Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1367

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Chapter 1367

And now!

Lin Fan sent Bai Yi home, but suddenly received a call from Ye Shihao:

“Wang, the matter has been investigated. The Lin family has led the way, and the Wang family will execute it. Once the queen is infamy for selling fake drugs, the Lin family will send her to prison at all costs!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Fan’s expression was completely gloomy:
“I see!”

At that time, he was afraid that he would have to use force to solve the problem.


Just when Lin Fan was about to hang up, Ye Shihao said:

“By the way, Long Jiu has been dismissed because he offended you, so he fainted with a heart attack. , The doctor said I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive this week.”

“His family found me, and hope I can introduce them to the genius doctor Lin. Look…”

Long nine?

Lin Fan was obviously startled, but he seemed to have thought of something, and said that God helped me.

“Tell them to come to the press conference of Xin Bai’s in three days, and I will be there to treat Long Jiu’s illness at that time!” After

Hung up the phone, Bai Yi looked at Lin in horror. Fan:

“Husband, what are you talking about? You don’t know medical skills at all, how can you help people with diseases?”

Hear the words!

Lin Fan smiled slightly:

“I don’t understand medicine, but someone does! And that person will help me Xinbai’s through the difficulties!”

Just listen to this!

Bai Yi was completely shocked!

Can their new Baishi survive the difficulties?

Who is it, has such great ability?

You must know that the situation they are facing now cannot be solved by force, and even the King of the Blood Prison cannot help them.

But Lin Fan actually said that someone could help them?

This is incredible!

At the moment, Bai Yi hurriedly asked:

“Who are you talking about?”


Lin Fan didn’t explain, instead he sold it off and said:

“Don’t worry, my wife, you’ll know when the time comes!”

At that time, everyone would know that Lin Fan’s woman should not be offended!


The three-day period is fleeting!
Bai Yi finally held a press conference under Lin Fan’s continuous instigation.

And she was also full of nervousness and came to the conference venue.


On the road, she suddenly saw a familiar figure, and her face instantly became gloomy.

She walked quickly towards the other party, and angrily grabbed the other’s collar:

“Zhang Miaoke, I treat you well, why are you betraying me!”

The voice fell, Bai Yi was already in tears, because she never thought that Zhang Miaoke would betray her, and even wanted to put her to death.

She has always regarded Zhang Miaoke as her younger sister!

There’s no reason why Zhang Miao can’t feel it!

Upon hearing this, Lin Fan frowned. It turned out that this woman was Bai Yi’s secretary!

Lin Fan once heard Bai Yi say that Zhang Miaoke was originally a college student from a poor family, and his family was poor and could not go to university. By chance, he met Bai Yi and begged Bai Yi to support her. Go to college.

Over the years, Bai Yi has almost treated her as her own sister, not only paying her tuition, but also giving her pocket money and helping her buy clothes and bags.


This woman betrayed Bai Yi in less than three months after becoming Bai Yi’s secretary!

Zhang Miaoke was surprised at first, and when he saw that it was Bai Yi, there was a deep disdain on his face:

“Who am I? It turned out to be President Bai. Ah! What kind of betrayal you are talking about, why can’t I understand?”

“I only know that you sell counterfeit medicines and are so conscientious. As your secretary, I can’t stand it anymore. In order to prevent more victims from appearing in your hands, I can only choose to expose you!”
Bai Yi was completely stunned, her expression extremely wrong.

She never thought that a person could be so arrogant, open her eyes and talk nonsense without conscience.

This is more than shameless!

This is simply cold-blooded!

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