Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1519 – 1520

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Chapter 1519

Twenty minutes later.

Tina walked into the newly opened restaurant that Peter mentioned, and walked straight to a box.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Peter sitting inside.

Peter was sitting at the table in a precarious manner, sitting upright like a primary school student, still the kind of student who can judge three good students.

Tina raised her eyebrows and walked over without any expression.

Seeing her coming, Peter quickly got up, helped her pull the chair away, and said with a smile: “Come on, sit down.”

Tina took a long look at him before she stroked her skirt and sat down.

Once she sat down, she kept staring at Peter.

Peter coughed lightly with a guilty conscience, and tentatively handed the menu to her: “Would you… order the food?”

“An actress is also professional to keep in shape. This is what you said, I have already eaten it.” Tina deliberately used what Peter had said before to block him.

He choked: “Then I just click…”

After he finished speaking, he slowly buried his head, ordered a few dishes that Tina liked, and handed the menu to the waiter.

As soon as the waiter left, there were only two of them left in the box, so quiet that you could hear a needle drop on the ground.

Tina was a little bit dumbfounded when she looked at him in such an awkward manner.

“Aren’t you going to explain?”

“Ah…that…” Peter curled up his fingers: “I said I was just passing by, do you believe it?”

“Do you think I believe it?” Tina gave him a blank look. Did he think she had no IQ?

Peter was silent for a while, and said quietly, “That kid Cody has the most spooky ideas, I’m afraid you will be fooled by him…”

To put it bluntly, he still does worry.

He didn’t want to follow her secretly either.

It’s just that he felt uneasy in the company, so he just follows along.

After all, Cody also grew up with them, and he also has an emotional foundation. What if Tina can’t stand her heart softened, and Cody thinks he has a chance?

Peter at this time summed it up in one sentence: a serious nonsense.

Tina felt so angry and funny, her tone a little helpless: “I have already made it clear to him.”

“Hey, that’s it.” Peter’s eyes lit up instantly.

After that, he seemed to realize that he was acting too happy, and quickly reduced his expression: “I know, you can definitely handle this kind of thing.”


That’s not what I said just now.

Tina sighed, “Just tell me if you have anything in the future, don’t be so sneaky.”

“I know, it definitely won’t.” Blame!

Her family, she herself, is so good, maybe many people are staring at her and want to snatch her.


Soon, the dishes came.

Peter ordered them all that Tina liked. Tina could not help but ate some more with her index finger moved.

After lunch, both of them were in a good mood.

But in order to prevent being photographed, Tina decided to leave without Peter.

When she came here just now, she came here after letting Peter come over first.

“I go first.”

Tina and Peter waved, and left.

Peter watched her go with a smile on his face. When she turned around, the smile on his face faded.

After ten minutes, he took his long legs and walked out.

Back in the car, his cell phone rang.

He answered the phone, and Rubin’s voice came from the phone: “Mr. Grant, everything is arranged.”

Chapter 1520

Peter’s eyes flashed a vicious look, and he faintly replied, “Okay.”

Rubin was about to hang up, and another thing rang, and said, “Mr. Grant, there is one more thing…”

Peter: “Say it.”

“You have been searching for flowers, do you want to remove them?” Rubin was a little uncertain about this, because he didn’t know it. Peter knew whether he knew.

Peter really didn’t know this.

Buy flowers?

That was when he came home from work yesterday, he bought flowers for Tina.

When Tina ate with him just now, she didn’t mention it either.

The corners of Peter’s lips couldn’t help rising: “Just press it down, you don’t need to withdraw.”

Although he and Tina hadn’t made it public yet, it was just that the flowers were secretly photographed, which gave him a secret joy that he couldn’t tell.

His flowers were bought for Tina.

“Understand.” Rubin just hung up the phone.


In the afternoon.

A topic related to Cathy quietly rushed to the topic list, and suddenly rushed to the top of the list with a tendency to hide from the thunder.

From “new” to “hot”, then to “boiling”, then to “explosive”.

The topic is surprisingly hot.

Tina went to Stephanie in the afternoon. Her contract expired recently, and Stephanie is her agent, so the termination of the contract should be on the agenda.

She was driving, so she didn’t have time to read the entertainment headlines on the phone.

When the car was halfway through, Stephanie called.

“Ms. Tina!”

Stephanie’s voice sounded a little excited, and Tina asked, “What’s the matter?”

Stephanie said: “Quickly go to Twitter and find the trending searches!”

“What’s the matter? I’m driving.” Tina drove the car and didn’t have time to read Twitter.

“Yes,” Stephanie remembered that before Tina, she said that she wanted to come to her. She was driving on the road right now.

But it’s okay.

As an enthusiastic person who is struggling to troll, she must calm down and eat hot melons the first time.

“It’s okay, let me tell you, Cathy is on the trending search again, guess what happened this time?” Stephanie’s tone was full of anticipation of “Quick guess, quick guess”.

Is Cathy on the trending search again?

It must be something that can make Stephanie so excited, and for Cathy, it is extremely negative.

Tina said, “It’s definitely not a good thing.”

“Ms. Tina, you deserve to be my goddess. You are too smart. Let me tell you. Someone exposed Cathy’s “little movie” on the Internet. There are hundreds of them, only you dare not think about it. Nothing you can’t think of…”

Stephanie deliberately increased the tone of the three words “short movies”.

Everyone is an insider, and everyone understands things like “short movies”.

But Tina hesitated, and asked, “Is it the kind of “short movie?” I think?”

“Yes!” Stephanie answered, and said, “Although the resources have been harmonized, I saw a few screenshots. If it weren’t for it, I really can’t believe it, Cathy actually did it. After such a thing…”

Tina said, “I’ll talk about it when I arrive.”

“Okay, I won’t disturb your driving.” Stephanie was afraid of affecting Tina’s driving, so she hung up after speaking.

Tina drove faster, and soon arrived at Stephanie’s house.

After she parked the car and got out of the car, she took her mobile phone to open the app.

The number one trending search on Twitter has only the simple word “Cathy”, but it is still very popular.

When Tina clicked in and read it, there were people who posted links that marked “500G you know”, but the comments below were basically cursing the blogger, because they were just clicked links, so there is no such thing as five hundred. G’s video resources.

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