Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1366

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Chapter 1366

The voice just fell!

Da da…

There was a sound of footsteps.
Then Lin Fan and Bai Yi saw a man slowly walking out from behind the old man Bai.

There is a cold smile on his face, and his eyes are spiteful!

The breath of the whole person is extremely insidious, like a poisonous snake.

At this time, it seems that there is a bloody feud with Lin Fan, staring at them both:

“Dog man and woman, long time no see!”

At this moment, Bai Yi suddenly lost her color!

“Bai Yifan!”

, who was kicked out of China by them, is back again?

There was a sudden ominous premonition in her heart. Bai Yifan came back this time for fear that the purpose and Bai Yan would give them revenge.

And this time, will he take a look like Bai Yan, bringing a terrible crisis to their family?


Lin Fan frowned. He was surprised to see Bai Yifan daring to come back. But soon, he sneered:

“Let your family go, but you Being ungrateful, I shouldn’t have paid attention to your pleadings and spared your dog’s life.”


This remark made Bai Yifan completely mad, and the hatred in his heart emerged madly.

“Yes! Lin Fan, you shouldn’t have let us leave alive! You regret it’s too late!”

“I’m back today, I want you to dog men and women, the corpses are broken! Revenge for the original humiliation!”

That’s it!
Bai Yifan seemed to have thought of something, and his expression became more ferocious:

“Tell you, I have already contacted Yao Lao’s direct disciple, he will arrive in Jiang City in three days and publicly point out you the vaccine is fake!”

“You are dead! Hahaha!”


“As soon as I heard this, the audience lost their voices!”

Everyone showed shocked expressions!

Medicine… Yao Lao?

Did they hear me wrong?

That is the sage of Huaxia medicine, everyone in the entire Huaxia medicine industry knows it!

After 40 years of medical experience, he has overcome countless medical difficulties, developed hundreds of life-saving remedies, and won the Huaxia Pharmaceutical Industry Lifetime Achievement Award.

And his disciples are all top-notch doctors, deans of major medical schools, and big names in the medical department!

In the entire Huaxia medical industry, Yao Lao is the authority!

If his disciple publicly pointed out that Xinbai’s vaccine was fake, then Baiyi’s Xinbai’s would really never stand up.

“Hahaha! Okay! Yifan, I have you in my Bai family, it’s so powerful, this time the dog and the dog are over!”

“Three days later, Lin Fanbaiyi, ruined! Good! Great! This is the end of offending our Bai family!”

All the Bai family members clapped and applauded, with a deep resentment in their eyes, and they laughed happily. .

It seemed that they could have predicted that Lin Fan and Bai Yi would end tragically after the old disciple Yao issued a statement.

Not just them!

At this time, even Bai Yi’s face suddenly turned pale!

Why… how could this happen!

Bai Yifan actually invited Yao Lao’s personal disciples, and planned to pour dirty water on them, so they were really exhausted this time.

That desperate mood, at this moment, madness surged in her heart!

Made her panic to the extreme!

“Broken fame?”

Lin Fan smiled and shook his head, and then suddenly a cold light burst in his eyes, glaring at Bai Yifan and others:

“Like you wish!”

“Three days later, at Xinbai’s press conference, Bai’s and Xinbai’s can only keep one!”


Hearing this, the expressions of all the Bai family members suddenly became ugly.

Dare to threaten?

This crap, damn it!

But Lin Fan ignored the people of the Bai family, picked up Bai Yi and left directly outside the Bai family.

And at this moment, for some reason, a feeling of anxiety suddenly appeared in the heart of Old Man Bai, and his face became extremely gloomy:

“Yifan, you are sure that this time is safe Is it?”


Every time their Bai family thought they had a chance to win, Lin Fan could give them a hard blow.

And every time, they took Lin Fan’s warning as a joke, and the result was misfortune, and he was afraid that it would be the same this time.


Bai Yifan on the side was disdainful, and confidently said:

“Don’t worry, Grandpa, I’ve already arranged everything!”

“As soon as Old Yao’s disciples arrive, I promise Lin Fan and Bai Yi will not die!”

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