Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1368

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Chapter 1368

She never expected that Zhang Miaoke betrayed her, but she didn’t even feel ashamed.

Looks like it should be!

She regarded her as her sister, but she never regarded herself as her sister!

Thinking of this, Bai Yi’s face suddenly became bitter, and her body was a little shaky.

At this time!

Lin Fan quickly held on to the crumbling Bai Yi, his face turned gloomy in an instant, and stared at Zhang Miaoke coldly:

“How much did you take from the Wang family?” Huh?

Zhang Miaoke’s face changed drastically. She indeed received 100 million from the Wang family, so she decided to betray Bai Yi.

How could Lin Fan know?


Immediately after, Zhang Miaoke sneered and looked at Lin Fan with a contemptuous look:

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know what Wang’s family is! Not even taking their money!”

What if Lin Fan knew it?

As long as he has no evidence, he can’t help himself!

As long as she kills Bai Yi and sells counterfeit medicines, it will not take long before she will be able to take the 100 million Yuan given to her by the Wang family for a lifetime.

See it!

Lin Fan shook his head and completely lost his patience:

“I think you are young and ignorant. I will give you another chance. As long as you are innocent, I promise Wang. How much home will give you, I will give you twice!”

This is Lin Fan’s last chance for Zhang Miaoke!


Zhang Miaoke, who heard this, had a disdainful expression:

“How much money can you have in this rubbish? What about a fool?”
“You two don’t have to work in vain. You have been charged for selling counterfeit medicines. Wait for you to sit through the prison!”


Lin Fan also sighed:

“Bai Yi helped you to study. That’s how you repaid her? Well, since you don’t know how to praise, then the same, you hurt us. How much you lose, you have to…”

“Repay in every possible way!”

However, at this moment!

“Lin Fan, I can think, are you intimidating my client?”

Song Yue, with a grinning face, came from outside the door and came to Zhang Miaoke’s side:

“Miss Zhang, is he threatening you?”

Seeing Song Yue present, Zhang Miaoke’s face became more and more proud, and he said with resentment:

“Yes, Song Dazhuang, when today’s press conference is over, I will sue him!”
Listen to this!

Song Yue burst into laughter suddenly:

“Okay, Miss Zhang, please rest assured, I will let him sit in the prison then!”

People’s faces are full of pride!

It seems that Lin Fan is already the fish on their pallet, letting it be slaughtered.


Lin Fan’s expression was still indifferent, and he smiled and said:

“What are you waiting for, let the show begin!”


He directly pushed open the gate of the venue, took Bai Yi and walked in!

See it!

Zhang Miaoke and Song Yue were taken aback for a moment, but then they both sneered one after another.

This waste, can’t wait to find it dead?

“President Bai is here!”

All the reporters there, immediately pointed the camera at Bai Yi.

“President Bai, how do you respond to the death of your New Bai’s counterfeit drugs?”

“President Bai, even your relatives and secretary Stand up and identify you, what do you think about this?”

“Is Xinbai’s really like they said, producing counterfeit drugs and making a fortune?”

Bai Yi only felt cold all over when she heard the aggressive questioning.

Immediately after, she said angrily:

“These are malicious framing. There is absolutely no problem with the vaccine produced by our New Bai’s!”
But as soon as Bai Yi’s voice fell, the Bai family members who couldn’t wait to kill Bai Yi came forward one after another!

“Bai Yi, I didn’t expect that until now, you will die without repentance. I am very disappointed in you!”


‘s remarks, the meaning revealed was too sensational, making the reporters present all look at each other!

Unexpectedly discovered that the speaker turned out to be old man Bai!

Seeing Mr. Bai, Bai Yi suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

She knew that the Bai family was about to start messing up!

As expected!

Mr. Bai pretended to be angry, and said angrily:

“Bai Yi, you used illegal means to snatch Bai’s medicine and vaccines from us. Formula, I thought you would benefit the society, but I didn’t expect you to produce fake drugs!”

“You are so conscientious. My Bai family is ashamed of having a granddaughter like you!”

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