Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1369

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Chapter 1369


The moment the voice fell, the audience was in a complete uproar!

Everyone present, don’t believe their ears?

The vaccine formula was actually taken by Bai Yi from the Bai family?


Also snatched the Bai family business, is this too much?


All eyes were fixed on the old man white, and all the guns and short cannons were aimed at him.

“Patriarch Bai, do you mean that the president of the new Bai family snatched it from you?”

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the old man Bai A touch of insidiousness suddenly appeared, and then he nodded faintly.


Seeing Mr. Bai admit that, the whole audience completely exploded.


This turned out to be true!

Even if Bai Yi produced fake medicines to entrap the people, even his grandfather would not let it go?

Too crazy!

At this time, everyone’s gazes looking at Bai Yi completely changed.

He is full of deep contempt and disgust, in their opinion, Bai Yi is simply a beast, a scumbag!

And now!

Bai Yifan laughed unkindly, and made a vicious supplement:

“In this case, the ugliness of the family should not be publicized. We are not willing to take it to the public to say it, as long as She can produce vaccines for the benefit of society, and it’s okay for our Bai family to suffer a bit of grievance.”

“But she actually produces fake drugs to harm people, then our Bai family will not tolerate it!”
In a word, Bai family suddenly became a victim, and Bai Yi was the inferior perpetrator of that pig and dog!



A shout of insults resounded through the audience!

In the eyes of all reporters, there was a deep disgust and contempt, and Bai Yi was staring angrily.

At this time, in their eyes, Bai Yi is a poisonous bitch!

See it!

Zhang Miaoke and Song Yue both laughed gleefully. In their opinion, Lin Fan was completely over.

For the rest of my life, I’m afraid I will have to spend it in prison!

“No, it’s not like that! The Bai’s medicine was given to me, and the vaccine formula was given to me by my husband!”

Bai Yi cried bitterly, anxiously defended.


As soon as her voice fell, Bai Yifan was already ready to speak:

“Everyone! Her husband is a son-in-law who eats soft rice, how could it be so precious? The recipe? She’s just talking nonsense!”

Upon hearing this!

All the reporters also sneered, Bai Yi actually wanted to lie to them?

In the whole Jiang City, who didn’t know that the Bai family had a waste son-in-law?

This nonsense, can you get a vaccine formula for the new type of pneumonia?

Is simply nonsense!

“I don’t need to say anything, call the police!”

“This kind of snake, scorpion, and venomous woman will not let her family go. Anything else is a sophistry and must be severely punished!”

“Yes, shoot it! Give the victim justice!”

All the crowds are excited!

Seeing this, Bai Yi’s face suddenly became ashes, only a trace of chill swept his heart.

At this moment, I was completely desperate!

“I have no sophistry… I really have no sophistry!”

She slumped weakly on the ground, and sobbed helplessly.

“Don’t admit it yet? Then I will let you die to understand!”

Seeing Bai Yi this way, Bai Yifan was crazy, when she said:
“Dear friends from the press, in order to confirm this matter, our Bai family specially invited an expert to conduct an appraisal, and then I will invite Miss Li Xunran!”


Hearing this name that often appears in major newspapers, all reporters were completely confused.

They were all astonished, and they couldn’t believe their ears!

Li Xunran!

Then, isn’t it Yao Lao’s disciple?

And is the most outstanding disciple!

da da da…

Followed, a graceful figure walked out of the crowd, plain face to the sky, natural appearance, but it was difficult to hide the dignified beauty.

“The moment I saw this stunning beauty, the audience was completely in an uproar!
“It’s really Li Xunran!”

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