Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1365

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Chapter 1365


The Bai family were completely dumbfounded. They all doubted whether they had auditory hallucinations, and looked at Lin Fan with strange expressions!
This guy, he actually said that he wanted to let them live in the Bai family?

Immediately, the Bai family members showed unbelievable expressions. Both Lin Fan and Lin Fan were about to be shot. How dare they come to their Bai family to speak out?

Is this… crazy?

Even Bai Yi can’t help but face red at this time.

They just feel ashamed!

After a long while!

Old man Bai suddenly recovered from the astonishment, a strong anger suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he stared at Lin Fan resentfully:

“Dog stuff, it’s you. Dare to threaten us? Do you think that your wife is the Jiangnan Communist Party, so you can do whatever you want? You killed this time, but the third young master of the Lin family, you are dead!”

A dying person, also Dare to threaten them?

In the past, they are afraid they will be obedient!

But now, Lin Fan still wants to pretend?

Is an idiot!


Lin Fan shook his head with a sneer, and said in a cold tone:

“The old immortal, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you! Bai Yi is innocent, I let it go Your Bai family, otherwise… Your Bai family’s end will be ten times more miserable than it is now! “


Lin Fan’s words, can’t help but let the old man Bai be taken aback. , The Bai family next to them were all dumbfounded.

Make the end of the Bai family ten times miserable?

What a joke!
Without Bai Yi, you would be a trash. Now that Bai Yi has fallen, you still dare to fake it?

At the moment, all the Bai family members are ridiculing, as if they have heard a big joke, they burst into laughter!

“Hahaha, does this kid have a problem with his brain? When his death is approaching, he dare to threaten our Bai family?”

“Still dare to put on airs? Now you are in our white house. In the eyes of the family, there are two cheap dogs! The Bai family wants you to give birth, so you can give birth, and the Bai family wants you to die, you have to die!”

“Dog stuff, my Bai family won’t go out. To clarify, not only not to clarify, we have to intensify discrediting your wife, I want to see if your trash can do us like this!”

A sneer of ridicule, one after another!

The faces of all the Bai family members were all with a sneer of contempt, looking at Lin Fan with an idiot look.

Even the old man sneered with disdain:

“Lin Fan, stop pretending to be garlic! If you are not desperate, you will not come to us, which shows that you have no choice. “

“Let’s do it! As long as you are willing to hand over the vaccine patent use rights and Xinbai’s, then we will open the Internet and intercede for you!”

And heard this word!

The family members in the scene were visibly startled, and then they all showed malicious smiles. The eyes looking at Lin Fan were full of playfulness.

They all knew that it was impossible for Mr. Bai to help Lin Fan two at all. This was just an opportunity to deceive Bai Yi’s property.

When he gets what he wants, he will kick both Bai and Yi without hesitation!

Just, hear this!
A thick sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, and the old man said with deep meaning:

“You Bai family, you really can’t learn to behave!”
At this time, Lin Fan had already spoken to the Bai family, completely disappointed!

Opportunity, has been wrong!


His warning caused the entire Bai family to sneer, and no one took it to heart!

And when Mr. Bai saw that Lin Fan was so ignorant of promotion, his face also showed a strong resentment:

“Dog stuff, since you don’t know how to promote, don’t blame me Bai My heart is cruel!”

That’s it!

A sinister color appeared on the face of Mr. Bai, and he stared at Lin Fan unkindly:

“In order to ensure that you two die without a burial place, my Bai family a big killer is also prepared!”

A big killer?

Heard this!

Bai Yi’s face suddenly showed deep anxiety!

Even Lin Fan couldn’t help frowning.

And at this moment, Mr. Bai grinned and roared:

“You can come out!”

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