupt. I am here to apologize to you. I did not do this right.”

Tina didn’t answer, she knew Cody had something to say.

Sure enough, he went on to say: “Although it was abrupt, I am serious, Tina, I really want you to be my girlfriend, even my wife.”

Chapter 1516

“Tina, I’m serious, I hope you can seriously consider it, okay?”

Cody thought that he had shown his utmost sincerity, and he thought about the friendship between himself and Tina for many years, she should not refuse directly.

Tina breathed a sigh of relief and raised her head: “But, Cody, what do you like about me?”

From a man’s point of view, Tina is undoubtedly beautiful, a beautiful person, and her eyes are particularly moving.

Cody always felt that Tina’s eyes were the most beautiful.

He met Tina’s eyes, and he was a little distracted. The cold eyes seemed to have not changed over the years, and they were still as clean and pure as before.

Cody was a little irritable for no reason, and then reached out his hand to touch the cigarette case placed aside, thinking of what Tina had just said, he put his hand back again.

“I like everything.”

Cody’s words are not a lie. There are no secrets in this circle. Even if there are, there will be no eternal secrets. Therefore, Tina has been in the entertainment circle for so many years. know.

Compared with other women, she has almost no shortcomings, and she is a very suitable woman to be a wife.

She laughed: “You don’t like me at all.”

Cody frowned: “Tina…”

She interrupted him: “Do you know why I have been alone all these years? That’s because I haven’t met anyone who feels worthy of being together, and my future husband will have to treat me wholeheartedly. It’s a unique feeling. I can’t rub the sand in my eyes.”

Yes, she hasn’t been waiting for Peter.

She also tried to find someone she felt worthy of being with, someone she was willing to support wholeheartedly.

But she did not find one.

Tina’s words were gentle and seemed to have no offensive power, but it gave Cody a sense of shame to be dismantled.

He didn’t think there was any problem with his own thoughts, but at this time, being said so solemnly by Tina, made him feel very despicable.

He didn’t think about love or not. He felt that as long as she didn’t hate him and his family background was similar, it was appropriate.

Just fit.

Cody thought for a while, but still felt unwilling: “But what if we really can?”

“No, we are not all the same.” Tina looked at Cody with a smile.

Cody pursed his lips, held up the water glass in front of him, and poured it clean, looking a little frustrated.

When Tina saw this, she said in a joking tone: “You don’t be sad, I will invite you today.”

Cody looked at her angrily: “You really… make me unable to get angry.”

He knew that Tina was not talking about people from the same group, but that they had different attitudes toward feelings, and that they were not from the same group and couldn’t get together.

He understood this, but he was still a little angry when he was rejected so mercilessly.

But Tina, this girl, is just too transparent and too smart to make people angry.

At this time, the food they ordered was delivered.

Tina pushed the plate in front of him, and said in a comforting tone: “Eat more.”

Cody was not polite.

Halfway through the meal, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Tina: “You won’t be waiting for Peter, are you?”

Tina was asked to stop, a bit difficult.

Is it to say that she is already with Peter, or to slow down?

And Tina’s hesitation was seen in Cody’s eyes, even if it was acquiescence.

Cody: “You…”

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